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Best Paddle Board Straps in 2020 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Paddle board straps ReviewOne of the best ways to ensure that your paddle board is securely tied to your rack is by having the best tie-down straps. The straps are available in different types of materials and sold by different brands. By having made by different brands means that the quality and types differ a lot. So, how would you know which brand and model of paddle board straps to buy?

After massive and in-depth research, I have prepared this review to let you the best straps available in the market and describe the features that make it unique. So, I recommend that you go through it.

Best Paddle Board Straps for 2020 (Based On User Reviews)

Product NameBrandPrice
Kanulock Lockable Stainless Steel Tie Down StrapsKanulockCheck Price
Dorsal Surfboard SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down StrapsDorsalCheck Price
Boncas Sturdy Tie Down StrapBoncasCheck Price
Dakine Baja Tie Down StrapsDakineCheck Price
Dunes Strap Co. 12ft Premium Tie Down StrapsDunesCheck Price
FCS Cam Lock Tie Down StrapsFCSCheck Price
BPS No Scratch Premium Surf SUP Tie DownBPSCheck Price

1. Kanulock Lockable Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps Review

The choice in my Paddle Board straps list is Kanulock Lockable strap. Kanulock Lockable straps are durable stainless steel reinforced straps which comes in three different sizes: – 8ft, 11ft, 13ft, and 18ft.

Kanulock Lockable Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps Review - Best Paddle Board StrapsThey offer an easy way to lock or tie-down your expensive paddle boards. Also, they come with two locks which come in handy when you leave the board unattended. All you need to do is to tie your board to the rack, rock the buckles with their strong key.

The Kanulock Lockable straps are equipped with strong fabric material which is reinforced with durable 2×2.4mm stainless steel to offer extra strength and security. The stainless steel wire makes it difficult and impossible to by knife.

That ensures that your board does not move when maneuvering. The Kanulock Lockable belts are easy to tie and also easy to untie. When reinforced they make minimal wind noise which makes them eco-friendly.

The lockable buckles are easy to use since they work as regular belts or straps but with unique features.

The Kanulock Lockable hold the board in its position during the whole transporting. The most extensive section of most paddling boards can be placed between the fronts and back straps which makes it impossible for the paddle board to slide forward or backward off the straps.

The sturdy fabric material is soft to ensure that it does not scratch your board. The stainless steel reinforcement is placed on the top sized of the strap for a similar purpose.

For you to use the belt, all you need is to tie down your board and use the lockable buckles to lock it. They come as a pair of durable Kanulock Lockable straps, two locks with two locking and unlocking keys. Kanulock Lockable Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps Features:


  • Lockable and reinforced straps
  • With 2 x 2.4mm Stainless steel cables
  • Available in four sizes: 8 ft., 11 ft., 13 ft., and 18 ft.
  • Blade or knife Uncuttable
  • Key lockable buckles: 2 straps and two keys
  • Easy to use and lock buckles


  • A bit flimsy
  • Difficult to engage the lock

2. Dorsal Surfboard SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps Review

The second most popular strap is Dorsal Paddle Board Straps. The dorsal tie down straps is super strong straps that come as a pair.

Dorsal Surfboard SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps Review - Best Paddle Board StrapsThey are made by one of the best know company – Dorsal. The company is based in the USA.

They are perfect for securing surfboards, paddle boards, SUP canoes, and kayaks. What makes it that good? It is the fact that is has been made with durable fabric and is equipped with stainless steel buckles.

Each strap is 15 feet long and one inch wide giving it an excellent securing area.

Dorsal have made the straps in a way that it is easy to tie and untie the boards. Their grip to paddle board is secure to ensure that one you fasten them on your roof rack, you will be sure that you will transport them well.

The buckles have some small teeth which provide the straps do not loosen once tied. Also, the buckles feature a quick lease way on untying the board straps.

The price of this board straps is pocket-friendly and yet they deliver the best services. They are made to be durable and reliable enough to holds boards of up to 200lbs.

Another key feature of this straps is that their break strength limit is quite high. It has a 600lbs breaking strength limit which is relatively high to make sure you tie the boards firm enough.

If you check through its features, you will agree that it’s well priced. It comes with the best comfort and design which make it very useful and guarantees to fit for its purpose well. Dorsal Surfboard SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps Features:


  • A pair of Black Tie-Down Straps
  • Made in the USA by DORSAL
  • Steel made buckles
  • 15 feet long and 1 inch wide
  • Working load limit: 200 lb.
  • Break strength: 600 lb.
  • Excellent for securing Surfboards, kayaks and SUP canoes


  • Cheaply made
  • Available in black only

3. Boncas Sturdy Tie Down Strap Review

Boncas is another outstanding, durable paddle board tie down strap which securely protects your paddle board during the travel. It comes with exceptional quality and performance.

Boncas Sturdy Tie Down Strap Review - Best Paddle Board StrapsThe use of these straps will make you happy, and you will have an excellent experience. The strap’s length and the strength are terrific. The products haul and secure surfboard, kayak or SUP canoe during travel.

Each Boncas cam metal buckle strap is 16ft long and 1in wide and comes as a pair to meet your needs.

They come as a gentle gear and a durable strap. They grip correctly on the paddle board surface securing the item well. They have a working strength of 100lbs and comes with a breaking strength of 300lbs.

They come with a galvanized metal cam lock with sharp and long spikes to prevent spiking. They also feature a Velcro organizer which is used for rolling up. The straps feature a right size padding which will prevent it from scratching your paddle board and car.

It is easy to use the straps and features a quick release. The material used to make the straps are premium quality heavy duty webbing strap which giving it a long life.

The straps are adjustable to meet your need perfectly. They are great straps available at a reasonable price. The design of the buckle and extra extensive reinforcement ensured the best performance of the product.

The belts of the product can withstand stresses and tensions. The additional leverage of the product provides the correct tension of the belt.

They are best used for car roof strap, twin to king converter, cargo tie down and joining beds. Boncas Sturdy Tie Down Strap Features:


  • Sturdy premium nylon heavy duty strap
  • Reinforced box stitch
  • Foam padded cam lock
  • Sturdy non-slip clamp/buckle
  • Breaking strength 300lbs
  • 16 feet long and 1 inch wide
  • Working strength 100lbs
  • Easy storage with the aid of Velcro band


  • Straps are prone to attack
  • Not easy to adjust

4. Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps Review

These tie down straps have been designed by Dakine Baja especially from heavy-duty materials to use them on the roof racks of the cars. They are selling these straps in the sets of two pieces.

Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps ReviewEach strap is 12 feet long and has a cam buckle of 1 3/8” size to tighten your luggage on the car roof rack safely and securely. These straps can also protect your board due to the use of buckle housing made from neoprene.

These unique and heavy duty ties down straps will allow you to avoid the usage of the old bungee cords used traditionally as these new straps will keep your board safe and protected.

These straps are available in black, camo and yellow color variants so that you can to choose from them as per your preferences and suitability. Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps Features:


  • Available in a set of two straps only
  • Size of heavy duty can buckle 1 3/8″ each
  • Buckle housing made of Neoprene keeps your board safe
  • Accompanies carrying bag to carry these straps easily


  • Quality below expectations

5. Dunes Strap Co. 12ft Premium Tie Down Straps Review

The producers of these tie down paddle board straps are known for providing durable and high-quality products to use them for the different number of purposes.

Dunes Strap Co. 12ft Premium Tie Down Straps ReviewThey are made from premium quality materials so that you can use them repeatedly to keep your surfboard, kayak, bike, SUP, cargo or battery safe and protected from burglars.

They also include adjustable heavy duty cam buckles to keep your load up to 500 lb completely safe and undamaged with the help of the padding with tough grip provided in these straps.

They are made from completely high utility and tenacity polyester to perform efficiently in all weather conditions including sunshine, rain or snow.

It can be explained in other words that the users of these straps will be completely satisfied as they know that their cargo is secure and safe when these straps will keep your belongings safe and secure while going on an adventurous trip. Dunes Strap Co. 12ft Premium Tie Down Straps Features:


  • Heavy duty straps made of reinforced polyester to hold up to 200 pounds cargo even if its breaking strength is 500 pounds
  • Flexible usage: They can be used to tie down a number of things including surfboards, kayak, batteries, paddle boards, bike racks, camping gear, trucks, roof racks, skis and trailers etc.
  • These straps are padded to keep your items safe and unscratched
  • You can easily slide the strap through its cam buckle and lock it at right place just by pressing a button
  • It is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can get your money back without asking a question.


  • Quality of straps does not match as told in its advertisement

6. FCS Cam Lock Tie Down Straps Review

FCS Cam Lock Tie Down Straps ReviewThough the set of these 2 tie down straps look simple but they are very strong as their locking system helps you in keeping your boards safe. They can perfectly hold 1 to 2 surfboards as they can tie them on the roof of almost all the vehicles using racks of their roof.

These 25mm thick Paddle Board straps are made from webbing made of nylon fabric. Their cam lock system made of metal can be kept protected by encasing them in the sleeve made from neoprene material.

Each of these straps is 400 cm long which can be stored easily in the zip storage pouch provided in its package. FCS Cam Lock Tie Down Straps Features:


  • These Tie Down straps have CAM Locks to keep your surfboards perfectly secure on the roof of most of the vehicles.
  • Their cam locks have crocodile-like grip to hold your item strongly on the roof of your vehicle whether it has racks or not.
  • The package Includes two 25mm thick straps made from nylon webbing and each strap is 13 ft long


  • Does not work properly.

7. BPS No Scratch Premium Surf SUP Tie Down Straps Review

These premium tie-down straps can hold your SUP or surfboard safely without causing a scratch. If their metal buckles scratch your precious board or car then you can return them as an unsatisfied customer.

BPS No Scratch Premium Surf SUP Tie Down StrapsTo stop scratching BPS has designed sleeve made from neoprene to cover the buckles. The company has provided a carry bag with drawstring to store your paddle Board straps and keep it easily and easily accessible without messing up with your other belongings.

I will also help you in keeping your straps neatly and well organized in your car. You can get these straps from the official store of BPS, family based business that deals in the gear used in water sports, they are familiar with.

They will satisfy your queries about any of their products as all of their products are supported confidently by them. You can confidently buy these traps from Amazon as all of the BPS products are backed by satisfaction guarantee for one year.

You can replace your products or get your money refunded if not satisfied with their performance. These BPS Tie Down Straps promise not to make any scratch as they are made of premium quality materials to hold your SUP or Surf strongly on the roof of your vehicle.

It buckles will not cause a scratch on your board or vehicle. Sleeves are provided in the package to cover the buckles to avoid any kind of scratch.
A carry bag with drawstring is provided in the package to keep the straps easily and quickly accessible when not in use.

Keep your car neat and clean while storing these straps in it . You can buy these straps confidently from company’s store, SURF, and SNOW Warehouse. This family business deals in gear used in water sports.

These straps are backed by satisfaction guarantee for one year. You can get your money refunded or straps replaced, if not satisfied . They satisfy all the doubts of their customers regarding any of the products sold by them. BPS No Scratch Premium Surf SUP Tie Down Straps Features:


  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Made of neoprene
  • Easily and quickly accessible
  • Quality of these straps as they are sold and shipped by


  • Absence of instruction to use makes it hard to use these straps initially.

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