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Best Paddle Board Wheels 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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best Paddle board wheels reviewWorried about how you will transport your Paddleboard to and from the water? Are you looking for a better way of carrying your expensive board? Are searching for the best paddle board wheels? If your answers are yes, then this is your article.

The article below is a detailed review of the top best paddle board wheel which that are available in the market today. The paddle wheel will make it easy for you to transport your board to and fro the water safely.

This review is meant to help you get to know what the best product is and what makes it be the best. Go through it and ease your process of searching for the best Paddleboard wheels. I’m certain one of these items will impress you. So, let’s get to it!

I have outlined the features that make them stand among the best. So, go through and get to know the best unit that will meet your needs. 

Best Paddle Board Wheels 2019

Product NameBrandPrice
Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe CarrierBonnloCheck Price
ABN Universal Kayak CarrierABNCheck Price
SUP Wheels Evolution SUP Carrier Surf Board CarrierSUP WheelsCheck Price
TMS CART Kayak Canoe Carrier TrolleyTMSCheck Price
Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak CartHobieCheck Price
Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly TrolleyBonnloCheck Price
Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe TrolleyBonnloCheck Price

1. Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier

When you visit the paddleboard carriers market, you will realize Bonnlo is a well-known name. It has proven of producing high-quality trolleys and carries like the Bonnlo Universal Boat Carrier.

Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Review - Best Paddle Board WheelsOne thing you will most like about this wheeled carrier is the two 5-feet bungee cords that are equipped with a hook. Also, the wheel comes with a 12 feet tie-down cable which as a spare.

The straps are of good quality and long enough. It is easy and straightforward to assemble the Bonnlo Universal wheels. Slide the two wheels onto their axles then secure them using the included pins.

The arms of this carrier are made of durable and heavy-duty aluminum frame which makes it resistant to rust. The sleeves are foam padded to protect your paddleboard from scratches and to slide. It comes with two kickstands which allow easy board loading.

The Bonnlo Cart frame is made of heavy duty aluminum which makes it quite tough to hold up to 150 pounds. The carrier is convenient to carry by folding it and store or strapping it with a bungee cord and saving it.

The wheel’s airless 10 inches tires are strong enough to hold a weight of 150lbs which is quite impressive. Bonnlo Cart Airless tires bring the only simplicity of using the wheels. They are NO-Flat airless tires of 10in.

D x 3in. W and they will not flat under heavy loads. Their performance is good since they roll smoothly on different rough paths like sand and gravel.

One more thing about this wheel tires is they are chemical smell free. Great, right? Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier features:

Features & Pros:

  • It is a universal two tire Bonnlo wheel carrier
  • Padded aluminum arms
  • 5ft Bungee cords
  • 12ft tie-down cable (spare)
  • Two kickstands
  • Tire dimension: 10”x 3” (D x W)
  • Weight capacity: 150lbs.


  • Low ground clearance
  • Weight capacity is overstated

2. ABN Universal Kayak Carrie

The second choice is ABN in my paddle board wheels shortlist. Do you believe that you can come across a unique and universal paddleboard carries with rubber wheels and at a pocket-friendly price? Yes, it is possible. The ABN universal Carrier is a two-tire paddleboard wheel by AUTOBODYNOW.

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier Review - Best Paddle Board WheelsThe company has designed the item with the user in mind. The paddleboard wheel is composed of two heavy duty inflatable rubber made tires, anodized steel frame, oversized bumper pads, hardened steel pins and comes with a 12ft tie-down strap.

So, what does this mean for you? The anodized steel frames make the carrier be durable and rust resistant and serve you for years without breaking. The oversized foam bumper pads are there to ensure the safety of your paddle.

They keep your pads from scratches and dents during transportation. The carrier tires are 9.5” easy-to-inflate rubber-made allowing smooth maneuvering across rough path surfaces like gravel and sand. They are held in place by two strong steel pins.

The assembling and disassembling the ABN Universal Boat Carrier is a simple process. Slide the two wheels onto their axles then secure them using the included pins and do the opposite when disassembling. It is foldable for easy storage.

The entire carrier can be dissembled and fit in a backpack or your vessel when you’re in the water. The ABN Universal Boat Carrier comes with a spring-loaded kickstand to make it easy when loading and offloading.

The 12ft long tie-down strap is provided to help restrain your paddleboard. The carrier has a weight capacity of 200lbs, thanks to the heavy-duty anodized steel construction which also give it longevity.

The system is also lightweight: weighs 8lbs only. It works excellent with floating mats, Kayaks, canoes, Jon boats, and paddleboards. ABN covers the ABN Universal Boat Carrier with a 1-year warranty. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier features:

Features & Pros:

  • Two tires anodized steel ABN Universal Boat Carrier
  • Comes with a durable anodized steel frame
  • Features protective foam pads on the arms
  • Equipped with a 12ft long, sturdy tie-down straps
  • One spring-loaded kickstand
  • Weight limit: 200lbs
  • Tire design: 9.5 inches knobby easy inflatable tires


  • Straps work well on flat items only
  • Rubber Smelly wheels

3. SUP Wheels Evolution SUP Carrier Surf Board Carrier

SUP Wheels Evolution carrier is one of its kind. It comes fully assembled and ready for use. It is a two wheel carrier with a powder coated frame. The wheel makes it super easy to transport your paddleboard.

SUP Wheels Evolution SUP Carrier Surf Board Carrier Review - Best Paddle Board WheelsWith it, you can walk your board with only one hand. You can use it a beach cart to carry all your gear to the beach. You can attach the carrier to your bike using the hand strap.

It fits all the kind of boards from touring, inflatable, race and standard boards. The hand strap can be configured to tie-down two boards if the boards are strapped together and carry them on this carrier.

Ensure that the board tail fits well into the carrier’s 15 inches frame. When the boards are loaded on the carrier, the wheel holds a majority of the board’s weight is making it easy to move it.

One thing that is unique about the SUP Wheels Evolution is its comfortable handle. It is the only carrier with a rubber comfort grip handle which makes it easy to handle the board. This built-in paddle holder leaves your hand free to hold a drink or a phone.

The carrier features an innovative transport solution which does not have interference from wind since it carries the board in a horizontal manner and not on the sideways against the body.

When transporting the board, there is no need for twisting or straining your back. That works as an advantage for you and also no more struggling trying to reach the board, the hand strap works the magic.

The carrier is a wheeled balance transporter made of durable and high-quality marine grade aluminum materials. The other materials used are also UV and saltwater resistance, meaning this item will give many years of service.

The wheels on this carrier are no-flat tires which give it a good performance when driving it on rough surfaces like sand and gravel. The stems are compact – it is foldable to fit in a storage case and also fit on your board when in the water.

Furthermore, it’s floatable if it gets in the water. SUP Wheels Evolution SUP Carrier Surf Board Carrier features:

Features & Pros:

  • Two wheel Steel SUP Wheels® Evolution carrier
  • Comes with a comfort handle strap system
  • Rubberized comfort handle grip
  • No assembly required
  • No-Flat solid tires
  • Universal board carrier
  • 15 Inches foam padded frame
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Wheels wobble off
  • Design need improvements

4. TMS CART Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley

When searching for the best Paddle board wheels, you will come across different types of TMS carriers. TMS has been in the industry for some years now, and the company has proven to be producing higher quality Paddleboard wheels.

TMS CART Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley ReviewThe TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 is one of these high-quality product made by TMS. So, what tells you it’s high quality? The cart is constructed from Aluminum pipe anodized stainless steel of 20 x 2mm.

That gives it the best durability since the materials make it rust resistant and at the same time make it even stronger. The system also is equipped with a 9 1/4 inches spring-loaded stand which will help you keep the wheel propped on the shore for quick board loading.

The unit is big and strong enough to carry 150 pounds board(s). Use the 12ft long tie-down strap to secure the board during transport. The cart is 13 inches long between the two padded arms and 15 1/2inches wide.

Transporting a paddleboard from the parking lot to the water body has never been this easy. Load the board on to the TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 and pull or push it.

The carrier has been designed to hold a paddleboard by the hull in a V-shaped cradle that features 3.5 inches long foam padded bumpers on each of the cradle arms.

These cradle arms are joined together using a 13 inches long nylon strap to prevent the cradle arms from opening too far. The wheel comes with a massive 9.5 inches diameter flat free tires to provide enough stability on rough surfaces like sand and gravel.

They are 3 1/4 inches wide giving them a good surface area for not sinking in the sand. Assembling the system is quite simple. All the frames have a precision bolt holes. All you need is join the pieces together.

Insert the tires on its axle and use the chrome lynchpin to lock it in its position. TMS CART Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley features:

Features & Pros:

  • Capacity: 150-Pound
  • Equipped with 12 Ft long tie-down strap
  • Aluminum pipe (20 x2mm) anodized Stainless steel wheel
  • Features a Solid Metal frame
  • Comes with foam bumpers on each arm
  • Stainless steel fasteners and chrome lynchpin
  • Equipped with 9.5″ Diameter and 3.5″ wide flat-free tires
  • Quick assembly
  • Dolly breaks down for easy storage or transport


  • Tires bursts when exposed to the sun
  • Some users needed extra bungee cords

5. Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak Cart

Hobie Heavy-duty Plug-in cart is a unique two-wheel carrier in this industry. It has two straight steel arms, cart post collar/ clamp kit and a padded steel bar joining the two arms together.

Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak Cart ReviewIt has been designed to offer you the necessary support you might need when transporting your paddle board. If you are looking for a quick and straightforward way of having your board to and out of the shore, then this is the unit to have.

The overall Hobie design compliments a simple but effective way of loading a paddle board. Although it doesn’t come with a stand, loading your board is a natural process.

Pick your board and place it between the two solid steel arms, strap them down and use the post collar to transfer weight from the hull of your boat to the scuppers.

The system has a welded stainless steel construction which makes it durable to handled different paddleboard weights. Also, the stainless steel materials are rust resistant thus increasing the wheel durability.

The Hobie cart comes with two flat free foam filled tires with a wide surface and durable rubber. The tires make it possible to move the trolley along rough terrains. Therefore it’s suitable for use on compacted gravel or sand surfaces.

The Hobie cart is also heavy duty and at the same time lightweight. When disassembled, which is a simple process, it can be carried on a backpack or placed on your board when in you’re in the water.

The unit features a weight capacity of over 200 pounds. Making it one of the most robust paddle board wheels in the market. Assembling the system is quite easy since you only need to place in the tire and you will be done. Hobie Heavy Duty Plug In Kayak Cart features:

Features & Pros:

  • Made by Hobie Company
  • Welded stainless steel construction
  • Removable wheels for easy storage
  • Inserts into Hobie scupper holes
  • Cart clamps included
  • Equipped with two foam-filled No-Flat tires
  • Weight capacity: 200lbs.
  • Foam padded holding bar


  • Not stand
  • Wheel wobble and are flimsy.

6. Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley

Boonlo has impressed many paddlers, surfers, and water sportspeople with their well-designed products. The Bonnlo Kayak cart carrier and a trolley are one of the items that market the company name.

Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley ReviewIt has a well-designed structure to ensure that you transport your paddle board to and from the water safely and straightforwardly. The cart is made using sturdy powder-coated aluminum tubes which are firmly joined together using strong steel bolts.

The design makes it durable to hold up to 160-pound boards allowing you to transport your paddleboard safely. The construction materials used are also corrosion and rust resistant which mean the cart will serve you well for years to come.

You wouldn’t feel right if you come across a paddleboard carrier that leaves your board with dents and scratches when you use it? Right? That is why Bonnlo cart has a foam padded bumpers to ensure it doesn’t scratch your board all press it leaving it with dents.

It easy to assemble and disable the unit with no tools required. It is foldable and easily breakdown for convenient and secure storage/transport. Loading a board to this cart is a natural process with the help of the 10 inches tall spring-loaded stand.

The Bonnlo Cart tires are 12inches big beach balloon tires which are detachable. They are built to withstand rough terrains and surfaces.

One last thing about the cart is that it comes equipped with 12ft long tie down straps which you can use to strap your board on it for safe transport. A pump is provided as a bonus. Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley features:

Features & Pros:

  • Made by Bonnol Company
  • Made of strong aluminum tubes
  • Middle Ribbon Material: TPU& PVC
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 20 x 16 inches (L x W x H)
  • Color: Red
  • Wheels Dimensions: 12 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 221.87oz / 6290g


  • Tires have a pungent smell
  • Kickstand snaps

7. Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe Trolley

The Bonnlo trolley offers a 165-pound load capacity that satisfies your needs productively and reliably. Huge and complete rubber tires guarantee immense joy of movement and reliability against breakage and damage.

Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe Trolley ReviewSimilarly, it connects two elastic cords every 5 feet traps that guide each time the best experience. The foldable design also ensures less demanding storage and transportation options.

The built-in 10-inch spring support provides stability when you stop. Tires also contribute to security and durability because they are made of rubber, allowing them to glide efficiently even on rough terrain.

If you are looking for a transport vehicle that is difficult to use, assemble and disassemble, the Bonnlo canoe trolley is the right choice for you. This Bonndle Paddleboard is designed to be active on the sand and other delicate surfaces.

It has sturdy rubber wheels that will not stop effectively on the way to the water. This paddleboard trolley has a carrying capacity of 165 lbs.

Also, this paddleboard cart features a sturdy aluminum frame with thick foam pads on the arms to prevent your goods from being scuffed. Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe Trolley features:

Features & Pros:

  • Reliable aluminum frame construction
  • Large tires for easy movements
  • 10” spring-loaded stand
  • Chemical smell free
  • 165 pounds capacity
  • Foam protected bumpers/Arms
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: No tools required
  • 5- Feet two bungee cords
  • Solid 10-inch tires
  • 12 feet tie down strap


  • Kickstand snaps
  • The wheel might not work well on sand

There are many ways of carrying your precious paddleboard to and from the water. One of this safe ways is using a paddle board wheel. But when you go searching for one, you’ll realize that there are so many brands and types available.

Selecting might be a complicated process for you. You might pick a paddle wheel thinking it is the best and turns to be the worst.

So, what do you do to get the best? You need to check the review below which I have keenly prepared to share some of the best paddle board wheels in the market.

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