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Best Surfboard Bike Racks in 2020 – (Buyer’s Guide)

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Best surfboard bike rack reviewMany of us do not live near water bodies or favorite surfing sports. You might be spending a lot transporting your precious and expensive paddle board to and from the paddling sports. Fortunately, companies have come up with ways to ease your hassle. The best surfboard bike rack can easily reduce your cost.

They have come up with well-designed bike racks which you can attach to your bike and load your paddle board and carry it wherever you go. So, which surfboard rack is the best to buy? This question will hit your mind, and before knowing it, you might be buying the worst.

That is the reason I have prepared the top best racks review below. Read through and get to know which bike rack will suit your needs best. 

Best Surfboard Bike Racks 2019

Product NameBrandCapacityPrice
Moved By Bikes MBB Surfboard RackMoved By BikesUp To 12ftCheck Price
Carver Surf Racks – Carver Bike RackCarver Surf RacksMost BikesCheck Price
Ho Stevie Surfboard Bike RackHo StevieAll Types Of BikesCheck Price
Carver CSR Scooter Surf RackCarverLarger BoardsCheck Price
Bike Balance Surfboard Rack KitBike BalanceFits most BicyclesCheck Price
The Wheele Board Walk SurfboardWheele Racks9 to 12’ boardsCheck Price
Carver Surfboard RackCarverLong BoardCheck Price

1. Moved By Bikes MBB Surfboard Rack Review

MBB surfboard rack is one of the strongest and lightweight U-shaped bike rack in the market today. What makes it this good? The manufactures Move By Bike has used Anodized aluminum tubes together with light duty stainless steel hardware.

Moved By Bikes MBB Surfboard Rack Review -Best Surfboard Bike RackIt comes with a sturdy design which makes it easy to mount it. It can be easily attached to the handle tube, seat tube or rear rack. It accompanies all the mounting hardware, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The aluminum and stainless materials ensures that the paddleboard rack is rust and corrosion resistant and also make it last for long. One more thing about the rack design is that the U-shaped arms are foam padded to ensure that they do not damage or scratch your favorite paddleboard when in transit.

Moved By Bike has designed this rack to last. Once you have attached the MBB rack to your bike, it stays stable when transporting any paddle or surfboard. The recommended board to carry with this rack is about 25lbs.

Transporting a board heavier than that will not only exceed the load capacity of the bars but also make it hard to ride your bike with it off the side. Some SUPs are broad, so you might need to create some clearance under the handlebars to create the space.

Also, the racks holding bars might need some adjustments to fit the wide SUP boards.

You will love the quick release that the rack is equipped with. When you don’t want the MBB rack on your bike all you need is to press a quick release lock on the arms, and the MBB rack will be discharged from your bike. When you want them back, you will insert them back again.

The rack’s slotted bars slide are kept configure with a direct insertion hitch discharge. For a strong paddle board holding, the MBB rack comes with two strong lines to ensure that your paddle is well secured.


  • The rack is a head tube, rear seat or seat tube mountable
  • Two Foam padded arm tubes
  • Aluminum made bike rack with stainless steel hardware
  • Stable frame mounting
  • Rubberized clamps
  • Quick release slotted slide hitch
  • Two strong securing lines
  • Recommended for 12ft. long and 25lbs paddle boards


  • Weight and height limit is a bit low
  • Needs adjustments for wide surfboards

2. Carver Surf Racks – Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review

Carver Surf Racks have been in the industry since 2003 and is based in Oahu, Hawaii. Since their launch, they have served over 40,000 surfers. This number shows that their products have been performing well.

Carver Surf Racks Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review - Best Surfboard Bike RackAnd now they present one of their best products: The Carver Surf Bike Rack. It is designed to fit paddleboards of up to 8ft long. It is made using strong TIG welded 6062 aluminum and came in black color. The rack is rust and corrosion free.

The rack’s dimensions are 8 inches by 16.5 inches by 5.5 inches and weigh around 1.2 pounds. Its size and strength allow you to carry one body board or one surfboard or two skim boards.

The design of this rack allows it to be mounted on most bike seat posts of between 25.4mm and 31.8mm. According to the maker, the Carver rack should fit even on the full suspension mountain bikes and will not crash or mar the bike frame.

As long as there is clear seat post access, you should be able to mount it comfortably. It comes with adjustable lower arms which allows the user to adjust them if their paddle boards are more extensive than average. Its lightweight design ensures that it is easily dismounted and packed in a storage bag.

Its aluminum tubular arms are foam padded to ensure that the rack doesn’t mar, scratch or damage your board when transporting it. It is also highly environmental friendly. The whole systems are made in a way that it is rustproof and oxidation resistant.

The rack’s clamps are rubberized to ensure that they hold firm and makes sure that it does not move during the movement. With all the above features you will agree that the rack has been made with durability in mind.


  • TIG aluminum 6061 welded alloy rack
  • Adjustable U-shaped paddle holding arms
  • Rubberized clamps
  • Fits all seat posts of 25.4mm and 31.8mm circumference
  • Equipped with full mounting hardware
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Compatible with up to 8 ft. long paddle boards
  • Color: black
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Problems with nose and tall attachment

3. Ho Stevie Surfboard Bike Rack Review

When you buy the Ho Stevie Surfboard bike rack, you will be finding the best way to cruise your board to your surf spot in an eco-friendly way. Your wallet and Mother Nature will thank you.

Ho Stevie Surfboard Bike Rack Review - Best Surfboard Bike Rack One thing that this rack brings to light is that biking is an excellent exercise for the surfer legs which is a fantastic thing since paddling involves the upper body. Also, when driving a car, it can be hard to find an open parking space during peak times, and some right parking spots have parking fees.

But with this rack and your bike, you will not worry about all that. The Ho Stevie rack is compatible with all bikes with seat posts, and its mounting process is quite fast and straightforward.

Whether you own a beach cruiser, mountain bike, BMX bike, or a road bike, all you need is to clamp the Ho Stevie rack to the bike seat post.

Another prominent and advantageous feature you will notice on this rack is the durable and lightweight aluminum construction. That is a surety that the Ho Stevie rack is rustproof and corrosion resistant.

Also, the color is anodized to the aluminum, meaning it will not chip off as paint does. It comes with two bungee cords which hold the surfboard tight and secure during transport. Its carrier aluminum arms are adjustable to fit your preferences.

Also, the Ho Stevie rack arms are foam padded to protect your surfboard from scratches and dings during shaky rides. That means you can carry your paddle without a board sock or bag.

The rack works well with surfboards of up to 8 ft. long. You can carry longer boards, but it becomes less stable and difficult to maneuver.

Earlier, I stated it fits all bikes, but it is different for bikes with titanium and carbon fiber made seat posts. The rack is available in blue, black and gold colors; you choose your best.


  • Strong and Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Transport surfboard safely and eco-friendly
  • Works well with all types of bikes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Comes with two bungee cords
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Anodized color
  • Padded adjustable arms


  • Cannot be used with lightweight seat posts

4. Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack Review

This is from the house of Carver and therefore there are reasons to believe that it could be a good surfboard bike rack in the market today Carver has been able to earn name and fame because of the quality of two-wheeler and surf racks which they have been able to bring to the table for customers. The acceptance of this surfboard bike rack is quite good and there are many reasons for the same.

Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack ReviewTo begin with, it is made from the best quality material. It is therefore rust and corrosion proof even when it is subjected to the worst elements of nature. The best of 6061 tig welded alloy material has been used to make this surfboard rack a durable and long lasting product.

It is easily mountable on scooters and mopeds and ensures that the surfboard stays firmly in place as you traverse through road which may not be exactly smooth and even.

Though it is made from high-quality Tig welded alloy, the looks and appearances have been maintained properly. It looks good even from a distant and it might even make some eyes turn around for a second look.


  • Belongs to the original moped design
  • Can be easily be clamped onto the rear of moped trucks
  • It also can accommodate large-sized boards.
  • The top brace is coated with high-quality marine grade foam aluminum.
  • It also has a threaded steel base which makes it adjustable.
  • On the whole there is no doubt that it offers good value for money.


  • A few instances of incomplete shipping have been reported when it is bought online.

5. Bike Balance Surfboard Rack Kit Review

This is another quality surfboard bike rack from the house of Bike Balance. They do have a rich track record and a good reputation at that.

Bike Balance Surfboard Rack Kit ReviewHence this specific sleek looking and ergonomically designed surfboard rack do evince quite a bit of interest. Therefore it would be interesting to find out more about it so that customers can get a decent insight into it.

It has all the attributes for being considered as a quality bike rack for accommodating surfboards. The attachment process is quite easy. Further it is made from a high-quality material which ensures that it can withstand the elements of nature. It does not take too much of time to install.

The rear mount design is again something that is quite unique and relevant to current day trends and needs. It can easily move around roads which are not very smooth.

It stays firmly in place even when the bike with the surfboard is travelling at reasonably high speeds.

It is versatile because it can easily fit into almost all multi-speed and single speed bicycles. It is equipped to carry two shortboards. It can be adjusted depending on the rider.

It comes with hardware and it is quite easy to move around in thick traffic. It is designed in such a way that it will not damage or scratch the bike or the surfboard in any matter whatsoever.


  • It is made from high quality 6061 aluminum Tig welded.
  • It comes with a patented bike balance unit.
  • Hence this can be used for a variety of attachments.
  • It cannot work on disc brakes or bikes with rear suspension.
  • The rear mount design has been intelligently designed.


  • It cannot work on modern day bikes having rear suspension.

6. Wheele Racks – The Wheele Board Walk Surfboard Review

Wheele Racks The Wheele Board Walk Surfboard ReviewThis is much more than a mere surfboarding bike rack. It is uniquely designed and is the work of a surfer, for a surfer. It is considered to be one of the most hassle-free and extra light surfboard racks which can get easily affixed to any types of bikes.

It is extremely sturdy and the construction is very tough to withstand knocks and rough usage. Further it is also very easy to wheel and moves around. This is because the wheels come with sealed bearings.

This almost totally removes the need for maintenance. It also comes with a hand-held trailer and a high-quality paddleboard carrier.


  • It could be a sure candidate for the best surfboard bike rack because of its unique design.
  • It comes with stubborn construction and also offers the best of looks.
  • It is adjustable and therefore it can be used for accommodating around nine to twelve boards.
  • You also get 3 rubber pads across and near the frame.
  • This helps give extra protection for your board.
  • One the whole there is no doubt that it is a quality bike rack for surfboards and offers much more.


  • A few customers had to return it because fixed the surfboards on the bikes has been a bit of a bother. But such cases are few and far between.

7. Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review

Carver is a big name to reckon with when it comes to quality surfboard bike racks. The name of the brand is perhaps taken from the work carving. The origin of this brand of bike racks for surfboards comes from Hawaii.

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack Review 1These racks from the house of Carver are known for safety and security. It will help you to move with your board behind without the risk of losing balance and falling down.

Additionally it would also be pertinent to mention that it is made from the best quality aluminum construction. Hence you can be sure that the bike rack will be totally free from rust and corrosion.

It has a special which repels the elements of nature which could lead to corrosion. It can take care of longboards and surfboards of around 10 inches. Hence this is one of the best options for non-suspension bikes and for who have special attachments and love for the best of cruisers.


  • It is perfectly designed for installing on various bike configurations.
  • It also comes with unique U carrying poles.
  • This helps the rider to easily turn sideways when the board is not installed and moved around.
  • The rack is also quite light
  • It is also suitable for almost all types of hybrid bike and can accommodate both long boards and short boards.


  • There have been a few instances where the installation process has been quite tough. Otherwise, there is nothing very wrong or negative about this surfboard bike rack from Carver.

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