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Best Trolling Motor with GPS in 2020 (Reviewed With Buyer)

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Best Trolling Motor with GPSI love outdoor fishing using my trolling boat, and I do it every evening to relax my mind. It became very interesting when I fixed a trolling motor to make my work easier.

I could not struggle anymore to overcome the strong force of the opposing wind and sometimes forces related to high tides and waves.

Recently, one of my friends introduced me to the best trolling motor with GPS. It made my work even easier as the controls of my device became not only easy but also accurate and traceable.

Some of the amazing benefits I enjoyed when I installed trolling motor with GPS include accurate position tracking as it receives signals from the satellite, could lock the motorboat to a given latitude and remain there while I continued fishing and finally, I could trace where I cruised with the help of GPS tracker.

Below is a list of best trolling motor with GPS (Reviewed in 2020)

Product NameBrandSpeedCheck Price
1. Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12VAquos
8 SpeedCheck Price
2. Minn Kota Power DriveMinn Kota8 SpeedCheck Price
3. MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling MotorMotorGuide

8 SpeedCheck Price
4. Minn Kota Riptide Terrova an 80 CPMinn Kota

8 SpeedCheck Price

1. Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V Review

This is one of the most amazing wireless remote controlled motors I tried on my device. It has a wireless remote control that fits into the hand for easier control and monitoring. The device is designed to run quietly even at higher speeds.

Aquos White Haswing Cayman 12V ReviewThis is the best for fishing because fish will not be scared by any noise. It is also the best option for someone who requires quiet outdoor kayaking. The quiet motion both at higher and lower speed conserves energy, and this ensures that the battery is optimized and also increases the life span of the battery and its accessories.

It has a wireless remote cruise control unit that keeps the boat at the desired speed range. You can use it to increase or decrease the cruising speed automatically while you concentrate on fishing. While I was using it, I was only required to adjust direction manually at times when there was a strong wind or high tides.

Everything else is controlled remotely and automatically. Furthermore, I realized that the device has a sacrificial protection anode that protects the metallic parts against corrosion. This means that it can be used in both salt and fresh waters without any fear of corrosion.

Once the sacrificial anode is completely corroded, I could just change it because it is cheaper and easier to install. Finally, I could carry the motor comfortably because of its ergonomic design that allows anyone of any height to handle it safely.

Features & Pros:

  • Easy GPS controls
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Strong and durable
  • Quiet
  • Powerful


  • Manual change of direction needed during strong winds

2. Minn Kota Power Drive Review

This is another Best Trolling Motor with GPS I tried on my boat. The power drive of the device has a state of art design such that everything is powered automatically. The user concentrates on the main objective of being in the sea without any worry on controls.

Minn Kota Power Drive ReviewWith the help of its GPS system, I was in a position have full control over positioning and speed without any hustle. Besides, I was capable of reviewing my entire cruising path when I was through.
The autopilot feature was able to lock my device in major fishing spots regardless of how rugged the terrain was.

This gave me a chance to catch a lot of fish without struggling. It is an amazing feature on any motorboat!

Features & Pros:

  • Automated GPS controls
  • Very light in weight
  • Has Bluetooth communication system
  • Powerful (Thrust of 55 Lbs)
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install


  • Some of the autopilot spare parts are not easily found

3. MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor Review

This device is designed to exceed the expectations of the users. I tried, and everything is automated and easier to operate. It has a wireless capability to ensure that the user is able to control everything ranging from speed, direction, and locks.

MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor ReviewThis is achieved by a standard wireless foot pedal that fits most of the freshwater devices.
It provides a thrust of 55lbs which is able to provide the required power at required speed. It has a quiet and smooth operation which makes it ideal for fishing and silent sea kayaking that need concentration.

It has an automated LED power indicator that ensures that the user is able to monitor the power of the battery and plan accordingly. The device has durable cooler-running power electronics that stores energy that would have otherwise be lost in the form of heat.

This is important for a longer running time because power losses in the form of heat are eliminated.
The hardware of the device is made of anodized aluminium which is resistant to corrosion. Therefore it can be used in both salt and fresh waters without fear of corrosion.

Features & Pros:

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • It has a power indicator for monitoring power
  • It is strong and powerful (the thrust of 55lbs)
  • Light in weight
  • Ease of control
  • Easier to install and operate


  • Some parts can corrode in seawater

4. Minn Kota Riptide Terrova an 80 CP Review

This is one of the Best Trolling Motor with GPS I tried on my device. It has several features that enabled me to do my outdoor fishing easily and conveniently. The device is very powerful, and I could cruise easily at full speed with without any compromise on power.

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova an 80 CP ReviewIt has a thrust of 80 lbs and has an automated lift-assist mechanism. The I-pilot link mechanism makes everything easier. Controlling the device was very easy because of the wireless control system. It could lock on some specific spots with a lot of fish despite the turbulence of the water.

I was able to concentrate on fishing without concentrating on controls. I also discovered that the device is very quiet in water and provided a smooth motion. I sat comfortably and cruised without disturbing any sea creature.

Features & Pros:

  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Very powerful with a lift mechanism (80 lbs Thrust)
  • Durable
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to control and monitor because of the wireless control system


  • The i-Pilot controller is sometimes complicated

Buying Guide for Best Trolling Motor with GPS

Here are the main things to consider before buying:

1. Ease of control

Most of the wireless controlled devices are very complicated not only in the short run but also in the long run. Look for a device with easier controls and operations.

2. Availability of GPS System Spares

The spare parts of the controlling unit should be easily available and affordable. This enables you to avoid stoppages just because of spares.

3. Customer Testimonials

Select a device with positive customer reviews and testimonials. For all the customers to comment positively, it means that the device exceeded their expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the I-Pilot control system?

This is a GPS control system that gives the user some advanced features such as Record-A-Track and Spot lock.

Can I Review My Routes In The Sea With a GPS Trolling Motor?

Yes, this is possible when you have Record a Track device. This enables you to trace your routes.

Can I Use A Fresh Water Trolling Motor In Sea Water?

Yes, but if hardware parts are not made of corrosion resistant material, it will corrode.

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