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Best Trolling Motor For Crappie Fishing in 2020 – (Buying Guide)

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Best trolling motor for crappie fishingA trolling motor is a very crucial piece of equipment for any boat angler, allowing a smooth movement through the water and get close to the fish you are looking for without them getting smarter on you.

When you go crappie fishing with a boat fixed with the ideal trolling motor, you will notice a big difference in the catch capacity and experience.

If you’re searching for the best trolling motor for crappie fishing, then you’re in the right place. I have gathered features you should look for and the things you need to consider when making your investment.

I have also made a list of the best trolling motor for crappie fishing available on the market today for you to select from. With all this information the process will be much, and the outcome will be great.

Best Trolling Motors For Crappie Fishing in 2020 (Reviewed for 2020)

Product NameBrandSpeedCheck Price
1. Minn Kota Endura C2 50lb Trolling MotorMinn Kota
8 SpeedCheck Price
2. Newport Vessels NV-Series MotorNewport8 SpeedCheck Price
3. Minn Kota Endura Max Trans MNTMinn Kota

8 SpeedCheck Price
4. Watersnake ASP Saltwater Trolling MotorWatersnake

8 SpeedCheck Price
5. MotoGuide Xi5 55lb Saltwater 12V MotorMotoGuide8 SpeedCheck Price

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 50lb Trolling Motor Review

The Minn Kota Endura C2 trolling motor is transom mounted freshwater motor ideal for those who live for crappie fishing. This Endura C2 motor exists as a legendary performer who is built to last, designed to explore, and backed by cooling, quiet power.

Minn Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor Review 1The engine comes with an ultimate combination of form and function in one unit that has been updated to provide more precise, comfortable hand control and mighty shaft and prop.

With its unique design, it allows you to have less time-fighting weeds, and hastened comfort all the way. And because crappie fishing requires less noise and disturbance, this dominant prop performance with a 50 pound of thrust generate less heat, run softly, and produce less sound thus extending motor life and conserving considerable battery power.

Features & Pros:

  • Ergonomic speed control and steering
  • Five forward speeds, three reverse speed control
  • Rock-solid mount lever lock bracket
  • 12-volt freshwater trolling motor
  • 36-inch shaft thrust level
  • 6-inch telescoping handle
  • Cool, quiet power


  • Price is still a bit high as compared to other brands
  • No battery indicator

2. Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater 55lb Trolling Motor Review

Newport Vessels NV-Series with a 55 pounds of thrust is a saltwater transom-mounted electric trolling motor, a perfect companion to the crappie fishers. The trolling motor allows the users to fish all day long without spooking fish, or to overheat.

Newport Vessels NV Series 46 Pounds Electric Trolling Motor ReviewThe boat motor is made of stainless steel, a tough alloy which ensures its durability and maximum protection. With a 6-inch telescoping handle, you control is improved and you get a decent performance its thrust.

The Newport Vessels NV-Series comes with 8-speed control, five forward speeds and three reverse speed, ensure that you get the best fishing and sailing experience. The 30-inch long durable control shaft is lightweight enough to ensure you get the best control while controlling how deep the motor goes into the water.

It is made from carbon fiber material which provides durability, especially in heavy usage.

Features & Pros:

  • 55lb Thrust Saltwater Trolling motor
  • 8 Speeds (5 forward, three reverse) control
  • 30-inch Composite Fiberglass Shaft
  • Ergonomic 6-inch Telescoping Handle
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 5-Point LED Battery Meter
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Transom mount is plastic
  • Slightly expensive

3. Minn Kota Endura Max Trans MNT Review

The Minn Kota Endura is an amazing freshwater trolling motor that provides maximum shaft thrust. It’s a maximizing product that features a unique Digital Maximizer power which controls and optimizes control power to extend the battery life five times more on a single charge while reducing damaging heat.

Minn Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor ReviewCrappie fishing has been made easier by this model thanks to its variable speed control.

For the best and relaxed fishing, the unit comes with a convenient battery indicator which will help you know how much battery charge is left and you can plan your trip return time. With its 6-inch ergonomic telescoping handle gives all the control you need to make a good catch.

The motor power is strong enough to withstand the forces of sea and lake vegetation. Additionally, the motor comes with a lever lock brackets which deliver a sturdy mount which is robust than other counterparts available.

Features & Pros:

  • Six-inch ergonomic telescoping handle
  • Variable Precise Speed Control
  • Comfortable, easy steering
  • Quiet and easy to operate
  • Digital Maximizer control
  • Saves battery power
  • Lever Lock Bracket


  • Hard to control in weeds
  • Vibrates a lot

4. Watersnake ASP Saltwater Trolling Motor Review

If you’re searching for a good trolling motor that you can mount on your kayak, small dinghy or your inflatable boat, then Watersnake ASP trolling motor is an ideal choice. It’s a 12-volt motor that provides 24 pounds of thrust.

Watersnake ASP Saltwater 24 Pound Thrust Trolling Motor ReviewIt comes with a high and low-speed control which is perfect when crappie fishing. The two weed-less design applied to its propeller is excellent at deflecting water vegetation.

Additionally, this unit uses an anti-impact clip mounting system which will ensure that you get a firm control. And because fishing requires the best and quiet boat operation, this model features very smooth and super quiet activities and transom/bow mount configuration ideal choice for tiller steer or foot control.

Features & Pros:

  • Stainless steel external and internal
  • Forward and Reverse Switch
  • Super quiet performance
  • Anti-corrosive paint
  • High and low speed
  • Lightweight design
  • 24 pounds of thrust
  • Fixed Tiller


  • No tilt bracket
  • Not as powerful as the others

5. MotoGuide Xi5 55lb Saltwater 12V Trolling Motor Review

If you can imagine how great it can be to have all your attention on fishing, then you would love to have the MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor your crappie fishing companion.

MotoGuide Xi5 55lb Saltwater 54 Bow Mount 12V Trolling Motor wGPSIt comes with a wireless capability which an angler can command precise motor and provide a better steering control from anywhere on the boat.

With a bow mount and 55 pounds of thrust, this is an excellent gift for fishers.

The MotoGuide Xi5 comes with LED indicators in its controller so that you can quickly check the status of the four critical functions in all light conditions. The battery indicator is of different colors which show three levels of the motor battery life in real-time. The 54 inches shaft can take on any obstruction that can get on your way. It might bend, but it can’t break.

Features & Pros:

  • Built-in battery power indicator
  • Integrated controller Led lights
  • Very durable 54-inch shaft
  • Fully-Protected Electronics
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Pinpoint GPS


  • Consumes more power than its counterparts

Best Trolling Motor for Crappie Fishing Buying Guide

Now that you’ve gone through the best crappie fishing trolling motors in the market, there are some points you need to understand for you to make a sound decision. The following are factors you need to consider to get a model that will transform your fishing to not only another level but also a model that suits all your needs.

Steering: Foot or hand control

One thing that should come in your mind when searching for the best crappie trolling motor should be the control mode. Both hand and foot control have their advantages and disadvantages. But as we all know, fishing requires you use both of your hands, and that can’t be effective if you’re using one side to control your motor.

So, a trolling motor with a wireless hand control or with a foot control can work well for you. However, these models might cost you some more bucks.

Materials: Freshwater or Saltwater

Crappie fish are freshwater fish so both saltwater and freshwater trolling motor can work great for you. However, the materials used on a freshwater trolling motor isn’t as durable as of those used on a saltwater motor. I’d suggest you go for a saltwater model since you can apply it for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Additionally, ensure that it is made from either zinc, magnesium or aluminum if you need it to last. But I don’t mean the fresh water isn’t ideal if made of high-quality materials it can also serve you well.

Shaft Length

Fishing will require that you often adjust your shaft according to the level of water, state of the water and the water vegetation. So, ensure that the trolling motor shaft length will allow these adjustments. Additionally, the shaft length should correspond to the size of your fishing boat.

The bigger/longer the fishing boat is, the longer the trolling motor should be –a smaller fishing boat requires a shorter shaft.


Fishing is an activity which requires you to move forward and backward depending on the position of the fish. It’s therefore vital that you go for a model that features variable forward and backward speed controls.

Most trolling motor on this review comes with five forward and three reverse speed control. Some come with variable forward and back speed which is also great. If your boat doesn’t have either of these, then you need to search for another product.

Best Crappie Fishing Trolling Motors (FAQs)

How do I use my trolling motor?

Once you receive your shipping, read the manual to know the mode of mounting, either on the stern or bow. Use the provided brackets to mount it on your boat and then hook to battery supply. The next is getting to the water. Control the thrust and direction from hand control or foot control.

How do I measure my trolling motor shaft length?

You need to measure the distance from the shaft mounting on the deck or transom to the water. You then add around 16 inches or 20 inches and choose the closest measurement.

Can I use a freshwater trolling motor for crappie fishing in saltwater?

Only if they are made of corrosion resistant materials, else you will be killing your motor. Most of the freshwater trolling motors aren’t immune to saltwater effects, even after a good cleaning. I would recommend you don’t.

How much thrust do I need from a trolling motor?

That depends on the area you will be fishing and the type of fishing boat. Something like 55lb of thrust is about average which should work well for you.

I’ve prepared the above shopping guide to make sure you don’t have to burn your fingers planning to get the best trolling motor for crappie fishing. You can quickly pick from the top best recommendations in my review above.

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All the trolling motors in that list offer equivalent performance, durability, and value. They are the best and accessible in the current market, and they’ll undoubtedly spice up your crappie fishing trips, making the extra adventurous and pleasurable.

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