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11 Best Inflatable Boat Canopy To Buy In 2020

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I believe that the best way to enhance your boating experience is to opt for an inflatable boat canopy. The canopy ensures that you can protect yourself from the elements of weather.

Inflatable boat canopy ReviewsAt the same point in time, it allows you to shield yourself against wind and rain. It can prolong the life of the boat by providing it with proper shade.

The right boat canopy can not only relax you but also provides you with comfortable boating experience. The only bit of problem is that choosing the right inflatable boat canopy is not an easy task.

I have personally gone through tens of different canopy options to select the right one for my boat. I want to share with you the best boat canopy in my opinion so that you don’t spend your hard-earned time and money to buy and try out multiple such options yourself.

Best Inflatable Boat Canopies for 2020 (Based on User Reviews)

Product NameBrandSizesCheck Price
1. MSC 3 Bow Bimini Top Boat CoverMSC
MultipleCheck Price
2. Leader Accessories 13 Colors Boat CoverLeaderMultipleCheck Price
3. Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat CoverLeader

MultipleCheck Price
4. Bimini Waterproof Top Boat CoverBimini

MultipleCheck Price
5. Oceansouth 3 Bow Bimini TOP Boat CoverOcean southMultipleCheck Price
6. EmpireCovers 4 Bow Bimini TopsEmpire CoversMultipleCheck Price
7. Empire Covers 4 Bow Bimini TopsEmpire CoversMultipleCheck Price
8. Oceansouth Premium 3 Bow Bimini TopOcean SouthMultipleCheck Price
9. Sea Eagle Wide Bimini Top for Inflatable BoatsSea EagleMultipleCheck Price
10. Portable Bimini Top Cover CanopyPortable BiminiMultipleCheck Price

1. MSC 3 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover review

With nine different color options, you have plenty of choices when looking to choose this boat canopy. Not only that, I like the fact that it provides you with six size options. You can get the perfect size according to your boat type.

MSC 3 Bow Bimini Top Boat Cover reviewThe material of the canopy is 600 D polyester canvas. The advantage of this canvas material is that it can handle moisture, harsh UV rays and other elements of weather. The canopy which I am highlighting now has a double PU coating.

The marine grade material along with the PU coating makes it even sturdy. The frame of the canopy is of aluminum. It is anti-dust. It can hold the canopy in place even when moving the boat at a faster speed.

One of the unique features of this canopy is that it consists of 2 rear support poles. It adds to the strength of the canopy. It also includes a storage boot which is a definite advantage. Once you buy this canopy, you don’t need to worry about buying the hardware separately.

All the equipment which you need comes along with it. It allows you to install the canopy on the boat quite easily. These features make it a great choice when searching for an inflatable boat canopy.

Features & Pros:

  • Available in 9 color variants
  • Six different sizes available
  • Sturdy frame
  • Offers extra support
  • Consist of a storage boot
  • Marine grade materials


  • Instructions are not complete

2. Leader Accessories 13 Colors Boat Cover review

One of the best things which I liked about this canopy is that it is available in 13 colors. Chances are when you go through the color options; you will find one which is suitable for your boat.

Leader Accessories 13 Colors Boat Cover reviewIt offers four different size options which mean that you can pick the one which is most convenient for your boat. The possibilities are so many that it seems like it is almost a customizable solution.

The 600 D polyester material on top provides you with much-needed protection from the elements of weather. The stitching overlaps the fabric. According to me, it is the most sturdy options available. The overlapping makes it UV resistant which is a definite advantage.

It consists of an aluminum frame which is double-walled. The 1-inch diameter aluminum frame makes it highly durable.

It comes along with the stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel can handle humidity without any problem. That is why; it is such a great choice. If you prefer to have a redundant mechanism for installing it, the four adjustable nylon straps provide you with the much-needed security.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a sturdy and durable inflatable boat canopy, you can consider this option.

Features & Pros:

  • 13 different options
  • Four different sizes
  • Overlapping construction
  • Can handle elements of weather
  • Offers a storage boot
  • Aluminum frame


  • Assembling is a bit tedious

3. Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover review

The next option on the list again offers you 11 color choices. The advantage of different color choices is that you can almost always find the one which matches the color of your boat perfectly. The four size options allow you to pick the one which is most convenient to install.

Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover reviewSimilar to the earlier options, it consists of marine grade 600 D polyester. The overlapping stitching design provides it with even more strength. It makes it UV resistant. When you look at the frame, it consists of double-walled aluminum frames.

The bow legs are double-walled to ensure that it can handle the weight without any problem.

You can install it using the four adjustable nylon straps at the front and the rear. I prefer the stainless steel mounting hardware which comes along with it. The advantage of stainless steel hardware is that you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

It offers the support to storage sock which allows you to store the essentials if required. It comes along with the assembling instructions which make it easier for you to install it on your boat. All in all, it is a great choice when looking for an inflatable boat canopy.

Features & Pros:

  • 11 different color options
  • Four size options
  • Installation hardware included
  • Aluminum frame
  • Consist of a zippered storage pocket
  • UV resistant


  • Color can fade a bit

4. Bimini Waterproof Top Boat Cover review

The best thing which I like about this canopy is that it consists of the 4-bow design. The advantage of bow design is that it provides maximum coverage. You can shield yourself against rain and winds to a large extent. It is available in a single versatile grey color. The advantage of grey color is that it goes with most of the boat colors without any issue.

Bimini Waterproof Top Boat Cover reviewThe double-walled aluminum frame provides it with the sturdiness to fight with any weather. The construction uses 600D material. The advantage of the sturdy material is that it is heavy duty and can handle any weather. If you’re worried about fixing it on the boat, there are two heavy duty rear support poles on offer.

These poles make it easier for you to attach it to the dinghy. The width of the canopy is between 91 inches to 96 inches depending on the point at which you measure it.

An additional mechanism to attach the canopy is available. With the help of 2 straps, you can keep the canopy in its place. It will also reduce the pressure on the poles which will increase the life of the canopy. Most of the hardware which you will need to attach it to the boat comes along with it.

The installation is hassle-free. The versatility and quick installation make this canopy a great choice.

Features & Pros:

  • Universal grey color
  • Four bow design
  • Double walled construction
  • Heavy duty canvas material in use
  • Can handle elements of weather


  • Not mildew resistant

5. Oceansouth 3 Bow Bimini TOP Boat Cover review

The thing which I like about this inflatable boat canopy is that it is available in the universal black color and also two other colors. The four size options allow you to install it on the boat without any issues. The variable width ensures that the installation is not a problem.

Oceansouth 3 Bow Bimini TOP Boat Cover reviewYou can fold it and keep it into the storage sock which comes along with it. It will not occupy significant space. It consists of an aluminum frame which can handle a high amount of pressure. The 600 D polyester canvas material is mildew resistant, water resistant and fade-resistant. The durability of this material is on the higher side.

When you look at the quality of the hardware, it consists of marine grade nylon material. The length of the canopy is 6 feet, and the height is 46 inches. The color options, as well as the heavy-duty construction, make it a good choice.

Moreover, since it is mildew and water resistant, it is the perfect choice when looking for an inflatable canopy.

Features & Pros:

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Four size options available
  • Uses an aluminum frame
  • Mildew/water/fade resistant
  • Marine grade nylon hardware


  • The UV protection is not up to the mark

6. EmpireCovers 4 Bow Bimini Tops Review

This is one of the best devices I tried after my friend introduced me to them. It has standard dimensions of 95 x 91 x 52 inches and is blue in color. It provided me with amazing protection from the sun. I used to suffer a lot from the harsh nature of the sun’s rays until I installed the canopy.

EmpireCovers 4 Bow Bimini Tops ReviewIt is made of 600 Denier Oxford fabrics that have a standard UV rating of 5.0 which exceeds the industry standards. This provided me with full protection from the sun and shade.

It is available in different colors and this allowed me to choose my favorite color that gives me a state or art comfort while on my outdoor fishing with my inflatable boat.

Finally, another feature I liked about the device is that it has all the metallic hardware made of stainless steel. This ensures that the device lasts as long as possible because it will not rust. Besides, when fully opened, it is rated for 40 knots.

Features & Pros:

  • Durable because of stainless steel hardware
  • It is light
  • It offers protection from UV radiation
  • Easy to install


  • Some may not be folded completely to fit into the boat.

7. Empire Covers 4 Bow Bimini Tops Review

This is another inflatable boat canopy I tried on my device. It has a standard dimension of 95 x 103 x 52 inches and is white in color. It provided me with the best protection from the sun’s rays while on the sea.

EmpireCovers 4 Bow Bimini Tops Review 91I was able to continue fishing for a longer period because I could not suffer from the harsh UV rays as usual. Its 600 Denier Oxford fabric has a UV test rating of 5.0 which is known to exceed the minimum required rating standard.

Besides, the white color, there are other color options one can choose based on color preferences. I had difficulty choosing a color but all have the same properties! All the hardware (screw, nuts and bolts are made of 316, stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion especially in the sea water. Therefore, it is suitable for fresh and sea waters.

Features & Pros:

  • UV radiation protection
  • Free rear poles
  • Light
  • Durable hardware and canopy
  • Easy to install


  • May not be suitable at higher boat speeds

8. Oceansouth Premium 3 Bow Bimini Top Review

This device has a standard dimension of 51″ Length, Max Height 47″ Min Height 35″, and varying width. This allowed me to choose a suitable width that fits exactly to my device. I also enjoyed a maximum speed rating of 45 knots which is recommended safe speed in the sea.

Oceansouth Premium 3 Bow Bimini Top ReviewAnother great feature of this inflatable boat canopy is that it is made of heavy-duty marine grade hardware and stainless steel nuts, bolts and other relevant fasteners. The framework is also made of aluminium which is not only lighter but also resistant to rust. This is to ensure that it is durable and can withstand the harsh conditions of the sea.

Finally, I enjoyed the versatile nature of the canopy and its resistance to UV radiations. My friend was also able to fit it in a boat of different dimensions when I was not using it. It fitted perfectly! Its 600 Denier Polyester Canvas is resistant to UV radiations and water.

Features & Pros:

  • Durable
  • Water and UV radiations resistant
  • Light
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Versatile
  • Easier to install and dismantle


  • Some spare parts cannot be easily found

9. Sea Eagle Wide Bimini Top for Inflatable Boats Review

I tried this canopy and realized that it has a wide canopy that fits different dimensions of inflatable boats approximately 5’5″ – 6′ in the beam. It is also made from PU Coated Polyester Canopy which is UV resistant. Its folding aluminium unit makes it easier to be folded to fit into the inflatable boat thus making it easier to install.

Sea Eagle Wide Bimini Top for Inflatable Boats ReviewIt has a 322 Denier Reinforced Canopy which is rugged, waterproof and resistant to UV radiations. This is an important feature because of the nature of the sea environment. I was able to use it without fear of the adverse effects of radiations.

The canopy is suitable for both inflatable and non-inflatable boats. I was able to give it to some of my colleagues with non-inflatable devices when I was not using it and it fitted well. Besides, it has clear instructions for mounting the hardware parts.

Features & Pros:

  • Waterproof and UV radiation resistance
  • Light in weight
  • Can be used on an inflatable and non-inflatable devices
  • Hardware resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to install


  • No carrying case supplied with the device.

10. Portable Bimini Top Cover Canopy Review

This is another inflatable boat canopy that made my outdoor activities very enjoyable and comfortable. It is characterized by a marine grade polyester 600D canopy coated PU. This is to ensure that the device is capable of withstanding the adverse weather conditions of the sea.

Portable Bimini Top Cover Canopy ReviewBesides, most of the hardware parts are made of aluminium which is not only light in weight but also portable. I also realized that it is suitable for a variety of boat sizes (7.5 – 11 ft). Therefore, one can use it on devices with different sizes provided they are within acceptable limits.

Finally, the 2 bow Bimini top cover is waterproof and resistant to UV radiations. This makes your stay in the sea comfortable and protects you from the radiations.

Features & Pros:

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Can withstand harsh conditions in the sea because of marine grade polyester 600D canopy
  • Light and portable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Waterproof and resistant to UV radiations


  • Some do not come with mounting brackets

11. Sea Eagle Sun and Rain Canopy for Inflatable Boats Review

It has waterproof 322 denier reinforced canopy which is not only waterproof but also ensures that it is suitable and fit for the harsh sea weather conditions. I was able to use it comfortably even during stormy weather conditions.

Sea Eagle Sun and Rain Canopy for Inflatable Boats ReviewIt is supplied with folding aluminium tubing that makes it easier to install and dismantle. I was able to install in minutes and also dismantle easily, fold and put it in my boat.
Besides, it is compatible with different models of sea devices such as Stealth Stalker 10, 8.10yt, 10.6sr and 12.6sr Sports Runabouts, SE8 and SE9 Motor mount Boats.

This makes it versatile as it can be used on different categories of devices. The canopy also protects the user from the adverse effects of UV radiations.

Finally, the aluminium hardware parts are resistant to corrosion and therefore, suitable for both fresh and seawater.

Features & Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Protects from UV radiations
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to install


  • Not compatible with some devices such as 124SMB Super Motor mount Boat, 14sr, 285fpb Frame less Pontoon Boat.

Inflatable Boat Canopy Buying Guide

An inflatable boat canopy needs to give you the UV protection you need, yet staying strong and durable. With the list above you will have a simple process, but you will need some more information to get a model that meets your needs. Below, I have prepared a buyer’s guide that will help you make get the best model.

Size and Measures

Your new boat canopy should create a fabulous shade while still letting you move around the boat. The canopy dimensions depend on your inflatable boat size and which the area you want to cover. I suggest you get a relatively sized canopy and never go for a too long canopy. A boat canopy of up to 6 feet long is an ideal choice for inflatable boats under 20 feet.

The canopy width depends on your boat model and type. I suggest that you always determine the pivotal mounting points and measure the distance between the two inflatable boat tube-wall for you to get the right-size canopy. Additionally, if your boat is a RIB inflatable boat, and you will be fishing or riding while standing, I suggest you go with a higher standing inflatable boat canopy.

Coverage Area

Before you decide on what canopy to purchase, I suggest you consider how and in what ways you intend to use your inflatable boat. For instance, are you anticipating that you and your family will be sitting on your inflatable boat on the water all day?

If yes, I recommend you buy a long boat canopy to make sure every passenger on your boat gets enough shade. And if you will be spending some time on the water with your friend or spouse, go with a smaller and taller boat canopy which will let you stand and walk around your inflatable boat all day while fishing.


Inflatable boat canopies and pontoons are a bit different in design. You can select a standard/pre-sized inflatable boat canopy, or have a custom made. Standard inflatable boat canopies are 4’, 6’ or 8’ in length and usually have three or four bows. If you can’t find the right model among the standard types, some manufacturers provide custom sized boat canopy that will fit perfectly to your inflatable boat.


Boat canopies provide not only shade but also make your boat look great. That is why most models are sold in a wide range of colors. However, some of these colors aren’t of quality and will fade when exposed to the UV rays and ensure your boat canopy look outdated.

You have to make sure that you read customer review to know if the brand you’re about to buy from offer the best color and if their colors are durable. Always check for the color UV resistance on the product description.

Frame Material

Most inflatable boat canopies will come with solid frames made from either anodized aluminum or stainless steel. That is good because the materials have high-resistance to corrosion and rust, which can be a severe problem when exposed to salty water. The canopy frame also should be sturdy because the canopy will be presented too strong wind forces while you’re sailing, especially at high speeds.


Canopy fabric is the central part of an inflatable boat canopy, and believe me, and the material to be of high-quality and requires higher thickness if you need to last for long. Most boat canopies are made of 600D thick polyester which is the right thickness for a perfect fabric.

You need to go for a material that is UV protected and can be easily cleaned. Also, going for a model that has some additions to ensure it’s resistant to bacteria and mildew for an increased lifespan. While most of these fabrics are not waterproof by default, most of the times they’re going to feature PU (polyurethane) coating that repels water and make the excellent canopy cover that will cover you from the rain.

Speed Rating

For you to prevent your boat canopy from breaking or tearing, as well as potentially damaging your inflatable boat, pick a boat canopy which will support a high speed of travel when installed, for instance up to 35 miles per hour.


Buying an inflatable boat canopy can be expensive than purchasing a standard, ready-made. But, also ordering a custom-made canopy also means that the result fits perfectly on your inflatable boat, and it’ll be made of high-quality materials, and it’s durability enhanced.


Even if the canopy fabric quality is the highest or even hard, it will eventually wear and tear over time. But if you get a canopy which comes with a long-lasting warranty, at least five years, which can cover the product most incidences, and that can hugely protect your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an inflatable boat canopy?

It’s extra equipment that is installed on an inflatable boat, to provide shelter against sun rays and rain.

Why do I need a boat canopy for my boat?

Yes, but it isn’t a must. Boat canopy provides both you and your passenger(s) protection. The equipment allows you to stay on the water for long without getting wet or getting a sunburn, and time spent becomes enjoyable when you’re in the shade. Additionally, it will add a nice look to your inflatable boat.

How do I install a boat canopy?

Boat canopy comes with a wide range of sizes so that it fits appropriately in both length and width. Lots of manufacturers give instructions on how to install so that the process can be as smooth as possible. The inflatable boat canopies come with a special mounting kit which is used to affix them directly on inflatable Hypalon or Vinyl/PVC material.

Additionally, because the boat tube isn’t as hard as of the RIB boats, there will be a superglue kit which will attach the canopy to your inflatable boat. You have to mark the pivotal mounting point (typically at the center) and connect the frames to the predesigned attachment points. Ensure that it’s firm before heading for a test drive.

Do I need installation brackets or mounts for the canopy frames?

No! The inflatable boat canopies are constructed with a set of three bow shape metallic frames. The frames are free-standing attached to the pre-designed attachment pints and don’t need to be connected to any brackets or hardware on your inflatable boat.

Boat canopy is an investment which needs you to be smart while making it. Investing in a good canopy will ensure that you get the best protection as well as adding some beauty to your lovely inflatable fishing vessel. I’m hoping you have found some valuable information here that will help you find the best canopy for your inflatable boat. Make sure the canopy you pick is well maintained for the best results and durability.

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