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Best Snorkeling Goggles Set 2020 for Adults and Kids

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Snorkeling goggles reviewSnorkeling goggle is an essential equipment for snorkeling in the ocean. I will review today the best snorkeling goggles for both adults and kids. There are a few goggles available on Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

I prefer buying from Amazon as there you have the chances to check the user review and the detailed product features.

At the very beginning of the article, I will explain what is snorkeling goggles. Please be informed that goggles and masks are not the same things. They have a slight difference though.

Usually, only goggles have less option for snorkeling where a snorkeling Mask is good with more useful features. You can not do snorkeling with just only a goggle. A full snorkeling set is ideal for you. So I will review some full snorkeling sets in this article.

Best Snorkeling Goggles Set:

There are a couple of snorkeling goggles available on Amazon. I did my research, and I will give you an in-depth analysis of every product, and you can choose which is the best goggle for you according to your budget and requirements. So let’s start.

Snorkeling goggle is a piece of equipment which is needed to use to protect your eyes from salty water and any other effect while snorkeling. If you snorkel in the ocean, you may have to deal with the salty water.

It may harm your eyes, and you can not open your eyes under water. That’s why you have to use goggles. It is not like general goggles, and even it is not like any other diving goggles.

What is a Snorkeling Goggle:

Snorkeling Goggles is specially made only for snorkeling under water. If you are beginning in snorkeling, please be informed that only a Goggle is not enough for doing snorkeling. A full snorkel set with air pipe is needed to explore the underwater beauty.

1. U.S. Divers Icon Mask + Airent Snorkel Set Review:

It is a great  goggles with 383 reviews on Amazon. So you can consider buying this snorkeling set without any hesitation. It is selling by U.S divers. It is also a one size mask.

It has a broad and open tube design for unobstructed breathing. With premium materials, it is a great thing to consider for buying.

  • Designed by US Drivers
  • Adjustable buckles for easy adjustment
  • Revolution in high-standards
  • Wide open tube
  • High user rating and best settling product

2. OMORC Snorkel Set Review:

ORORC snorkel set comes with an additional full dry breathing tube. It is a complete set for everyone who is willing to do snorkel.

Snorkeling goggles ReviewIt has an impact resistant panoramic tempered glass and free breathing anti-leak technology. It is a professional snorkel set for adult and youths.

According to the product description, it allows you to see an explicit version of the ocean. The attractive feature of this snorkel set is, it is only one size which fits all. It has adjustable elastic silicone strap to meet with every person.

The improved mask fit different face shapes without any significant problem. It is also a beginner-friendly snorkel goggles set. It is not a full face snorkel set. It has two parts only goggles and air tube. That’s it.

  • Anti-fog technology
  • Panoramic tempered glass
  • One size for both adult and youth
  • Adjustable elastic silicone strap

3. DIVE ENERGY Adult Dry Snorkel Set Review:

It comes with an extra comfort dual strap. Because of the extra comfort double strap, you don’t have to worry about the tight straps on your head. It is flexible. No leaking opportunity. It has a perfect vision technology which allows you to see a beautiful version of the ocean.

It contains snorkel goggles and also a beautiful air tube. So far this product has 157 reviews on Amazon which is 4.5. That is a pretty good review, and you can choose this product. The mouthpiece is also built with super soft silicone.

  • Anti-fogging protection
  • Super soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Dual strap and buckles system
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Maximum 50 meters depth is possible with this.

4. Phantom Aquatics Velocity Snorkel Set Review:

Phantom Aquatics Velocity Snorkel Set ReviewThe features of this product are almost similar to any other products. It has crystal silicone, unique downward vision technology, and double edge facial seal. Revolutionary push-button buckle for easy and quick strap adjustment.

It is Super Lightweight and Durable Mask which fitted with Tempered Safety Glass Lenses. It is a Low Volume Mask with a Wide Field of View that is Easy-to-Clear.

The Mask is equipped with a One-Hand and Easy-to-Reach nose pocket for ear Equalization that even works well with thick gloved hands.

  • Crystal Silicone for soft and comfortable feeling
  • Downward vision with tempered safety glass lenses.
  • Amazing push button system.

5. COPOZZ Snorkel Mask Review:

It comes with a double lens panoramic view which has made it a bit special than any other snorkeling goggles. It also has one-way purge valves.

COPOZZ Snorkel Mask ReviewThe premium snorkel mouthpiece helps you to adjust the buckle easily. It also has an adjustable headband which fits with any swimmer.

  • Dual panoramic tempered glass
  • One way purge valves system
  • Easy to adjust and fast fit
  • Anti-fog technology
  • It is lightweight and compact.

6. COPOZZ Snorkel Mask:

There is a higher price version of this product too. The features are the same, but the difference is just the model and version. If you are interested, you can also choose this version too.

But I would go for the latest version which costs higher than this product. It comes in different colors too. Copozz is a good seller for snorkel goggles.

  • Same as the COPOZZ Snorkel Mask features
  • Less price than the previous version
  • Good for low budget.

Snorkeling Goggles Full Face Masks Review:

7. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask Review:

It is the most selling full face snorkel mask which comes with a full set. It is a bit higher in pricing, but it is worth this high price. With 2550 custom rating, it has reached at the most top-selling snorkel mask in Amazon. The rating of users is also excellent.

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask ReviewIt has a build in action camera mount so that you can use your action camera under the water. Like any other full face mask, it also has different sizes of design, and you can choose which is the best for you. It comes up with the fog-resistant design.

If your mask keeps fogging up while snorkeling, there is nothing worse than that moment. You may not be able to see anything. The cover is designed with anti-fogging technology. If you intend to go deeper more than 10 feet it may not be suitable for you because this product wasn’t designed for deep diving.

However, you can smoothly go up to 10 feet without any significant discomfort. As it comes with anti-fogging technology, it will not be fogged up when you use it in warm weather.

If the weather is cold, it may fog a little bit. But it depends on the weather condition. As there are several sizes available, it may fit nicely up to 7. I would recommend you to check the length of the nose and the chin, then match it to the sizing chart image to determine the best fit.

  • #1 best seller in the diving category
  • 180 Degree Full Face Design
  • Dry Snorkel Technology
  • Fog Resistant Design
  • Build in Camera Holder
  • Best selling Full face snorkel mask
  • High in price but quality product.

8. Cozia design Snorkel Set with Snorkel MASK Review:

Cozia design Snorkel Set with Snorkel MASK ReviewIt is considered the best snorkel set for the adult. The innovative ocean view snorkel mask comes up with two pieces of goggles and tube setup which allows natural breathing with maximum comfortability. It also has adjustable swimming fins with adjustable straps. It has different types of sizes.

Especially the S and M sizes are for woman and teenagers. L/XL is for men. Swit flippers are also adjustable between 7.7 and 12.5 inches. It is easy to wear and adjust straps. Dual airflow anti-fog channel is also a useful feature of this snorkel set. And of course it a top-selling snorkel goggles full face mask under 40

  • Dry Top Seal
  • Preview 180 Degree Clear View
  • Anti-fog technology and Drain Valve
  • Dual Airflow antifog channel
  • Easy wear and adjust straps
  • Comfortable Silicone padding

9. ENKEEO Scuba Diving Snorkeling Snorkel Set Review:

ENKEEO Scuba Diving Snorkeling Snorkel Set is a beginner friendly snorkel set. It is a beginner level snorkel set that you can use for a dry snorkel. It is easy to operate, and it is humanized design.

ENKEEO Scuba Diving Snorkeling Snorkel Set ReviewThe essential body parts of this snorkel set are the frame, lens, automatic lock buckle, adjustable strap, 3d adaptive mask, environmental section nozzle, fast rinse valve, water-proof air inlet, the movable mouth of pipe and high-speed hose.

It comes to you with a cute bag too.  you may look into this product. I will also explain the essential elements of the product with easy visual readability.

  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Fit your face perfectly
  • Dry Snorkel and purge valve
  • Food grade material, two bonus gifts
  • Humanized Design, Easy to operate
  • Beginner friendly, Price is affordable

10. X-Lounger Snorkel Mask Review:

X Lounger Snorkel Mask is a very popular snorkel goggle . It comes up with an action camera holder. It is a full face mask with a detachable camera mount. It has earplug and also 180 Degree Large View. It was comfortable to breathe and dry top set.

X-Lounger Snorkel Mask ReviewIt is an anti-leak and beginner friendly too. Because of the price and comfortability, it has a higher user rating. If you are looking for a snorkel mask, this is an excellent choice for you. The design of X-Lounger Snorkel Mask is slightly different than any other snorkeling masks.

It looks more ultra modern and looks like a techie. It has more updated functionalities than any other snorkels sets. It has the longer and foldable snorkel tube. So it is good for going to more deep while snorkeling. It allows you to go deeper.

The adjustable headband with buckle helps you to adjust it taking it off. The removable waterproof earplugs help you to keep protected from salty water.

To know the best size , measure from the bridge of your nose to your chin, if the measurement of your nose and chin is less than 4.7 inches, you can choose S/M size, but if the measurement is more excellent than 4.7 inches, you may choose the large or extra large L/XL size. Here is how you can measure it.

No additional glasses are required with this full face mask as it contains clear view technology. You may have to avoid wearing new glasses. It may affect the seal. Unlike any other general covers, it doesn’t have fish eye curved lens. It is with a flat lens allows you to see more realistic scenes.

  • Higher User Rating
  • It has UV Protection and also the unique double anti-fog system
  • Integrated snorkel mask and action camera compatible
  • Breathe Free and No chocking Water
  • Panoramic large view

11. Asmeten Full Face Snorkel Mask Review:

Asmeten Full Face Snorkel Mask ReviewAsmeten full face snorkel mask is an excellent choice for beginner and professional level snorkeler. It is also a full face snorkel mask with the superb user rating. In the date of writing this article, it has more than 60, and the score is also good. It has 29 answered questions.

It comes up with dry top systems, action camera mount, particular anti-fog lens, adjustable straps and comfortable silicone edge, anti-fogging system. The design is suitable for breathing above and under the water.

  • Real anti-fog snorkel mask
  • Airflow, and anti-fog
  • foldable tube and easy to use
  • 180 Degree full face design
  • Free breathing snorkeling mask
  • Ultra dry snorkel technology
  • Recommended snorkel set

12. Calypso Adult Diving Mask Review:

Calypso Adult Diving Mask ReviewCalypso adult diving mask comes with a super soft silicone shirt and straps for the ultimate comfortable fit. It also includes a complimentary case for storing and transporting efficiently. It is a very beginner friendly goggle.

Please be informed that it is not a full face mask like other. So the cost is a bit low comparatively then a full face goggles mask for snorkeling.

  • Super soft silicone
  • Dual colored mask
  • Complimentary case
  • Pressure relief & Beginner friendly
  • Water Resistant Design
  • Good user rating

13. AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask Review:

AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask is a patent integrated snorkel mask on Amazon. It is a full face snorkeling goggle under. The best feature of this product is: it allows you to exhale your unwanted water.

AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask ReviewIt has nose equalizer and an earplug that helps you to keep away your ear from pain. It comes up with a one-year full money back guarantee. The anti-fog and anti leaking design has made this product unique.

  • Patent integrated snorkel mask
  • Comfortable, natural breathing
  • Full face mask, Equalize your ear
  • Anti-fog and anti leaking design
  • One year guarantee

14. Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Review:

It is also an under great snorkel goggles. It is not like regular goggles. It is a full face mask. It comes up with a great set of necessary things. It has a detachable GoPro mount. It allows you to breathe freely. It has folded snorkel design.

Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable ReviewBy eliminating the falling of the problem of the snorkel, you will never worry about the falling off or leakage during your snorkeling. This mask will serve you for the longest time. It is a beginner and youth-friendly.

The best feature of this cool product is, it has a lifetime warranty. The using of this product is also simple. When you get down to the water, try to switch on the surface and start beating calmly through your mouth and nose.

If you feel uncomfortable, please remove the mask immediately. If for any reason water leaks into your costumes, try to leave your head out of the water and it will drain through the chin valve. You don’t need to take off your mask to clear it from the sea.

  • Dry snorkel and anti-fogging
  • Folded Snorkel Design
  • Beginner and youth-friendly
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Action Camera Mount
  • Ultra Wide 180 Degree View

15. Wonice Snorkel Mask for kids Review:

Wonice snorkel mask for kids is a great full face snorkel mask by Wonice. Wonice is a #1 best seller in diving and safety gear category. It is the only snorkel mask which is designed for kids. It has natural breathing system.

Wonice Snorkel Mask for kids ReviewIt also includes a 180-degree panoramic view, comfortable and easy to use. Convenient to store or take it anywhere.

It has 30 days money back guarantee too. and it is an excellent mask below budget. It comes with a great set of snorkel mask. If you are looking to get a snorkel mask for your kids, this would be the best choice for you.

  • Specially designed for kids.
  • Comes with a full set
  • Easy breathing way, Natural breathing
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Good user rating

How to choose the best Snorkeling Goggles:

Selecting the best snorkeling goggles is not so hard. At first, you have to set your budget. If you have no problem with the budget, I would recommend you to choose the highest price product because it has the best features with good user ratings.

If your budget is below, no problem at all. There are several excellent products I have explained every Snorkeling Goggle with price range so that you can select the best one for you.

Full Face Mask or Goggles?

To be honest, you need both of them. It entirely depends on your need whether you will choose full face mask or goggles. The purpose of the usage is the same, but they are not equal in functionalities.

Goggles are almost similar like regular goggles which will not cover the full face, but full face mask will cover your entire face while snorkeling. In general, only glasses cost less than a full face mask.

Full face masks include more functionalities like earplug or action camera holder. So it depends on how you intend to use and what features you may need while choosing snorkeling goggles.

How to choose a snorkeling goggles set:

There several things that should consider before buying snorkeling goggles. I will explain this to you so that you can select the best glasses for you.


Comfort gets the highest priority when you intend to buy something for a vacation. So please check the comfortability at first before choosing something for you. You will find the comfort description in the product review page.

Anti Fog Technology:

Yes. It is also an important thing that you should check before buying a goggle. Though all of the goggles claim themselves as an anti-fog, you have to select which is the best for preventing fog. When you dive, your glasses may get foggy because of your warm breath.

It is very irritating while snorkeling. Though most of the masks claim that they have an anti-fog technology, you have to choose which is the best based on real user rating. I would recommend checking the user’s feedback. If you see some positive feedback, you are ready to order a goggle.

The range of view:

Field of view is also essential because the more range you get, the more you enjoy. Usually, all the snorkeling goggles have a 180-degree view. So it is not very important. You can choose any of them since almost all of them provides more range of sight.

Seals capability:

It is a most consider option. If the water can quickly enter into the goggles, it may cause interruption. You should find a goggle with good seal capability because it may cause disruption.

If you use the wrong glasses, water will be able to enter your goggles easily, and you will have trouble while snorkeling. If salty water can get into your eyes, it will burn your eye very severely. So if you want to do snorkel without any interruption, choose a good mask with good seals capability. I recommend checking seals.


Flexibility is also important because if you find any trouble while diving, you have to act very quickly to deal with the terrible situation. So if your equipment is not flexible, you may not be able to do deal with it, and you will have serious trouble as you will diving under water. So check the flexibility options before buying goggles.

Purge valve Option:

Purge valve means when some water gets into your mask, you have to remove them while snorkeling keeping your head under water. It is crucial because if you can not remove the unwanted water, you have to stop snorkeling or diving. So please check purge valve option before buying snorkeling goggles.

Options of Mouth Piece:

Your mouthpiece is essential to keep continuing your breathing under the water. So check the mouthpiece option before buying a goggle. There are some fantastic features on some products which helps you to adjust your mouthpiece in different situations.

That’s it. In conclusion, I would recommend you to check the possible reviews and ratings before buying a snorkeling goggle because it is crucial to keep your free vacation hassle free and make a comfortable snorkeling or diving journey. I wish you good luck.


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