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Best Paddle Board Carry Straps – Reviews & Guide

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CarryinBest Paddle board carry straps Featuredg a paddle board has never been easy. Most of the times you will be worried about the safety of your precious board.

When taking your board to and from the water with your hands, you can expose it to a lot of damages.

It is therefore crucial that when transporting the board, you use the best Paddle Board carry straps. The market today presents different types and models of this strap, and that poses a challenge when selecting the best.

So, how will you know the carry strap that will suit your needs best? Here I have prepared a review that will help you find the best paddle board carry strap available today. So, let’s get to it. 

Best Paddle Board Carry Straps

Product NameBrandPrice
SUP Paddleboard Carrier Storage SlingSUP PaddleboardCheck Price
Own the Wave SUP Paddleboard Carry StrapOwn the WaveCheck Price
Better Surf than Sorry Carry Strap Better SurfCheck Price
Vbestlife Kayak Carrying StrapVbestlifeCheck Price
Thule Lockable StrapThuleCheck Price

1. SUP Paddleboard Carrier Storage Sling Review

The top Paddle Board carry Strap in my list is SUP carrier. If you’re searching for the best Paddleboard carry straps, then the SUP-Now Paddleboard Storage Sling/Carrier is what you need. It comes as fully adjustable clip on/clip off strap with an adjustability length of up to 82inches diameter.

SUP Paddleboard CarrierStorage Sling Review - Best Paddle Board Carry StrapsThe adjustability allows it to accommodate different sized paddle board and able to handle paddlers of different heights. The triple-layered neoprene shoulder pad is made of soft materials to enable you to carry the board comfortably without too much stress on your shoulder.

The two super robust and high-quality Velcro on this straps allows you to secure your paddle and even help you use it as a handle to support the board’s weight.

The improved buckle used on this strap has been made from strong weather-proof materials. It has been improved to handle the different paddle board weight placed on the carry strap.

The straps come with a removable down string bag attachment which you can use to carry your water bottle, phone, sunscreen, and other items leaving one of your hand free. If you’re not bringing anything to the water, you can unclip it from the straps.

It is available in three pieces-one around the shoulder while the other two ties down the board.

The carry strap comes with a 100% money back guarantee so in case you buy the item and find out that it isn’t delivering as you expected or as it’s supposed to, you can return it for a full money refund. SUP Paddleboard Carrier/Storage Sling Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Triple padded neoprene shoulder pad
  • Accompanies a removable drawstring bag
  • Upgraded buckle
  • Comes with two industrial strength Velcro adjustable straps
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Adds weight on the shoulder
  • Weak plastic connecting hooks

2. Own the Wave SUP Paddleboard Carry Strap Review

If you’re worried about buying a carry strap that won’t fit your height, then you need to try the Own The Wave carry strap. It comes with adjustable straps which work perfectly for paddler height between 6ft 4 inches and 4ft 4 inches.

Own the Wave SUP Paddleboard Carry Strap Review The adjustability also allows it to handle different sized paddle boards. The carry strap system comes with an adjustable thick shoulder pad which is made of soft materials enabling you to carry your paddleboard with comfort.

The sturdy heavy duty buckles join the looping straps together to hold your board in place during transport.

The hauling has been made easy, secure and slip-free by the fantastic nonslip pads employed on the straps. The straps are sold in three options.

You can decide to buy the Paddle Board Carry Straps alone, or you can choose to buy the carry strap with a mesh storage bag, and lastly, buy the carry strap with a waist bag and waterproof phone case. Not that all these buying bundles are sold at a different price.

Buy the carry strap with complete confidence since they come with a 100% money guarantee, and if you feel that it doesn’t deliver as expected, you can return it with the 12 months of purchase for a full refund. Own the Wave SUP Paddleboard Carry Strap Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Neoprene made straps
  • Thick adjustable shoulder pad
  • Fully adjustable three-piece straps
  • Strong plastic hooks and buckles
  • Sold in bundles – (Strap alone, w/mesh storage bag or w/waist bag and waterproof phone case)


  • Very thin and flimsy webbing

3. Better Surf than Sorry Big Board Schlepper SUP Easy Carry Strap Review

BSTS Big Board Schlepper strap is an extra-long durable easy to carry strap which is an original product from Better Surf Than Sorry. It is long enough to loop around your paddleboard twice.

Better Surf than Sorry Schlepper SUP Shoulder Sling Strap Board Carrier ReviewIt comes with two strong Velcro which is used to hold the paddle and allowing you to use it as a handle to carry your board. They are entirely and easily adjustable clip on/clip off straps accommodating the different paddle board sizes and paddler height:

the strap feature an extra-large and extra thick shoulder pad which is thick enough to provide you will comfort during those long walks.

The strap comes with a Neoprene nonslip pad which keeps your board secure and free from sliding out. The shock absorption system employed on this strap will always make your long walks easier and comfortable.

It comes with an optional Large Mesh Pocket which you can use to carry the carry strap if you don’t want to leave it on the beach. The straps also come with a pocket where you can store your Power bar, gel, etc.

It also comes with a critical loop to secure your keys and a Bungee to hold your water bottle. Better Surf than Sorry Big Board Schlepper SUP Easy Carry Strap Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Extra thick and Extra-large shoulder pad
  • Easily adjustable clip on/clip off straps
  • Adjusts up to 81” circumference
  • Comes with an optional mesh belt pack
  • Neoprene non-slip pad
  • Shock absorption system
  • Loops to hold


  • Weak plastic clips
  • Takes time to tie the board fully

4. Vbestlife Kayak Carrying Strap Review

One way of keeping your board safe is by carrying it with reliable, and high quality carry strap – The Vbestlife Carrying Strap. The belt consists of sturdy, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant and wearable materials.

Vbestlife Kayak Carrying Strap Review 2The belt is made of strong, durable nylon materials which not only gives it the strength to handle different paddle board weights but also keeps it from scratching it. The well-improved buckles are robust and durable providing a firm and stable fixing.

For it to ensure there is less discomfort while carrying your board, the strap comes with a built-in shoulder pad. The carry strap also loops around the board for a comfortable and balanced haul.

The strap is practical, convenient easy to use and remove. All you need is tie down both ends of the board, use the Velcro straps to tie the paddle, and you will be done. It’s adjustable to fit paddle boarders and suffers from different heights.

Lastly, the carry strap is a multifunction carrier. It is ideal for carrying a canoe, kayak, inflatable raft, surfboard, paddleboard among others. Vbestlife Kayak Carrying Strap Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Made of sturdy nylon material
  • Uses sturdy corrosion-resistant buckles
  • Built-in adjustable shoulder pad
  • What is the box: (1) Carrying Strap; (1) Storage Bag
  • Comes with two Velcro straps


  • Thin shoulder pad
  • Flimsy plastic hooks

5. Thule Lockable Strap Review

Thule Lockable Straps are 13ft long or 10ft long heavy-duty lockable straps. These Thule 831 and 832 locking straps are designed with all type of load and hauling application in mind.

Thule Lockable Strap reviewUnlike the typical nylon straps which come with most of the paddle board racks, and mainly intended for stabilizing the board during transport, The Thule locking straps comes with a proper measure.

The interior of these cables is made of heavy-duty steel band which is sheathed with an outer layer of tough nylon sleeve for an added security.

The Thule Lockable Strap rubberized ends make sure that your paddleboard(s) isn’t scratched during transport. Additionally, the Thule one-key lock cylinders that are attached on the rubberized ends providing a way of locking your boards tight.

The straps come with sturdy yet lightweight aluminum buckles which are corrosion resistant. The housing slides over and neatly lockdown to provide an excellent protective package. Thule Lockable Strap Features:

Features & Pros:

  • Steel cables inside a nylon sleeve
  • The rubberized area around lock cylinders
  • Two Thule Locking Straps (10-foot or 13-foot)
  • One-Key lock cylinders insert
  • Two One-Key lock cylinders and keys
  • Corrosion resistant Aluminum buckle
  • Installation manual and warranty information included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Thickness prevents tying knots

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Now that you know the best paddle board Carry Straps available today, it’s time to select that one model which will suit you best. The products featured here have some unique features that will assist you to choose the best. Remember to consider your budget before buying. That’s essential to prevent overspending.

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