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Best Paddle Board Roof Rack 2020 – Review and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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There is no doubt that paddling is a wonderful exercise and is often considered as a complete workout. However, you need the right paddle board roof rack to transport the paddle from your home to the waterfront.

Best Paddle Board Roof Rack ReviewIt is quite heavy and bulky and that is why choosing the right roof rack is vital. The market has many choices to offer making it difficult for customers to make the right choice.It is also is very exciting and fun, and therefore it is highly popular among those who are fitness conscious and also would like to have some enjoyment and happiness in the water.

We are happy to share a review such models of the best paddle board roof racks so that customers get some basic idea before making a buying choice.

We will today discuss the top 10 roof racks which you can easily choose from.

Top Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

Product NameBrandPrice
Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board CarrierYakimaCheck Price
TMS 2 Pairs J-Bar RackTMSCheck Price
Block Surf Surfboard Roof RackBlock SurfCheck Price
TMS J Bar Rack HD Kayak CarrierTMSCheck Price
INNO Racks Water Sport Car MountINNOCheck Price
Yakima Showdown RackYakimaCheck Price
Thule Sup Taxi CarrierThuleCheck Price
Thule Board ShuttleThuleCheck Price
SeaSucker Board RackSeasuckerCheck Price
Malone Auto RacksMaloneCheck Price

1. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier Review

When you look at the design of this rack, you will instantly notice that it is minimalistic in design. However, you should not be fooled that the minimalistic design means it cannot carry weight. It can carry 2 paddle boards quite easily. Additionally, the black color ensures that it is compatible with most of the modern vehicles quite easily.

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier Review 3There is a best feature of this rack and it is that there are integrated rollers. These integrated rollers will help you in accommodating even the larger sized paddleboards as well. Moreover, with the help of straps which are included, you can be sure that you will be able to secure your paddle boards quite easily. Thus, you need not invest in separate accessories in order to keep the paddle boards in place.

Additionally, each and everything which you might look for in order to install this rack on your car is also included, including the locks as well as the SKS locks. With the crossbar spread of more than 24 inches, you can be sure that oversized paddle boards can be accommodated quite easily as well.

Thus, when you’re looking for a minimalistic rack for your paddle boards, this is the one which you should definitely opt for.


  • It has a minimalistic design.
  • All the fixtures needed to fix the rack are included in the package.
  • It can support oversized paddleboards as well.
  • It can support up to 2 paddle boards.
  • Straps are included in the package.
  • The black color ensures that it is highly versatile.
  • The minimalistic design ensures that it is easy to install.
  • It has a crossbar spread of more than 24 inches.


  • The strap quality can be improved.

2. TMS 2 Pairs J-Bar Rack Review

If you’re looking for a rack which can provide additional support to your paddle boards, then this J-BAR rack is a pretty good option for you. It is pretty versatile and in addition to carrying the paddle boards, it can carry kayaks as well. Moreover, the black color ensures that it is a good fit for any type of car as well.

TMS J Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier ReviewThe installation of this J-Bar is also pretty easy. It can be setup on any kind of crossbar or load bar. Thus, it is compatible with most of the vehicles out there. The J-Bar is made from steel which ensures that it can handle the wear and tear without any problem at all.

There is adjustable padding as well in order to avoid any extra pressure on your car. The J-Bar is rust resistant which ensures that you do not have to worry about the elements of weather impacting the strength or the power.

Due to the wide mouth of the J-Bar, you can be sure that loading and unloading the paddle boards is actually pretty easy. With a weight carrying capacity of 75 lbs., you can be sure that multiple paddle boards can be accommodated quite easily.

With the help of proper straps which are included in the package, you can be sure that the paddle boards will remain in their place throughout the journey. The easy way of installation is another reason why you should opt for this J-Bar rather than any other.

Also, most of the hardware which you will need in order to install this J-Bar rack is included along with the rack itself. All of the hardware is also rust resistant which ensures that you will not have to worry about changing the fixtures time and again.

The versatility of the J-Bar, as well as the wide-mouthed design, is the reason why it is one of the best options when you’re looking to buy a rack to carry your paddles board.


  • The J-Bar rack is pretty versatile.
  • The J-Bar can carry weight up to 75 lbs.
  • Comes along with the straps needed to secure the paddle boards.
  • Made from steel.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Facilitates easy loading and unloading.
  • It comes in the versatile black color which suits most of the vehicles.


  • The J-Bar rack is not that easy to assemble.

3. Block Surf Surfboard Roof Rack Review

The next paddle board roof rack on our list is again a pretty minimalistic one. The design is such that it can be integrated with almost any type of car as well as SUV. Moreover, with the help of strap, you will be able to tighten the paddle board quite easily to the rack.

Block Surf Surfboard Roof RackThe minimalistic design ensures that when you’re not mounting a paddle board on it, it is not noticeable at all. This ensures that without distorting the visual appearance of your vehicle, you can install this rack quite easily.

The rack comes in the form of 2 fixtures. Both the fixtures have pads on them in order to reduce the impact of the paddle board on the vehicle. The pads are made from EVA foam in order to absorb any kind of impact. This insulates your vehicle from any kind of added pressure.

This ensures that you are able to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. Additionally, the rack can be installed within minutes. Similarly, when you’re sure that you will not require the rack, you can remove it easily as well. The rack can help you in carrying multiple paddle boards which is a definite advantage.

With the help of heavy-duty straps which are included along with the rack, you can secure the paddle boards quite easily. This means that even when you’re traveling at high speed on the highway, you can be sure that the paddleboard will remain in its place.

Thus, there is no impact on your driving speed when you’re installing the rack on top of carrying the paddle boards in the rack. You just need to ensure that the straps are fastened and the buckles are secure. As long as you are able to do that, you can drive at higher speeds without any problem at all.

Moreover, it is not just suitable for paddle boards but also you can use it for normal surfing boards as well as fishing rods and much more equipment as well. Thus, it is a highly versatile option when you’re looking for a rack. It is also one of the perfect options when you’re looking for paddle board roof racks.


  • Can carry multiple paddle boards.
  • Comes along with heavy duty straps.
  • Minimalistic in design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Consists of pads in order to minimize the impact on the vehicle.
  • Highly versatile.


  • The width of the pads is a bit narrow.

4. TMS J Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Review

It is made from a sturdy steel design. This TMS paddle board roof rack is both durable and long lasting. The design ensures the rack withstands any pressure during the loading and unloading process.

TMS J Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier ReviewThe padding that comes with the roof rack makes sure your kayak is protected at all times. You can easily adjust this padding to suit your specific needs. Loading and unloading are made easier thanks to the wide mouth J-bar of the roof rack.

There is also a quick on and off hardware that makes it simple to install and remove the rack.

This paddleboard roof rack can accommodate kayaks that are up to 36 inches wide and 75 pounds. This number is quite impressive. But, many kayaks are heavier than 75 pounds. If you have a larger kayak, then you should definitely opt for another roof rack.

The rack ensures your kayak is well secured on its side. The J-style carrier has been optimally sized so that it leaves some roof space. This gives you space to mount anything else you want on top of your car.

This TMS J-bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier has two downsides. First of all, the instruction manual does not provide a comprehensive procedure of strapping the kayaks to the racks. Even though the process of strapping is easy, this is an inconvenience to many people.

The second drawback has to do with the straps. The straps of the paddle board roof rack are too short. In addition to this, the straps are not fastened to the tubes. This makes them be loose. As a result, the straps tend to slide during transportation.


  • Adjustable padding
  • Durable steel construction
  • Wide mouth J-bar design
  • Quick on and off hardware


  • Straps are too short
  • An instruction manual is not detailed
  • Straps tend to get lose

5. INNO Racks Water Sport Car Top Mount Review

This Japanese company has made a name for itself in the US market. INNO Company always manufactures their racks with quality in mind. And this can be seen in the INNO INA446 paddle roof rack.

INNO Racks Water Sport Car Top Mount ReviewThis versatile rack supports canoes, kayaks, and boards. You can mount any board you want on your car. This includes long boards, short boards, sailboards, paddle boards, wind boards, and SUP boards.

The straps of the rack have a rubber coating that helps to protect your boards or boat during transportation. There is also an adjustable corner pad that offers even more protection from scratches. With these two features, you are assured of having a smooth journey.

The Floating Strap System of the rack makes it easier to load and unload your boards. The system elevates the buckles making the loading process quick and simple. The ratcheting straps connect over the boards. The hand knobs then tighten the rack to provide a secure gear.

This removes the hassle of throwing the straps up and over your board every time you want to mount it to your car. The paddle board roof rack comes with a large lever that makes it effortless to mount your boards or kayaks.

The rack also has a Universal Mounting System. This system fits perfectly to aero, round, square, and other factory crossbars. The roof rack includes lock and keys. The locking mechanism, however, takes up too much space.

This makes it a challenge for the boards to fit comfortably. Another thing to be aware of is the long screws on the rack. Be careful with the screws otherwise they will end up scratching your roof.

This INNO INA446 rack can fit one kayak or canoe. You can also fit three short boards or 2 SUP boards. If you have longboards or windsurf boards, then you can fit two of them on the rack. These racks are not ideal for cars with large factory crossbars. If your car has larger crossbars, then you should opt for the INNO Racks ISF722 Kit. Check the latest price on Amazon


  • Adjustable corner sup roof rack pads
  • Universal Mounting System
  • Floating Strap System
  • Straps have a rubber coating


  • Locking mechanism takes up too much space
  • The long screws tend to scratch the roof of the car

6. Yakima Showdown Rack Review

After paddling the whole day, you need a paddleboard roof rack that will not exhaust your arms even more. This Yakima sup rack showdown roof rack has a side load-assist design that enables you to mount your board or kayak quickly and securely. This side load-assist design makes it easy to load and unload your boards.

Yakima Showdown Rack ReviewThe rack enables you to load your boards or kayaks at waist level. This process is made easier with the simple slide and tilt mechanism. The mechanism tilts down to 26 inches from the roof. At this level, you are able to mount your boards without experiencing arm fatigue.

The good thing about this rack is that it comes fully assembled. This makes it easy for you to install it. The rack can carry a load that weighs up to 80 pounds. With this capacity, you can easily transport two boards or a large kayak.

Despite the fact that it carries heavy loads, the rack itself is lightweight. It weighs only 21 pounds. This allows you to carry the rack around with ease.

The Universal Mounting Hardware perfectly fits on most roof racks. It is advisable to measure the roof of your car in order to know whether the rack will fit or not. This will prevent you from going through the unnecessary hassle when trying to mount the rack.

For added security, there is an SKS lock core that locks to the base of the rack. The locks ensure your kayaks or boards are held securely. The only problem is that the locks are sold separately.

The rack has Felt Covered Cradles that flexes to conform to the SUP board or kayak. This makes the rack to be more secure when traveling. The only disadvantage of this Yakima Showdown is it is difficult to tighten the rack. If you fail to tighten it, however, it will rotate on the bar. To avoid any accidents, ensure that the rack is securely tightened. Check the latest price on Amazon


  • Side load-assist design
  • Slide and tilt mechanism
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • SKS Lockable
  • Felt Covered Cradles


  • Difficult to tighten the rack

Product Link:

7. Thule Sup Taxi Carrier Review

Thule has had a good reputation when it comes to offering high-quality paddle board roof racks. Hence this make and model evinces quite a bit of interest. It comes with webbing that is longer and is steel-reinforced. It also has a spring load locking system which accommodates large-sized boards without compromising on security.

Thule Sup Taxi Carrier ReviewIt also has a unique, telescopic design which ensures that custom fit boards up to 34 inches wide can also be on-boarded. It comes up with a price tag of around $270 when bought from online stores.

Hence, there are reasons to believe that it offers value for money and walks the talk in terms of promises.

It also has a unique mounting system called as speed-link. This makes it possible for going in for tool-free mounting which is convenient.

This paddleboard roof rack also has 2 one key locks which secure the paddle boards in the carrier. The 2nd key lock cylinder helps to lock the carrier to the rack. It is compatible with all roof rack thule Rack Systems. Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It makes transporting of roof rack quite easy
  • It just takes few minutes to fix the paddle boards to the rack and the carrier.
  • Uninstalling is also quite simple and should be completed in a few minutes.
  • Comes with the usual warranty and guarantee applicable with all products of Thule.
  • Customers are happy above it and most of them have given it positive reviews.
  • A good value for money purchase.


8. Thule Board Shuttle Review

This is another low-cost paddle board roof rack from the house of Thule, who have years of experience and expertise in this matter. This product is very much in the tradition of quality board roof racks from this manufacturer. The product is made from quality material.

Thule Board Shuttle ReviewIt is corrosion resistant stainless steel. The flip fit brackets are designed to fit all Thule Rack Systems, factor rack sand round bars. It is free from loose parts. It also features a unique design that is telescoping in nature.

This ensures the custom fit for boards having a width of around 34 inches. It also has a dual loading design. This makes it easy for transporting of two board without compromising on stability.
Additional Features

The board tie down straps of 15 inches along with buckle bumpers helps to transport the board over a long distance. It remains stable and secure while on the move and does not cause any damage to the vehicle finish.

It is nicely compatible with almost all models of Thule roof racks for paddle boards is priced at around $150 making it one of the most price competitive. Check the latest price on Amazon


  • The straps of 15 inches are adjustable and therefore can be used for paddle board of different sizes.
  • It is one of the few roof racks which can accommodate two racks of different sizes.
  • It is easy to fix the paddle boards and also unfix them without too much loss of time.


  • N/A

9. SeaSucker Board Rack Review

This is a high-cost and one of the best paddle board roof rack with some great features and functionalities. To begin with, it is from the house of SeaSucker which has years of experience and expertise in making seasucker paddle board rack. It is priced a bit high at around $365 and is known for its fast installation and removal.

SeaSucker Board Rack ReviewIt has the capacity to carry two surfboards or 2 SUPs. It also has 6 vacuum cups for the vice-like grip of the boards when on the move. It is known to save gas mileage because of its reasonably low weight. It can easily be removed when it is not in use.

The biggest takeaway is that fits into almost any make and model of car. The vacuum cups ensure that the boards remain firmly in place when your car is on the move.

You can remove it when not in use, and therefore your car is that much lighter and hence more fuel efficient. Because of the vacuums, there is no need for messy clamps, nuts, and bolts. Check the latest price on Amazon


  • One of the few roof racks which works on a unique vacuum based technology.
  • Made from quality material that is resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage.
  • Good looking and light and does not put extra burden on the vehicle
  • Improves mileage quite a bit.


10. Malone Auto Racks Review

This is another high quality two board paddle board roof rack with a number of interesting features. It is priced at $153, and it can accommodate load bars of different sizes and shapes. The saddles are well designed and are quite strong.

Malone Auto Racks ReviewThey offer a strong grip and can hold boards firmly in place when on the move and even negotiating rough roads and pathways.

It also has 22-inch foam space blocks. This helps to offer padding between two boards, and it removes the risk of abrasion and other forms of damage.

It also has two 22 inch lengths mounting bolts. They also come with t-knobs and also 12 load straps (cam style) Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It is a good value for money roof rack suitable for rough use.
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • It offers the most secure fastening of the roof racks and there is almost zero risk of the racks popping out except of course if the vehicle turns turtle or
    meets with an unfortunate accident.
  • It offers the best value for money.


How to select the Best Paddle Board Roof Rack 

Once you have got your paddle board, now is the time to go paddle boarding. However, very few of us live near the sea. That is why we often travel miles together in order to reach the coast for paddle boarding experience. One problem which you will of course face when you’re going for paddle boarding is how to carry the paddle board in your car.

Now that you have your paddle boards ready to hit the water, it is time to pick the perfect roof rack for your vehicle. With the help of these roof racks, you will be able to carry the paddle board wherever you go. That is why it is important to select the right paddle board roof rack.

One of the best options for you is to go for the paddle board car rack. Over the years, paddle boarding has become so famous that there are numerous paddle board car racks to choose from. Rather than getting confused about these options, it is a good idea to check a few parameters before selecting the right one.

Today, We will share a few factors which you should always consider when you’re choosing the paddle board.

Mounting mechanism:

The mounting mechanism of the paddle board is a really important factor while choosing the paddle board. There are crossbars already on the top of your vehicle, the rack can easily get attached to it. However, if those are absent you have to find out what is the easiest mechanism to attach the paddle board car roof rack.

Normally, the racks get attached to the gutters of your car. You have to find out what is the attachment mechanism and after that, you have to decide about choosing the rack. You have to select the rack which is not only secure but also easy to attach to your car as well. When you are able to keep this two criterion in check, you will automatically be able to select the best paddle board car roof rack.

Securing mechanism:

Once you put your paddle board into the rack, it is important to secure them. Only once they are secured, you will be able to travel at your normal speed without the fear of paddle boards falling off. In case, the securing mechanism is not proper, the paddle boards can easily fall off your vehicle.

This cannot only damage the vehicle but can also damage the paddle boards as well. That’s why you have to always look at the securing mechanism of the paddle board in advance and thereafter take a call.

Many of the paddle board car roof racks come along with the strap management system. With the help of this strap management system, it will be easier for you to secure one or more paddle boards. Additionally, if there is any other mechanism, you have to look at the robustness of that mechanism.

Only when that mechanism can work at high speed as well, should you think about choosing that paddle board car roof rack.

Number of paddle boards which can be accommodated:

Under normal circumstances, you might be only carrying a couple of paddle boards or even a single one. However, when you’re traveling with your family, you might need to carry more than 1 paddle board.

As such a point in time, you will not wait to change the paddle board car roof rack. That is why from the beginning, you have to choose a roof rack which can carry multiple paddle boards.

When you are able to choose a roof rack which can carry the multiple boards, you will be able to travel with your family without any problem at all. You will not have to think about newer fixtures when the number of paddle boards you want to carry is more. It is one of the main factors which you should consider while choosing the roof rack.

Compatibility with your car/SUV:

Many people have a misconception that each and every roof rack is compatible with each and every car/SUV. This is not true at all. Especially, if you’re driving an older vehicle, chances are the latest roof racks will not be compatible with your vehicle.

When you’re buying the roof racks online, most of the manufacturers will list down the models with which the racks are compatible. Thus, you have to just cross verify before shortlisting the roof racks.

Once you have shortlisted a few options, you have to always check the compatibility of your vehicle with the roof racks. After you have ascertained the compatibility, thereafter only you have to go ahead and think about buying that paddle board car roof rack.

Weight of the rack:

Many people might think that this factor is non-consequential but this is not true. When you’re going to use the car roof rack over a longer period of time, it definitely has an impact. Simply put, the lower the weight of the car roof rack, the better it is for your car.

You have to keep in mind that the entire weight of the rack is on the car. The car will be carrying the rack even when there are no paddle boards mounted. That is why; you have to always choose a lightweight paddle board rack. Seldom do people remove the paddle board car roof rack when they do not need to mount anything on them.

That is why; you have to always take into account the weight of the roof rack before choosing one.

Colors availability:

We all like our automobiles very much. We often go to great lengths in order to ensure that we are able to purchase the right model as well as the right color of the automobile. Therefore, you would not want the car roof rack to be an eyesore on your car. That is why you have to look at the number of colors which are available in roof racks.

Ideally, most of the roof racks come in universal colors like black. If that is the case, there is no problem at all. However, it is a good idea to look at the color options and thereafter decide the one which you want to buy for your car. You should make sure that the color of the roof rack is compatible with the color of your car and thereafter only choose one.

Type of rack:

Normally, when you’re searching for a paddle board car roof rack, you might think that all the racks will be the same. This is not true at all. You can opt for the J-Bar racks or you can opt for the racks which are dedicatedly made for paddle boards. You can even use the racks which are made for surfboards.

That is why it is important for you to look at the type of racks which you want to buy. Even though most of them are suitable for mounting paddle boards as well as surfboards but still, if you have a preference for one over the other, you have to shortlist the options accordingly.


It is not necessary that every time you head out, you will be carrying the paddle boards with you. Plenty of times, these roof racks can be used for luggage as well as various other purposes as well. Instead of having to make some other arrangements for the luggage in spite of having the roof rack, it is a good idea to choose a versatile one.

The versatile pedal board car roof rack will ensure that you are able to mount your luggage as well as other personal belongings on the roof rack when you’re not using it for getting the paddle boards.

When you’re shortlisting the options, it is a good idea to choose the ones which can be used for multiple applications rather than just a single application.

Thus, if you’re confused about how to choose a paddle board car roof rack, it is important to consider these 8 points. Once you are selecting the paddle board car roof rack based on these 8 points, you can be sure that it will fit your requirements perfectly. Considering these few factors will also ensure that the impact of installing the rack on your car is minimal as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use paddle board roof racks?

At first you have to make sure that your roof rack is securely fastened at the top of your vehicle. If your roof rack is not properly fastened and about to separate, then your paddleboard would be in trouble. You should start with the longest board and keep it at the top of your roof rack.

There is a best way to do this which is to start keeping them against the side of your vehicle. Then bring it up onto your knee and grab the paddle board with the help of your both hards. Then move it over your head and place it on your rack. If your vehicle is not so big, then you can start placing them from the rear.

You also have to position it parallelly to your vehicle and tie it. The buckle on the roof rack should be at the middle of the board. If you have multiple boards, then attach that on top of the first board. Then tie down all of the straps and then test that all of the paddle boards are securely fastened. You can check them by moving a little bit to check the movement.

If you have boards with fins, make sure you have detached the fins before you place them into the rack. If you have two boards with fins, you have to put your first board with the fins facing down and then put the second board with the fin facing up. If you hear any noise while driving, you can stop the car to check the board again.

How to carry multiple paddle boards?

The paddleboard roof racks are designed only for placing a few boards. But if you find a board which carries more board, then you can keep them by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. In case, if you want to carry more than two, I would recommend you to carry them inside your vehicle, or you can have your friends carry them on their vehicle. I don’t recommend you to try more than two board at a time on a roof rack.

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