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Best Paddle Board Kits – Accessories for Paddle Boarding

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Best paddle board kits reviewDo not just buy a paddle board and stop there. There are some paddleboard kits that you need to think of every time you go paddling. Paddling is a fun activity, and the paddle board kits are meant to add more fun, make you feel comfortable and more enjoyable at the same time keeping you and your board safe.

In this well-researched review, I’m going to share my list of top 10 best paddle board kits that you should not live without. Without further ado, let get to it! 

Best Paddle Board Kits 2019

Product NameBrandPrice
SUP Paddleboard Carrier/Storage SlingSUPCheck Price
SUP Now Paddleboard Deck BagSUP NowCheck Price
Unigear Floating Waterproof Dry BagUnigearCheck Price
SUPBUDDY Blue Holder by SUP BuddySUP BUDDYCheck Price
Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Waterproof CaseVoxkinCheck Price
BPS Premium Surf SUP Tie Down StrapsBPSCheck Price
StoreYourBoard SUP RackStore Your BoardCheck Price
Kayalu Kayalite Portable LED Kayak LightKayaluCheck Price
Seamax Intelligent Digital Electric SUP PumpSeamaxCheck Price
DockLocks SUP and Surf Board LockDock LocksCheck Price

1. SUP Paddleboard Carrier/Storage Sling Review

The most essential piece of paddle board kits is a carrier. Getting a paddleboard and paddle to and from the water isn’t always easy. However, with the SUP-Now enhanced SUP carry/storage over the shoulder strap, you can comfortably carry your paddleboard and a paddle.

SUP Paddleboard CarrierStorage Sling ReviewThe belt comes with a triple padded shoulder pad. The pad is also made of soft and durable neoprene to ensure that you get the maximum comfort on the shoulder. The SUP strap also comes with a high-quality Velcro which is used to hold the paddle in place.

The Velcro is reliable to be used as a handle which eases the carrying of the board.

Another feature that you will love about the strap is the Upgraded buckle which is built to last. It has been made to hold your board safely and be able to handle all the beach elements. The product comes with the most adjustable SUP strap in the market.

And because not all paddle boards are of the same height and not all people have the same hand length, the manufacturer made the strap quite adjustable to fit all people and all paddle boards.

Lastly, there is a removable drawstring bag attachment which can be used to carry a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, phone or other items needed during surfing and also have a free hand. SUP Paddleboard Carrier/Storage Sling Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Adjustable circumference and length
  • Triple padded straps for protection
  • Fits surfers from 4’3” to 6’5” tall
  • Velcro straps to hold the paddle
  • Removable mesh bag
  • Money back guarantee


  • No major cons

2. SUP Now Paddleboard Deck Bag Review

The second most important kit on paddle board kits is deck bag. Do you need more storage on your paddle board? If yes then the SUP-Now Deck Bag is the best option. The bag comes with four commercial-grade suction cups which makes it easy to mount it on your board.

SUP Now Paddleboard Deck Bag ReviewThe suction cups hooks are easy to release, so they will not make any changes to your board. The product comes with a stretched bag in between the suction cups to create great storage for everything you will need for a day in the water.

It’s larger than other deck bags. At 12″x14″, this SUP-Now Deluxe deck bag is large enough to hold most essential items like sunscreen, phone, life jacket, keys water bottle and even you paddle board straps and stay compact.

The bag also comes with a waterproof insert to ensure that your phone and keys are safe when paddling. The kit is designed to be as aerodynamic and lightweight as possible. It only weighs 8.5 ounces, and the most significant part is that it has a low profile design.

The bag sits one inch above the board. It comes with a large-tab zipper which makes it easy to open the bag when you’re on the board. The zipper is constructed with durable materials to make last in all weather conditions.

It is sold with a 100% money back guarantee, so in case you feel you aren’t 100% happy you can only return the pouch for a full refund. SUP-Now SUP Deck Bag with a Waterproof Insert Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Low profile Mesh pouch
  • Feature-rich design
  • Bag size: 12” x 14.”
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Four commercial grade suction cups
  • Ultra lightweight and aerodynamic
  • Comes with a waterproof insert
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Hard to use the sanction cups on a carbon surface
  • Need you to be extra careful with the bag when paddling

3. Unigear Floating Waterproof Dry Bag Review

When you’re surfing or paddling you will need to keep your belongs bone-dry and safe. Here is where the Unigear floating dry bag comes in. It is also a popular among the paddle board kits. It is crafted with polyurethane-coated nylon which gives it a welded seam construction.

Unigear Floating Waterproof Dry Bag ReviewThe bag roll top is completely wrinkle-free and provides an added burst resistance, and this two gives it an unbeatable waterproof seal. The bag also comes with a waterproof phone case which keeps your phone safe and away from water.

The pocket comes with universal capability. Thus it fits smartphones of up to 6 inches. It also touches friendly allowing you to email, text and does all other touch screen functions.

The dry bag features an extra-long, adjustable and removable shoulder strap for easy transport and carry. The bag is accessible in 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, and 40L capacity. It’s also available in many colors; army green, blue, green, green-1, orange, orange-2, red, sky blue, white, and yellow, giving you the options on personal preferences.

The bag is perfect for just going to the beach, cycling, mountaineering, rafting, fishing, and camping. Unigear 600D Floating Waterproof Dry Bag with Waterproof Phone Case Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Waterproof, Snowproof, Dustproof Bag
  • Universal Waterproof Case
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof guarantee
  • Removable and adjustable extra-long shoulder strap
  • Perfect size to keep your items protected and dry:
  • Capacity: 2L 5L10L, 20L, 30L and 40L
  • Colors: army green, blue, green, green-1, orange, orange-2, red, sky blue, white, and yellow


  • Doesn’t seal well enough

4. SUPBUDDY Blue Holder by SUP Buddy Review

When paddling for long distances, you will need to stay hydrated. Thanks to SUP buddy, you won’t have to worry to carry your water bottle. The company has come up with a durable water bottle holder – The SUPBUDDY.

SUPBUDDY Blue Holder by SUP Buddy ReviewIt holds the bottle securely on the board allowing you to quench your thirst any time feel like drinking some water. The holder is more than a bottle holder. The little paddle board accessory has an inbuilt cozzie which can come in handy when you want to bring a cold drink to drink when having a relaxing evening at the harbor or lake.

You can also use it to carry your coffee if you will be going paddling early in the morning. The cozzie mounts safely by use of Velcro straps on the bottom of the cup and stays attached even in rough waters. The holder fits well on the paddleboard using three strong sanction cups.

That way you can connect it on any flat are on your SUP board and enjoy your ride. It is made and assembled in Washington USA. The holder comes with drink sleeve, a base and a mesh bag which you can use to carry your extras and empties. SUPBUDDY Blue Holder by SUP Buddy Features:

Features & Pros:

  • SUPBUDDY suction cup cozzie
  • One Base with three super strong suction cups
  • Sticks on any hard or smooth surface
  • One Mesh Bag for empties and extras
  • Keeps your drink hot or cold


  • Suitable for canned drinks
  • Can only hold small bottles

5. Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Universal Waterproof Case Review

Do you get worried about your valuable belongings (phone, money, cards) when you go paddling and surfing? Do not worry anymore. The Voxkin universal waterproof is here to keep your belongings waterproof and safe. Ensure your adventurous spirit remains with no fear of losing any of your valuables.

Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Universal Waterproof Case ReviewWith this case, you can enjoy the rain, swim or take rides in Water Park and keep your phone safe. The case has a premium and stylish appearance compared to other waterproof cases. It is 100% waterproof since it’s made of high-quality materials.

The manufacturer passed it through a rigorous test to ensure it derivers to its optimal. Its touchscreen performs even underwater allowing you to use all its touch functions anywhere in the water. The covering don does not interfere with picture quality.

The pocket also doesn’t interfere with the phone sound quality. It gives excellent sound quality. It is equipped with an inbuilt compass which you can use to navigate when you’re paddling. When you buy the item and feel it doesn’t deliver as you expected you could return it as it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

It comes with an armband, lanyard, and a compass. Voxkin PREMIUM QUALITY Universal Waterproof Case Features:

Features & Pros:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Stylish and premium appearance
  • Floats on water
  • Touchscreen works well underwater
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sharp picture quality
  • Comes with an Armband, built-in compass, and Lanyard
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Reduced touch performance underwater
  • Doesn’t fit all phones

6. BPS ‘No Scratch’ Premium Surf SUP Tie Down Straps Review

When carrying your paddle on a car rack or a wheel, you will need tie-down straps to keep it in place for safe transport. So what belt do you need? You will need the BPS Premium surf tie-down straps. The straps are made of soft Neoprene sleeve materials which don’t scratch your car or your paddle board.

BPS No Scratch Premium Surf SUP Tie Down Straps ReviewThese BPS tie down straps are what you’re looking for. They come in at 15 feet long allowing you to carry your boards on the roof of any vehicle and safely secure them by tying them down without using any hardware.

The straps are an excellent choice for those with multiple cars, as it allows you to carry the board on different cars using only one roof rack system. It comes as a two pack set. And because it’s easy to lose the straps, the manufacturer has attached a drawstring carry bag which you can use to store the traps.

They can be used Surfboards, Kayaks Canoes, and Paddle Boards. BPS Premium ‘No Scratch’ Surf SUP Tie Down Straps Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Two pack straps set
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made of Neoprene sleeve
  • 15 feet long
  • Fits on all vehicles
  • Comes with a drawstring carry bag
  • No drilling into your car


  • Hard to tighten
  • Weak material used

7. StoreYourBoard SUP Rack Review

The StoreYourBoard 3 SUP wall rack features a sturdy steel construction designed to hold heavy paddle boards. It is an important element of your paddle board kits. Each rack’s level supports up –to 40 lbs.

StoreYourBoard SUP Rack ReviewIt comes with very thick padding on the arms to prevent damaging or to scratch the boards and is powder coated for durability. This frame is made from heavy-duty steel tubing that has been powder coated and treated to provide brilliant rust protection.

It is more than sustainable to assemble two rowing tables in your divider at home, in your garage, your family room, your basement or anywhere to store your SUP.

The SUP double wall bracket arms are wrapped in high-density nitrile foam padding. It’s not the kind of modest pipe insulation, and it’s the best quality foam to protect your board for a long time. This rack is designed for small storage spaces in the home and is equipped with removable arms.

If you do not use the frame, you can open the wings with a simple gesture in an instant, saving valuable storage space. It is an adaptable frame because it serenely supports all type of boards. It can save space when not in use because it has removable arms. It incorporates all mounting hardware and installation instructions. StoreYourBoard SUP 3 Paddleboard Wall Storage Rack Features:

Features & Pros:

  • 3 SUP wall storage rack
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Extra thick arms padding
  • Space-saving removable arms
  • Each level can support up to 40lbs.
  • Comfortably holds inflatable touring, surf, race, and paddle boards
  • Includes installation instructions and all mounting hardware


  • Questionable quality of the materials
  • Requires drilling and professional installation

8. Kayalu Kayalite Portable LED Kayak Light Review

Paddling at night without light can be dangerous and also, finding the best water lights can also give you a headache. Today, we have the Kayalu Kayalite paddling light. It is a portable and submersible high-visibility 360° night navigation LED light which can be used for Kayak, SUP, Canoe, Sit-On-Top, dinghy, inflatable SUP and a paddling board.

Kayalu Kayalite Portable LED Kayak Light ReviewUnlike most of the paddling lights which depend on loss-prone magnets, suction cups, or rigid mounts, the kayalite is virtually indestructible and loss-proof.

Kayalu Kayalite quickly clips onto an existing pad eye or eyelet on deck. A tension cord holds it upright while preventing it from accidentally detaching or snapping. For you to secure the light, pull the tension cable taut with one of your hands and clinch it on the light’s built-in jam cleat.

In case your board doesn’t have a point of attachment or an eyelet to clip the Kayalite Kayalu Kayak Light, you will need to buy an eyebolt kit combo. Kayalu Kayalite Portable LED Kayak Light features:

Features & Pros:

  • Made of high-strength ABS in the USA
  • Marine-grade stainless steel fittings
  • Equipped with Lexan and rubber o-rings
  • Buoyant and Waterproof
  • Meets U.S. Coast Guard Rule
  • 1000′ (300m) submersible below sea level
  • Gives you 100hrs of use on 3AA alkaline batteries
  • LED life is 10,000hrs.
  • Stands 18in tall
  • Weight: approx. 11oz.


  • Flimsy
  • Not so bright

9. Seamax Intelligent 12V 20PSI Digital Electric SUP Pump Review

The first thing Seamax Intelligent pump is its construction. It incorporates materials designed for marine use, such as nylon and ABS. It also includes an LCD screen and a digital manometer. The nature of the air hose is also decent, with threaded finishes that securely connect and reinforced separators, to prevent spills from developing under pressure.

Seamax Intelligent 12V 20PSI Digital Electric SUP Pump ReviewIt measures 4.5 feet long, and the connector can rotate 360 degrees, giving it great flexibility when pumping your card.

This pump is designed to reach 20 PSI, a performance that can be grown in just 15 minutes in tables that need it. It is a single floor, but at the same time, it stops automatically when it reaches the assigned pressure level. This is even less difficult to configure on the LCD screen, which also provides a constant response from the digital manometer.

The power supply is set for a direct current combined with the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. In any case, you can also connect using the circuits of your car. Seamax Intelligent 12V 20PSI Digital Electric SUP Pump Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Single stage high efficient, handy air pump
  • Made of marine grade engineered Nylon and ABS materials
  • Built in a digital pressure gauge
  • Digital pressure LCD screen
  • Max pressure: 20 PSI in about 15 minutes
  • Reinforced 3.5ft air hose


  • Overheats easily
  • Does not deflate
  • The hose can be hard to detach at 20 PSI

10. DockLocks SUP and Surf Board Lock Review

At last, I have added a lock in my paddle board kits list. Your SUP board is a profitable thing. Also, unfortunately, the flight of SUP was much more typical today. Fortunately, you can protect your table (and your investment) with the DocksLocks Surfboard and SUP Lock.

DockLocks SUP and Surf Board Lock ReviewThis SUP block allows you to anchor your board to fixed objects, such as a roof rack, a bicycle rack, a park bench, or a floor lamp.

The lock uses rotating jaws that attach to the strap connection bar. If you do not have a strap connector, the item comes with a cleat adapter that connects to your flapper. When the jaws are combined, the 10 ‘coated steel cable operates as a lock: pass the wire through the ring in the jaws, wrap the wire around the object and insert the end into a lockable coil.

This lock also includes high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel parts that allow you to use it in and around the water. DockLocks SUP and Surf Board Lock One Size Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Uses rotating DXLX Jaw
  • Comes with Coated DXLX Cable with a re-settable combination
  • Uses corrosion resistant stainless steel parts
  • Has a Cleat for use in fin track
  • Packaged in a stylish mesh bag


  • ExpensiveFlimsy lock

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