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Best Paddle Board Locks 2020 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

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best paddle board locks reviewToday, I will share an article about the best Paddle Board lock system. When one buys a Paddleboard, then the next thing that comes to mind is how to secure it. Most surfing and paddling beaches are public places where there are a lot of theft cases. Also, as you go home, you might need to buy some drinks or groceries, and you will be forced to leave the board outside.

When you leave your paddleboard unattended, there is a risk of it getting stolen. For you to prevent it from getting taken, you need to have the best locking mechanism. That is buying a Paddle Board lock. You can buy the paddleboard lock online but the market is full of them, and it might be hard for you to select the best out of them.

So please read through the following review and get to know the best lock brand and product available. I have sorted them by the total number of sales and user ratings. 

Best Paddle Board Locks in 2020

Product NameBrandPrice
Thule Lockable StrapThuleCheck Price
SIGTUNA Bike locksSIGTUNACheck Price
Master Lock Python Adjustable Keyed Cable LockMaster LockCheck Price
KanuLock Lockable Tie Down StrapsKanuLockCheck Price
DocksLocks Paddle LockDocksLocksCheck Price
DocksLocks Extra DXLX Surfboard Security Jaw LockDocksLocks ExtraCheck Price
BV 30FT Security Steel Cable with LoopsBVCheck Price

1. DocksLocks Extra DXLX Surfboard Security Jaw Lock Accessory Review

The best paddle board lock in my list is Docklocks extra. This paddleboard lock system is an extraordinary and simple method to ensure your investment in your SUP. When you take the opportunity to leave your SUP unsupervised outside on the dock or dock, in the trunk of your car, behind your house, etc.

DocksLocks Extra DXLX Surfboard Security Jaw Lock Accessory ReviewThis SUP padlock will keep the hooligans away from the future, and it will give you real peace of mind while you drink a cup of espresso coffee, buy some essential items or leave your skateboard neat in your yard.

The DocksLocks jaws are made of marine-grade stainless steel with a tough outer shell of hardened nylon to withstand weathering and weathering. The jaws allow you to block several cards with a single cable. That’s why you need to transmit the DOCKsLOCKs jaws to your store.

So to speak, if a surfer travels and transports along five boards, he will require five sets of jaws, all of which can be slid into a single cable blocking most of his boards. Similarly, during a typical day on the coast, many of us enjoy having no less than two tables; in this way, we need jaws no matter how many letters we carry.

This blockade of the SUP card is anything but difficult to use and will guarantee the processing of your SUP. Connect it to your bleeding belt outlet. DocksLocks is even equipped with an accessory that you can place on your fin. The 10 ‘rolled steel cable will ensure that your board is secure on the roof of your car, connected to a seat in the recreation center or elsewhere.

The high-quality stainless steel lock does not rust or corrode in seawater, so it can be used wherever you are. There are no keys to enter with this card lock, primarily include your four-digit stick and make sure your card is secure.

The blockade of the platform is an independently welded piece of aluminum that adheres to the circumference of the platform shank. At the point where it closes, two spaces are aligned through which the locking cable is screwed. Once threaded, the platform lock cannot be opened, so your platform cannot be pulled out of the wire.

The DocksLocks width is broad enough for all the pallets, but not very wide, and the goal is that it can easily slide from the stretcher and that the interior of the lock is padded to protect your pallet against damage. DocksLocks Extra DXLX Surfboard Security Jaw Lock Accessory Features:


  • Made of Stainless steel
  • The cable is 10 ft. long
  • Resettable Cable Lock
  • Accompanies strong long lasting Jaw
  • Comes in a mesh bag
  • Come with a durable cleat


  • Do not work with all paddleboards
  • Weak locking mechanism

2. Master Lock Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock Review

It is the second paddle board locks in my shortlist. Once you have a rowing table that best suits your needs, the next question is “How can I make sure?” The 6-foot adjustable lock Master Python cable is an incredible solution to ensure not only your paddleboard. The locking mechanism is available in 2 colors: camouflage and black with a yellow edge.

Master Lock Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock ReviewUsing the Python lock is quick and easy. The cable is usually foldable and is completely wrapped in a gray-colored vinyl siding until the end. Each of the two small keys supplied with the unit is secured with soft vinyl guards.

Python cable, especially when combined with a security box, will stop most potential cheats. When using the Python Master Lock cable, you can rest assured that you have done everything possible to fix the paddleboard.

The Lock Python Master Lock features an impeccable ratchet mechanism that allows you to adjust the cable length from 30 cm to 1.8 m and cut the cable in abundance that could be cut effortlessly. Unfortunately, what remains is a cut, which makes Python challenging to prescribe.

Master Lock has accessible accessory cables that fit Python in lengths of 6, 12 and 30 feet, which is a decent feature. The entire unit, including the 6-foot cord, weighs 13 oz. (369 g), and comes with a little Velcro to keep the wire in a circle when it is not in use.

The Python locking head is made of weather-proof aluminum and is located on the cable side on a rotating projection. It can be rotated 360 degrees forward and backward for comfort. The exceptional cable has a protrusion attached to one end to stop the locking head.

Is the Python cable infallible? No. A determined thief with a shear array would eventually have the ability to cut the braided steel cable if given enough time and effort. The adjustable cable system works well: you pull the cord enough to tighten the lock, leaving a less exposed wire to let the cheaters.

Anyway, when you measure the future of this cable in tenths of a second, it is entirely theoretical. But the head can be forcefully expelled from the “cut-resistant” 3/8 “(10 mm) cable by sliding it to the opposite end, which makes it easier to lock the lock and cable independently at the same time. Master Lock Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock Features:


  • Pin tumbler Pick resistant locking mechanism
  • Vinyl coated 5/16″ Cut resistant braided steel cable
  • 6 inches and 6 feet Cable adjustments
  • Velcro strap to holds the unused cable portion in place
  • Gray tinted vinyl coating
  • Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock
  • The lock Weighs 13 oz.


  • Dented keyhole
  • Hard to get it unlocked

3. BV 30FT Security Steel Cable with Loops Review

I have decided to put it in the third on my Paddle Board locks list. This BV cable lock features a 10 mm cut resistant braided steel and has a couple of braided steel cables inside the Vinyl coat. The braided steel gives the quality and makes it durable to resist cutting. It has a vinyl siding that protects your padlock and bicycle from scratches.

BV 30FT Security Steel Cable with Loops ReviewThe cable is a double loop to hold the front and rear wheels. The loop cable is also compatible with a wide range of padlocks and U-locks. Camping or other bulky equipment. It has a reinforced link bar, and a safety cylinder included.

It works at all times and will give you true feelings of serenity and security. The BV Security Flex Cable lock has three keys, one of which has an LED indicator; a key has a replacement code card where you get another key when you lose a key.

This BV Security Flex Cable lock has a hexagonal PVC coating that resists damage caused by water and dust, which increases the durability of your cable lock. The cable lock has a cable that measures 10 mm by 120 cm for a quick and comfortable lock. The BV Security Flex Cable has three keys, which are anything but difficult to use.

One of the keys has an LED indicator, and one of the keys also has a code card that improves the replacement of your key in case of loss. It is everything less challenging to use, even in a dark place, thanks to the multifunction key. The lock is an ideal decision to use in territories with high crime rates because your bicycle will surely be safe everywhere.

The lock has a protective vinyl coating which prevents corrosion and rust. It has three durable and easy-to-use stainless steel keys. The BV Security Flex Cable lock can be used in territories with high crime rates without highlighting the safety of your bicycle.

It is compatible with a wide range of bicycles, apart from mountain bikes. The lock is supplied with a mounting bracket that is easy to install and a PVC coating that protects the paint on your paddleboard against corrosion. Includes 3 Abloy laser-cut keys that are all the less difficult to use and keep your bike safe. This blockage is a whole price where its cost will adapt well to your budget. BV 30FT Security Steel Cable with Loops Features:


  • Compatible with all disc locks, U-locks, and padlocks
  • Rust-protective vinyl coated and braided steel cable
  • 30 ft. Flex Cable Length
  • 3/8-inch cable thickness
  • 10mm diameter cut resistant braided steel cable
  • Reinforced cuff


  • Not strong enough
  • Questionable durability

4. DocksLocks Paddle Lock review

If you are on the lookout for the paddle Lock, you should definitely consider this option. The main advantage of this paddle Lock is that it is highly secure. Additionally, it is easier to use as well.

DocksLocks Paddle Lock reviewIt is not that easy to secure the paddle with the help of any other mechanism as the paddle is pretty compact. However, with this-this uniquely designed lock; you will not only be able to secure it but also ensure that it remains in its place for a pretty long period of time.

The diameter of the lock is such that it is perfect for the paddle. Moreover, with the help of sleek design, you can be sure that it is pretty sturdy as well. Additionally, the lock has been created in such a way that it will not rust at all. This ensures that you can use it for a pretty long period of time without any problem at all.

It is one of the perfect options to use with the racks which help to carry the paddle boards in a stand-up manner. You can easily attach the paddles and carry them along with you with the help of this lock. There is also flexibility in terms of the diameter of the paddle which you can lock with this mechanism.

This ensures that you do not have to worry about the compatibility as well. With very few paddle locks available, you cannot go wrong with this one. DocksLocks Paddle Lock Features:


  • Specifically designed for locking paddle.
  • Works with paddles of different diameters.
  • Rustproof.
  • Easy to use.
  • Locking mechanism is pretty simple.
  • Has a sleek design.


  • The packaging could have been better.

5. Thule Lockable Strap review

The next locking apparatus on our list has the lockable strap. Needless to say, whether you’re carrying the paddles or the paddle board, you will need a proper locking strap. Rather than using any makeshift lockable strap, it is a good idea to opt for a dedicated one.

Thule Lockable Strap reviewWhen you opt for a dedicated lockable strap, it will become easier for you to secure the paddle boards easily.

The length of the straps is pretty long. You can choose between 2 options which are of 10 feet and 13 feet respectively. Moreover, the straps are rubberized in nature. This ensures that even when they are rubbing against your vehicle, there will be no scratches at all.

There are 2 different locks incorporated into the straps. These help you in firmly securing the paddle boards quite easily.

With the help of aluminum buckle, you can be sure that fastening the straps will not be a problem at all. As aluminum is used, you can be sure that corrosion will not be a problem as well. Inside the sleeves, steel cables are incorporated. This makes the entire construction much more durable and sturdy.

As a result, with the help of the straps, you will be able to drive your vehicle at a fast speed as the paddle boards will always be fastened and securely kept in place. Thule Lockable Strap Features:


  • It has steel cables inside the sleeve.
  • It has 2 lockable cylinders.
  • Aluminum buckles.
  • Easy to install.
  • Rubberized to avoid any scratches on the vehicle.
  • Comes in 2 different sizes.


  • The aluminum buckle is a bit heavy.

6. KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps review

The straps which we are talking about now come in 4 different variants. You can choose between sizes like 8 feet, 11 feet, 13 feet, and 18 feet. Thus, according to the vehicle as well as the type of paddle boards which you want to carry, you will be able to choose the straps accurately.

KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps reviewInside the straps, stainless steel reinforced cables are used. This ensures that they can handle any stress. Also, due to the stainless steel construction, the paddle boats will be entirely secure even when you’re driving at a higher speed. You will not have to worry about securing the paddle boards ever again when you’re using the straps.

With the help of normal tiedown design, it becomes much easier for you to secure them. Additionally, there are 2 locks as well which can be used with the help of keys in order to secure the paddle boards. Thus, whether you’re looking for reinforced cables or whether you’re looking for straps with locking mechanisms, this one has it all.

Moreover, since they can be used with any rack or crossbar, you will have no problem at all in using this along with your vehicle. The outer sleeves ensure that there are no scratches or any other problems on your vehicle when you’re using these.

All in all, when it comes to strength and durability, these are simply the best. KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps Features:


  • The straps incorporate reinforced steel construction.
  • Consist of stainless steel cables inside.
  • The straps come in 4 different sizes.
  • Consist of 2 locks in order to secure the paddle boards.
  • The straps consist of sleeves which protect the car against any scratches.


  • The quality of the locks can be improved.

7. SIGTUNA Bike locks review

It is in the last of my Paddle Board list. If you’re looking for versatile locks which can be used for paddle boards and for various other applications, you can definitely consider this one.

SIGTUNA Bike locks reviewWith the help of these locks, you will be able to secure the paddle boards and also your bike as well. Thus, the number of applications which you can accomplish with the help of these locks are plenty.

When you look at the construction, it consists of 16 MM heavy duty lock. Thus, you can be sure that tampering with this kind of lock is not easy at all. Moreover, when you look at the quality of the chain used, it is made from heavy-duty steel.

This ensures that nobody will be able to cut through this chain easily. This is one of the main reasons why the paddle boards or the paddles which are secured with these are entirely secure as well.

Moreover, when you look at the length of the chain cable, it is 1200 MM. Thus, it is suitable for securing multiple paddles quite easily as well. Additionally, you can secure the paddle board without any problem at all. With the help of the outer sleeves, you can be sure that there will be no scratches on the car.

With the help of a one-button release as well as Velcro strap, it is easier for you to mount it and use it whenever you want. Due to the hardened steel U-Shackle, you can be sure that it will last for a longer period of time without any problem at all.

Thus, if you’re looking for a pretty secure option, you can definitely choose this paddle board lock as it is simply one of the best paddle board locks which you can currently find. SIGTUNA Bike locks Features:


  • It is highly versatile.
  • It consists of 16 MM heavy duty lock.
  • Suitable for attaching to any vehicle.
  • It consists of heavy-duty U-Shackle.
  • The cables are made from heavy-duty steel.


  • The sleeve is a bit hard to move in order to use the lock.

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