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8 Best Inflatable Boats With Hard Bottom 2020

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Inflatable Boat with hard Bottom reviewsInflatable boat with hard bottom offers an efficient way of traveling on water. So I suggest you buy a great model if you need an excellent experience.

Whether on patrol, Scuba diving or even snorkeling, Inflatable boat with hard bottom are the best options for they are light and durable. Use the review and guide to get the best model which fits all your needs.

And when you have considered the construction and are satisfied that the brand you have chosen is well armed for your needs, head to the market and go for the best price. 

Best Inflatable Boats With Hard Bottom in 2020

Product NameBrandCapacityPrice
Goplus Inflatable BoatGoplus2 PersonCheck Price
Inflatable Sports Boat BoatISB5 PersonCheck Price
BRIS 12 feet 2 PersonBRIS2 PersonCheck Price
BRIS 1.2mm Inflatable BoatBRIS2 PersonCheck Price
Goplus 4 Person InflatableGoplus4 PersonCheck Price
Saturn Inflatable BoatSaturn2 PersonCheck Price
BRIS Inflatable BoatBRIS2 PersonCheck Price
Swimline Sportster BoatSwimline3 PersonCheck Price

1. Goplus Inflatable Dinghy Boat – Hard deck

Security and practicality are what this Goplus inflatable boat is all about. We’ve come to know Goplus as the go-to company when looking for a durable inflatable boat with a hard bottom. It is then not surprising that their dinghy boat topped our list.

Goplus Inflatable Dinghy Boat ReviewThe boat comes with two different sizes: two person and four-person capacity. The two-person boat has a weight capacity of 400 pounds while the four-person dinghy boat has a capacity of 900 pounds. Of course, we all know that when it comes to size, there is usually a disparity.

The 400 pounds capacity boat, for example, cannot comfortably fit two adults who have a big physique. You need to consider this before settling for the Goplus inflatable boat. If you would like to convert your soft inflatable boat into hard bottom, please check the forum Convert into Hard bottom.

The Goplus boat is made from three layers of durable 1100D PVC material. Not only is this PVC material corrosion resistant, but it is also resistant to sun, and saline-alkali.

  The anti-aging property of the material also contributes to the durability of the boat. There is an iron mesh layer that is between the PVC material which prevents wear and also contributes to the hardness of the boat. 

The inflatable boat comes with a marine wood floor that has aluminum framing. These materials make the deck of the boat is hard. If you like standing on your boat while fishing, then you can go right ahead and do so on this dinghy boat.

For your safety, the company has included a high-pressure air valve and two air chambers. The high-pressure air valve functions by preventing air leakage while the air chambers keep the boat floating in the water. The good thing about these chambers is that in case one of them gets damaged, the other one will still keep you afloat. So, your safety is always guaranteed.

The V shape hull together with the light keel is ideal for easy planning. The company has included a marine sealant to prevent leakages. When you purchase this boat, you will also receive a foot pump, aluminum deck plates, repair kit, carry bag, easy-to-reach rope, aluminum oars, and aluminum deck plates.

In the beginning, the aluminum oars may be a challenge to use. But as you continue using the boat, you’ll get used to it.

This inflatable boat with a hard bottom comes in two different colors- gray and yellow.

Features & Pros:

  • Made from 3 layers of 1100D PVC material
  • Two separate air chambers
  • V-shape hull
  • Anti-collision strips
  • Marine Plywood Transom Mount
  • 400 pounds boat capacity- 2 people
  • 900 pounds boat capacity- 4 people


  • Small for two people with big stature
  • Oars are difficult to operate

2. Inflatable Sports Boats Killer Whale – Aluminum floor

The most striking thing about this sports boat is its sleek and contoured design. But you have to know that this Killer Whale is not just a pretty face. The boat comes packed with great features to ensure you enjoy every single moment you’re in the water.

Inflatable Sports Boats Killer Whale ReviewYou can propel this sports boat manually, or you can use motors. If you opt for motors, then you should know that the boat is only compatible with the 2 and four stroke motors. The inflatable boat is made from 1100D PVC material. This material ensures your boat is resistant to sun, oil stains as well as punctures.

The boat has a maximum load capacity of 1268 pounds which means it can comfortably accommodate five people. To top on this, the boat has large diameter tubes and easy planing 30 inches rear pontoons which offers more maximum weight.

The boat comes with a reinforced transom and heat welded seams. You can easily install the Dinghy wheels and davit points to the transom. The floor and seats of the boat are made from aluminum material.

  This material ensures both the floor and seat are stronger and lighter. You’ll be pleased to know that not only is this material easy to clean, but it is also more environmentally friendly than marine plywood. 

When you buy the boat, you will receive a carry bag, foot pump, one-way drain plug, and two repair patches. All the seams of the boat are heat welded to ensure they work well in salt water, fresh water as well as extreme humidity.

The only drawback of this inflatable boat is it only comes with one seat. If you’re planning to have a company, then you’ll have to buy more seats.

Features & Pros:

  • 1100D PVC material
  • Aluminum floor and seats
  • One-way drain pump
  • Maximum load capacity of 1268 pounds
  • Compatible with 2 and four stroke motors


  • Only comes with one seat

3. BRIS 12 feet 2 Person Inflatable Kayak – PVC material

You may not be familiar with the name “Bris,” but this company has taken the boating industry by storm. Bris produces heavy-duty products that are both durable and long lasting. One of their best inflatable boats is this 12 feet 2 Person Inflatable Kayak.

BRIS 12 feet 2 Person Inflatable Kayak ReviewThe inflatable boat with a hard bottom is an excellent dinghy for sailboats and yachts. The boat comes with a maximum capacity of 480 pounds which can fit two adults comfortably.

You can operate the boat in three different ways- manually, using a gas motor or electric trolling motor. Whichever way you prefer, the inflatable boat will ensure you have the best fishing experience.

The Bris boat comes with a durable drop stitch air deck floor that provides excellent buoyancy. The floor also makes it easier to assemble and disassemble your boat. The hard bottom allows you to stand on the boat while fishing.

The boat has been designed in such a way that it can go into narrow spots. The only downside with this design is the small floor does not give you much room to move around the boat. This, of course, is a non-issue if you are planning to sit all through. But, if you want to fish while standing, then you may feel restricted by the small space.

With the one-way drain valve and plug, you don’t have to worry about water getting into your boat. To improve tracking, the company has included four fins. There is also an oarlock that makes rowing easy. The weight of the boat can make transportation a challenge. At 58 pounds, this boat is a bit heavy to carry around.

Features & Pros:

  • 1100D PVC material
  • Four chambers
  • Removable drop stitch air deck floor
  • Built-in oarlock
  • One-way drain valve and plug


  • Narrow floor space
  • Heavy

4. BRIS 1.2mm PVC Inflatable Boat

This is yet another Bris inflatable boat that guarantees to make your time in water worthwhile. Unlike the other boats in this list, this 1.2mm PVC Inflatable boat is made from 2000D PVC fabric. This fabric tends to be more durable than 1100D PVC.

BRIS 1.2mm PVC Inflatable Boat ReviewThe boat comes with a marine plywood transom and an aluminum floorboard that enhances stability. Double layers have been added to the bottom of the tube. These layers protect the lower tube from coarse sands and sharp rocks.

There are three individual chambers and a one-way drain valve that comes with a plug. The drain valve makes it easy for you to drain out any water that gets into the boat.

This inflatable boat also comes with a built-in oarlock to make rowing easy. Marine plywood transom allows you to install an outboard motor. The boat also features nine interior, stainless steel D-rings, two tow stainless steel D-rings and a v-keel that provides rub-stake protection.

This boat is strong enough to take a maximum of 25 HP engines. The only downside of this inflatable boat is the assembly. Assembling this boat can be difficult, especially if you are a novice. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fishing to your heart’s content.

Features & Pros:

  • 2000D PVC material
  • Aluminum floor
  • Marine plywood transom
  • Three chambers
  • Deep V-keel
  • Built-in oarlock


  • Difficult to assemble

5. Goplus 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat

I personally always like boats which can accommodate more people. You never know when a friend might come along with you on a boating trip. That is why; the dinghy which I am highlighting now is one of the best options.

Goplus 4 Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat reviewIt can accommodate four people. The length is 10 feet which ensures that you can get plenty of space inside the boat. It can handle the weight of 900 lbs without any problem.

The premium PVC material used in the construction ensures that the board is sturdy and stable. The three different layers of 0.9 MM PVC material provided with anti-aging features and make it corrosion resistant. One unique feature which you will find in most of the inflatable boat is the mesh structure in the construction.

The one which I am highlighting now also has an iron mesh between the PVC layers. It imparts strength to the board. This boat also has marine wood flooring along with an aluminum frame. The three-air chambers ensure that even if there is damage to a single air chamber, the inflatable boat can function normally. The inflatable boat consists of a high-pressure valve to ensure that there is no leakage of air.

I believe that the inflatable boats should incorporate as many safety features as possible. The Goplus 4-Person boat has anti-collision straps. Moreover, there is a marine sealant used in the construction which resists any leakage.

It also has oarlocks to keep the oars in place. The occupants of the boat can easily use the heavy-duty grab line to sit comfortably. All of these features make it a pretty good choice when looking for an inflatable boat with a hard bottom.

Features & Pros:

  • Three-air chamber construction
  • Uses heavy duty PVC material
  • Incorporates plenty of safety features
  • Can accommodate four individuals
  • Weight handling capacity of 900 lbs
  • An aluminum frame along with wood flooring
  • 10 feet in length
  • Consists of anti-collision straps


  • Oarlocks are not that sturdy

6. Saturn Inflatable Boat

With 7’6” length, this inflatable boat with hard bottom can easily accommodate three individuals. The weight handling capacity is 441 lbs. The width inside is 4’5” which offers plenty of space for three individuals. The boat is lightweight, and a single person can carry it around quite easily.

Saturn Inflatable Boat reviewThe construction of the boat is such that it consists of separate air chambers. It provides you with extra safety when you’re out in the water. There is also a one-way drain valve which you can use to drain off the water.

The durable rubber material ensures that it can handle any wear and tear. With the help of D-rings, you can tow it in position without any problem. The drop stitch floor is rigid and provides you with proper stability. The tubes have a double layer fabric which further adds to the strength of the board. The marine grade plywood supports most of the heavy outboard motors.

There is a separate rope on offer in case you want to attach the anchor. There is a grab line present all along the length of the boat, which you can use to remain in place.

It comes along with various accessories like seat, repair kit, oars, and even a carry bag. You can deflate it and carry it along with you without any problem. Along with the accessories, there is a high volume hand pump included. It will allow you to inflate the boat. The oars consist of aluminum which ensures that they can last for a long time. The durable construction and redundant safety features make it a perfect choice when looking for an inflatable boat with a hard bottom.

Features & Pros:

  • Can accommodate three individuals
  • The weight carrying capacity is 441 lbs
  • Separate air chambers
  • Comes along with grab line
  • Includes necessary accessories
  • Compatible with different outboard motors
  • Lightweight


  • Time-consuming to inflate using the hand pump

7. BRIS 8.8 Foot Inflatable Boat

The length of the product which I am highlighting now is 8.8 feet. It can accommodate three individuals. The weight carrying capacity is 660 lbs. The boat weighs 62 pounds. The width on the inside is 26 inches which provide you with adequate space inside to move around.

BRIS 8.8 Foot Inflatable Boat reviewThe material used on the outer side is 0.9 MM PVC material. It is the 1100 D variant of PVC material. The advantage is that it can handle water elements of weather without any problem.

The slat-floor along with marine plywood ensure that the boat can withstand the pressure of the water and the motor without any problem. The internal architecture of this boat has three air chambers. With the help of proper rubber material around all of them, you can gain adequate safety.

The boat comes along with oars and oarlocks. You can easily hold the paddles in place without any problem. The stainless steel D-rings make it easier for you to tow the boat. Additionally, there is a foot pump, repair kit and a seat on offer.

You can deflate it and carry it in the carry bag which comes along with it. The assembling instructions ensure that you will not face any difficulties to assemble the board. When looking for an entire kit rather than just the basic inflatable boat with a hard bottom, you can consider this option.

Features & Pros:

  • Durable construction
  • Can handle elements of weather
  • Can accommodate three individuals
  • Comes along with D-rings for towing
  • Three chamber construction
  • Comes along with the accessories


  • Packaging is not up to the mark

8. Swimline Sportster 3 Person Boat

The Swimline Sportster as the name suggests can accommodate three individuals. It has a weight carrying capacity of 595 lbs. The length is 8’6”. If you’re looking to make the boat more comfortable, you can even use an inflatable seat instead of the bench which comes along with it. It will allow you to have a comfortable sitting space in the boat.

Swimline Sportster 3 Person Boat reviewThe aluminum slat floor provides it with stability. It also increases the durability of the boat. Additionally, the PVC coated 500D green ply fabric provides the boat the rigidity which it needs. The heavy duty material makes it easier to support the weight of 3 people. The three air chamber design provides it with the redundancy and the safety which it needs.

The design of the boat also incorporates the D-rings which makes it easier for you to tow this boat. The boat design is such that it is compatible with most of the gas and electric motors up to 4 HP. The 4 HP motor provides you with decent speed and load carrying capacity which makes it easier for you to use the boat.

The grab line runs throughout the length of the boat which means that you have something to hold. The Swimline Sportster comes with swivel oars which are good enough. You don’t need to spend separately on them. The durability and the rigidity of this inflatable boat with a hard bottom make it a pretty good choice.

Features & Pros:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Can accommodate three individuals
  • Compatible with most of the 4 HP motors
  • Comes along with the oars
  • Consist of a grab line throughout the length
  • Three air chamber design


  • Assembling is not that easy

What to consider while buying an inflatable boat with Hard bottom

When buying a Inflatable boat with a hard bottom, aren’t as simple as buying a regular inflatable boat. You need to consider some factors to ensure that whatever craft you decide to purchase fits your intended purpose. For that reason, I have prepared some few tips to help you buy your best Inflatable boat with a hard bottom. They include:

Establish the Purpose

The purpose or usage of your boat will mainly be affected by the hull shape and design. Most of the times Inflatable boat with hard bottom are used in deep sea fishing or sea racing. As a rule of thumb, long thin deep V hull that has a sharply pointed noise is excellent for use in a head sea. On the other hand, inflatable boats with a hard bottom with a pronounced bow shape and a slightly flat V hull are far better if used for coastal cruising and occasional channel crossing.

The hull Build

Hull is the central part of an Inflatable boat with a hard bottom. Although most hulls look alike as a finished product, they’re not all built with the same construction. If you’re purchasing a brand new model, I suggest that you take your time to establish that the hull coloring is the same all over or get someone to do it for you. Also, ensure there are no bubbles or gaps on sharp edges like corners of the transom and chines.

Ensure that the boat is well colored as that that gives it better water resistance. Any place that isn’t well built at this point will be a potential problem in future years. If you will be going for a second-hand inflatable boat, I recommend that you ensure that there is no chip, hole or crack as any of this will let water inside your boat and when you’re driving the RIB at high speed, more pressure will be injected on the faulty are causing the entire spot to delaminate.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity comes in to determine the maximum weight your inflatable boat with hard bottom can hold. I suggest you get to know the people you intend to host on your inflatable boat. That way you will be able to approximate the boat size and design that will suit you best.

A large PVC boat that has full tube diameter holds lots of weight, thus carry more passengers onboard. The manufacturer will provide this information on the product description, so your part is to determine the number of passengers you intend to be hosting. Also when using the inflatable boat, you will want to position your passenger for an even distribution of weight strategically.

Construction quality

Inflatable boat with hard bottom construction is a significant concern since you will be putting all your confidence on it while fishing, cruising or racing. In this section I want you to understand the types of materials used in making the inflatable and hull sections of the inflatable boat with a hard bottom.

Most inflatable boats are made of PVC materials due to lightness, UV Resistance and affordability. On top of that, it’s easy to deflate and fold, making it great during storage. The strength has also been improved over the years and threads are woven into them and wild welded seams making them even extra stronger.

Another material used in building an inflatable boat with a hard bottom is the Hypalon material. That is mostly used on the heavy-duty boats like the army cruising boats with a hard base. It cannot be rolled up and requires you to cover it for outdoor storage. The materials are much expensive, more UV Resistant, more substantial and long-lasting compared to PVC. Consider your budget and use when selecting your model.

Another factor to consider when selecting your RIB is the boat flooring and hull construction material. You want to make sure that the material used won’t allow water in and will withstand any object hit. Mostly, the boats are made of air deck, fiberglass or rigid aluminum slats. Lots of people prefer going for the comfort of a high pressured air deck and because they are much cheaper. But, they are only ideal for slow speed and less weight capacity inflatable boat.

When it comes to aluminum rigid aluminum slats, they provide low flex and higher speed operation. When using the boat on rough seas, the rigid aluminum slats or Fiberglas would be the best material. The flooring is split several spats, and the whole installation can take around 30minutes.

Engines and power

When it comes to engine and power, the big concern comes to how long you intend to use your boat and what will you use it for. If you are planning to have lots of hours driving it, then you need to consider petrol fuel, and they can be economical. But if you are planning on using it for water racing, then I suggest you go for a diesel powered engine. Also, if you intend to use the boat for heavy-duty tasks, a petrol diesel might not work well for you.

Additional Accessories

Typical inflatable boats come with unique features like fishing rod holders, transom bucket mounts, covers, oars, oar holders, straps, gear bags instructions and many more. That is the same with inflatable boats with a hard bottom.

Depending on your boat use intentions, you will be able to know what accessories your boat needs to have. Apart from that, you may want to ensure your boat comes with a pump as not all come with it. If it’s not included, you can buy a powerful air pump which can blow your boat using electricity or manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an inflatable boat with a hard bottom?

An inflatable boat with a hard bottom is an example of a rigid-inflatable boat (RIB). It’s a lightweight, high-capacity and high-performance powerboat, with a seaworthy and stable design. It features a solid hull and has flexible inflatable tubes around its outer edge. You can check the article to understand which is the perfect boat for you.

Why buy an inflatable boat with a hard bottom?

And because an inflatable boat with hard bottom has a solid hull and floor, it’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for a versatile, fast inflatable boat. The models are popular today and have built an excellent reputation as fast and rugged boats which can cope with harsh conditions.

How to fix the drain plug leak on my inflatable boat with a hard bottom?

Fixing a drain leak plug on an inflatable boat is quick and straightforward. For a quick natural process, use silicone caulk which you can find in a hardware store near you. But before you do anything, you need to remove the entire drain plug assembly.

Clean the dirt out and apply the silicone caulk all over the interior and exterior of the drain hole. Reassemble the drain plug and apply extra silicone caulk around the edges. Wait for at least 24 hours and the problem will be solved.

How do I find a leak on my inflatable boat with a hard bottom?

If your inflatable boat has a puncture but you can’t pinpoint where the leak is, here is a way you can find it easily. Inflate your boat to its maximum. Mix some water and some soap. Put the mixture into a spray bottle –but not a must, it makes the process easier. Apply it to the area you think leaks. If you see bubbles form or hear a hissing sound, you have found the hole. You can also check the video to understand better.

What happens if my inflatable boat with hard bottom gets a puncture/leak? Can I repair it?

In most cases by using the repair kit provided, you will be able to repair your boat by yourself. If it’s a tiny pinhole, it is a matter of applying waterproof glue over that pinhole. If your inflatable boat with hard bottom has a slightly bigger hole/tear, you’ll have to dry the area thoroughly and use the waterproof glue and apply a patch over it.

The process might be tricky especially if you’re have never done it before. You can check online videos if you got time and the internet to learn how to do it. In case of a more significant tear, I suggest that you contact the manufacturer or take it to an inflatable dealer/repair and they can repair it for you.

How do I tow my inflatable boat with hard bottom properly?

First, your inflatable boat needs to be empty before being towed by another inflatable boat. Then you need to secure the towing lines to the D-rings on each of the inflatable boat sides. You should never tower your inflatable boat by the bow ring, and if your boat has a bow ring only, it would be better for you to take it directly onboard the towing vessel. Solely use the bow ring to attach a mooring line.

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