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Best full face snorkel mask review 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Selecting the best full face snorkel mask is the first condition of having comfortable snorkeling. The whole enjoyment of a snorkeling session depends on your snorkel and mask. You don't need a lot of gears for pleasant snorkeling. That is why you should pick up the best mask without any compromise.

I will suggest you pick the best mask by researching well. This article will help you a lot to select the best full face snorkel mask. There are around 15 most popular full face snorkel details and a comprehensive review of them. I hope you will enjoy reading this. All the full face snorkel masks are from Amazon.

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Best full face snorkel mask review

Here is the list of the best full face snorkel masks based on users reviews and popularity. 


Product ​​​​Name

Brand Name




WildHorn Outfitters Compatible Panoramic Mask


Full Face


Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask


Full Face


Greatever Newest Version Panoramic Snorkel Mask


Full Face


Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie System

Ocean Reef

Full Face


ME MARTIAN ELITE Easybreath Anti Leak Snorkeling mask

Me Martian

Full Face


Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ocean Reef

Full Face


AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask Review


Full Face


EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask


Full Face


Cozia Design Snorkel Mask


Full Face


Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Easy Snorkel

Full Face

1. WildHorn Outfitters Compatible Panoramic Mask Review

The 180-degree panoramic dive mask WildHorn is suitable for children and adults. Is it safe to say that you are tired of biting the traditional tube? If so, the decision is perfect for you. After testing WildHorn 180-degree viewing, you will never wear the WildHorn Outfitters mask and mask until the end of time.

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Review 1

It is created with dry diving technology to maintain a strategic distance from all the salt water to penetrate the mouth and prevent nausea. The WildHorn 180 Degree Facial Mask is the best diving mask for beginners and anyone who wants to experience the most comfortable diving experience possible.

With the WildHorn Outfitters snorkel mask, breathing quietly through your mouth or nose during snorkeling is less demanding than at another time. The WildHorn Outfitters snorkel mask offers a 180 viewing area with the most massive snorkel mask available to date, ensuring that you will view more fish and sea creatures than any other recent memory.

With the integrated GoPro support, you can quickly expand your GoPro camera to capture and bring your experience to friends and family.

There is nothing more horrible than handling a permanently tarnished mask. Its innovative design includes a different breathing chamber that creates a flow of air away from the main visor that helps eliminate fogging and allows you to dive deeper. The diving masks are designed to dive on relaxation surfaces.

No real snorkeling is suggested. It is not recommended to swim intensely while using a kind of snorkel, including a full face mask. Make sure to take regular breaks during the dive. Also, respect the friend's rule: never dive alone.

WildHorn Outfitters Compatible Panoramic Mask Features:

  • Anti-fog breathing circulation
  • check
    180-degree integral design
  • check
    Anti-fog design
  • check
    Soft and flexible skirt
  • Not for free diving
  • Info Circle
    Check the sizing properly before you order
WildHorn Outfitters Compatible Panoramic Mask Review - Best full face snorkel mask

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2. Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review

If you are searching for an innovative mask for snorkeling that allows you to breathe and see underwater as on land, this Tribord snorkel mask is the perfect mask for you. The main snorkeling obstacle is the breathing difficulty underwater with a snorkel.

The tube nozzle is regularly excessively intrusive, tight and even unsanitary. The hard upper part is waterproof to help limit the entrance of water into the mask from above. The diving system is "Dry Top" to ensure that the top of the dive stays dry throughout the entire snorkeling experience.

The mask has a cleaning valve for water evacuation. The cleaning valve which is located on the base ensures drying by draining the water when the user lifts his head.

With a 180 view and a dry top system, this snorkeling mask offers real value for money. Also, it depletes the water to ensure that the user does not drown and does not feel uncomfortable when wearing the mask.

Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask features:

  • Built with Durable and reliable materials 
  • check
    Waterproof top and excellent water drainage
  • check
    Excellent visibility with low risk of fogging
  • check
    Wide field of vision
  • check
    Lightweight and durable
  • Potential fogging
  • Info Circle
    The wrong size can cause water to enter
Water Diving Tools favicon-min

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3. Greatever Newest Version Panoramic Snorkel Mask Review

The Greatever panoramic mask has been created to solve the problems related to snorkeling. It is not hard to install and has a breathing tube that does not fall effectively.

This Greatever panoramic snorkel mask does not require replacement of accessories and, subsequently, guarantees a longer life than most other standard snorkel masks. This replaces the non-collapsible hood impeccably and gives the user a stunning experience.

Greatever shows a collapsible snorkel mask that replaces the insecure folding snorkel mask. Not at all, since the non-folding choice is quite difficult to install. This mask can be installed expertly.

Also, the breathing tube will remain attached. When you wear this mask, you do not need to be stressed for water to enter your mouth.
Similarly, the airflow in the main screen prevents fogging and delays your snorkeling experience.

This snorkel mask is easy to install and use, and the breathing tube will stay connected for longer. It also has anti-fog properties for a long-lasting snorkeling experience. Even, you can get one at a modest cost.

Greatever Newest Version Panoramic Snorkel Mask features:

  • Foldable snorkel mask
  • check
    Dry and anti-fog design
  • check
    Adjustable straps
  • check
    Wide field of vision
  • A curved lens
  • Info Circle
    Fogs a little
Greatever Newest Version Panoramic Snorkel Mask Review - Best full face snorkel mask

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4. Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie System Review

Ocean Reef Snorkie snorkel mask is among the most comfortable and easy-to-use full-face diving masks on the market. In addition to offering super clear perspectives, the mask has an internal partition that protects the area of the eyes against fogging and a dry cover system to prevent water from entering the hood.

It also has a soft and flexible surgical skirt that creates an excellent and exceptionally comfortable seal on the face.

An automatic purge valve has also been integrated into the jaw area so that the water that seeps out can be exhausted without removing the mask. The tuba, which uses a plastic ball bearing to keep water out, can be disassembled for less demanding packaging and transport.

Ocean Reef Snorkie is a fantastic snorkel mask that will follow you for a long time. As we would like to think, the cost is too high. Also, you must also pay money if you need to include GoPro camera support. You had better and cheaper to take a look at the 180-degree ocean view.

An interesting point is also that this mask is available in a wide range of sizes. Four to be exact. Count a size XS mask for the little ones. In any case, it seems that you can find specific color combinations to particular sizes.

There is nothing that you will not like about this mask. It comes in some color combinations that can make you scratch your head. Have you ever thought about orange and pink? In a mask? You may need this mask if you need similar color combinations. It may even be worth paying more than the original.

Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie System features:

  • Soft silicone skirt and Large face gasket 
  • check
    Proper water drainage
  • check
    Do not have a camera mount 
  • check
    It comes in two sizes only
  • check
    180-degree integral design
  • check
    Anti-leaking and Anti-fog design
  • check
    Dry snorkel top seal
Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie System Review - Best full face snorkel mask

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5. ME MARTIAN ELITE Easybreath Anti Leak Snorkeling mask review

You can readily accept that ME MARTIAN ELITE is your charm in the water if you want a full mask that will give you everything you need for your money. With a 180 degree view in the water, antifouling and anti-fog design and different characteristics, this mask is useful for both beginners and children. It does not disappoint.

Among the most beautiful features of this ME MARTIAN ELITE mask is the removable GoPro Mount stand where you can join an underwater camera. Probably prefer not to see everything that is an incredible marine fauna and not record the experience somewhere. Just buy a decent underwater camera to snorkel and make incredible recordings in the water.

To be a mask, that implies that you put it on, shoot on the straps, and that will be it. Your hands are free! Then, you can swim as much as necessary to normally breathe through your mouth and nose, as if you were on land or in a boat.

Do not take into account the danger of swallowing many sips of salt water or having an intrusive snorkel that threatens to come out of your mouth continually. This mask is made of great material. For example, the facial band is formed of medical silica gel, which has no smell. Currently, if you have worn a gel-grade mask, you realize that it is a must

ME MARTIAN ELITE Easybreath Anti Leak Snorkeling mask features:

  • Removable GoPro camera mount
  • check
    Safety and strong design
  • check
    A large field of vision
  • check
    Solid and durable materials
  • check
    Double air-flow system
  • Not useful with free dive
  • Info Circle
     Available in two colors only
ME MARTIAN ELITE Easybreath Anti Leak Snorkeling mask review - Best full face snorkel mask

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6. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Snorkeling is more comfortable with this Ocean Reef Aria mask. It is made from a durable thermoplastic material, and this snorkeling mask is durable enough to withstand any water condition.

The Aria snorkel mask has a self-purging valve that is located at the bottom of the mask. When you get into the water, the valves close to prevent water from getting in. The Dry-Top Technology prevents water from entering the mask. This gives you a chance to snorkel for as long as you want.

The mask comes with pockets that allow you to breathe through your nose and mouth. The separate air channels make sure you can inhale and exhale comfortably while the breathing circulation system prevents fogging.

When it comes to the view, the Aria mask ensures that you are able to witness everything that is going on around you. The mask also comes with a camera mount that gives you a chance to explore the underwater world even more.

The only disadvantage that comes with this camera mount is they are a bit fragile. You should, therefore, handle it with care. 

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Features:

  • Made from durable thermoplastic material
  • check
    A wide field of vision 
  • check
    Convenient camera mount
  • check
    Anti-fog design
  • The camera mount tends to break easily
  • Info Circle
    The clip that connects the mask to the snorkel is difficult to get off
Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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7. AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

This one-piece snorkeling mask enables you to have a larger field of vision in water. With 180 degrees field of view, you are assured of capturing every important detail when snorkeling.

The 3-in-1 breathing airway enables you to breathe freely through your nose and mouth. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about tubes sticking in your mouth causing you to choke on water. The mask also comes with a nose equalizer and an earplug. These features equalize pressure in your ears preventing you from having any ear pains.

The snorkeling mask comes with a camera mount that enables you to record and share your adventures with your friends and family. There is a Top Dry System that prevents water from getting into the mask. With an anti-fog and anti-leaking feature, you can be assured of a clear vision in water.

This Aquagesis snorkel mask has an ergonomic design that snug well on your face. You don’t have to keep adjusting your mask while underwater. Even though the mask has a great ergonomic design, it does not seal perfectly. This can lead to leakages which can cause a lot of discomforts when in water.

This snorkel mask is suitable for people who have different skill sets. It can be used by both beginners and professional snorkelers. The mask has been designed in such a way that it provides comfort to people who have neck and back problems. The polycarbonate window is shatterproof to further maximize safety. 

AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask Feature:

  • Anti-fog and anti-leak design
  • check
    Efficient 3-in-1-breathing airway system
  • check
    Nose equalizer and earplug
  • check
    Shatterproof polycarbonate window
  • Does not seal well
AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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8. EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Review (Upgraded Version)

The panoramic view of this full face snorkel enables you to have a larger view of the water. The Dry-Top Snorkel Tube System guarantees that water will not get into your nose and mouth.

The rounded shape design of the mask enables you to have a clear view when in water. There is a Free Breathing design that enables you to avoid the hassle of holding the snorkel mask in your mouth.

It will allow you to breathe comfortably and naturally through your nose or mouth. This EasyDoo Upgraded Version Full face mask has a separate breathing chamber that prevents fogging. The fogging design prevents the mask from clouding up.

The snorkel mask comes with elastic straps that are adjustable. You can adjust the mask to contour well on your face. Adjusting these straps is a bit difficult, especially when the mask is still new. With time, though, the straps get easier to adjust.

EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • check
    Anti-fog and anti-leaking design
  • check
    Separate breathing chambers
  • check
    Wide field of vision
  • Difficult to adjust the straps
  • Info Circle
    Fogs up if you’re totally submerged in water
EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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9. Cozia Design Snorkel Mask Review

This versatile snorkel mask comes with snorkel fins which offer excellent propulsion when snorkeling. The fins can be used as snorkeling flippers, swim fins or free dive fins. You can adjust the fins according to your preference.

The soft foot pockets and the easy-click buckles of the fins make them comfortable to wear. The only downside with these fins is the lack of variety when it comes to sizing. The standard sizing makes it impossible for some people to find fins that are a perfect fit.

A 180 degrees view of vision lets you see a large area of the underwater world. The mask has a dry snorkel top seal and a drain valve that prevents water from getting in. The one-way drain valve gets rid of leaked water from the mask. This makes sure you maintain normal breathing at all times.

The mask has separate breathing chambers that create an adequate airflow. The anti-fog design makes sure the inner side of the mask does not become cloudy. The mask has a shatterproof polycarbonate window and a polypropylene frame. These two features contribute to the durability of the snorkel mask.

This Cozia Design mask has a silicone face pad. Not only is this pad comfortable against the skin, but it is also safe on the skin. This makes the mask more ideal for people who have sensitive skin. There are also nylon straps that can be adjusted easily to fit one’s face. 

Cozia Design Snorkel Mask Features:

  • Adjustable swim fins
  • check
    Panoramic view
  • check
    Dry snorkel top seal 
  • check
    Comfortable silicone face pad
  • Swim flippers are too rigid
  • Info Circle
    Standard sizing of the swim flippers 
  • Info Circle
    Mask fogs up if one spends a lot of time in the water 
Cozia Design Snorkel Mask Review

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10. Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

This Easy Snorkel mask does not require you to have any skills or expertise. The mask can be used by advanced as well as new snorkelers. All you have to do is put on the mask and you can start snorkeling.

The large field of vision of the mask is great for exploring underwater while the dry snorkel technology prevents water from coming into the mask. This allows you to comfortably breathe through your nose or mouth.

The anti-fog design ensures you don’t have to worry about fogging issues. This feature gives you a crystal clear view while in water. The snorkel mask also comes with a breathing chamber.

The breathing chamber makes sure your breath remains normal even when you’re submerged in water. Another benefit of this chamber is the clear vision it gives you when snorkeling.

Just a disclaimer: The plastic fasteners of these masks tend to dig into the skin. This can hurt your nose in the process. 

Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask Features:

  • Large field of vision
  • check
    Dry snorkel technology
  • check
    Anti-fog design
  • check
    Plastic fasteners
  • The plastic fasteners dig on skin
  • Info Circle
    Mask is a bit heavy 
Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

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11. EasyBreath Full Face Mask Review 

The EasyBreath full face mask by Tribord is a definite one to beat. Winner of the Oxylane innovation award, this ergonomic and secure mask dons many product features which make it the market competitor.

This mask sports a secure lock feature, which keeps an attachable snorkel firmly attached. You are guaranteed to be able to enjoy this mask, as it is available in 3 different sizes and various colors.

The EasyBreath full face mask provides a natural experience, using breathable materials that fit comfortably on your skin. The EasyBreath full face mask has the following product features:

EasyBreath Full Face Mask Features:

  • Secure lock keeps snorkel firmly attached
  • check
    Hypoallergenic facial lining made of silicone, with GoPro option
  • check
    An obtained a patent on the anti-fogging design, which is implemented in the design
  • check
    Window on the mask is shatterproof, has a 180panoramic view
  • check
    Automatic vent blocking if user dips head too low, prevents ingesting water
  • Secure-lock sometimes makes it slightly troublesome to remove snorkel from the mask

EasyBreath Full Face Mask Review

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12. Wildhorn SeaView mask Review

The Wildhorn SeaView full face snorkel mask aims to solve all common issues that divers and swimmers have had in the past. If snorkeling is uncomfortable for you, or you have had difficulty breathing and swallowing with traditional masks, they will be solved with this current model.

The mask features a breathing chamber, which makes the snorkel a thing of the past, you will be able to continue breathing normally and naturally through the masks built in dry snorkel. Because of this natural breathing process, the mask is less likely to fog as well as you will have less anxiety and stress about any reduction in oxygen flow.

 The mask is perfect both for adults and children, as veterans and new users alike are able to benefit from the full features of this mask, found below:

Wildhorn SeaView mask Features:

  • 180-degree view; designed and refined to provide a crystal clear vision
  • check
    Dry snorkel technology; keeping water out of the snorkel and reducing biting
  • check
    Fog resistant design; design creates an airflow away from the snorkeling goggles
  • check
    Durable silicone; prevents leaks and shattering from pressure and objects
  • check
    Increased airflow; the mask allows breathing through both nose and water increasing oxygen and focusing on the experience
  • Diving deeper than 10ft causes an uncomfortable amount of pressure
Wildhorn SeaView mask Review

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13. Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

The Easy Snorkel full face snorkel mask lives up to its namesake. Traditional masks are difficult to maintain and navigate and seem complicated to use. With this mask, you can enjoy any activity underwater, such as diving or snorkeling, without having to worry about the equipment.

It is made of shatterproof material, so you never have to worry about damaging it underwater. The mask also guarantees that you will have a complete field of vision, allowing you to explore and see the sights that are underwater.

A comfortable fit, available in many sizes, this mask is perfect for both adults and children alike. To better understand and make a decision, this product has the following features attributed:

Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkel Mask Features:

  • High quality and clear view, 180-degree panoramic scope
  • check
    Easy to breathe: material and advanced air chambers let you breathe normally underwater
  • check
    Durable Float-Tech design: Ensuring that no water will enter the mask as you dip under the water's surface
  • check
    No obstructed vision: Easy snorkel mask technology does not fog, which allows you to completely enjoy your view
  • check
    Share with your friends: GoPro optional attachment available to film what you are seeing and bring the memories home!
Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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14. KUSKY Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

The KUSKY full face snorkel mask is the ideal solution for those that don't want to deal with the traditional hassle of the more traditional goggle and snorkel combo. This full face mask features a unique design, with a fold-able, built-in snorkel to make sure that you don't have to attach, re-attach or choke on a traditional snorkeling tube.

This full face dons a sleek and intuitive design, which will assure that no objects penetrate the glass and also provide an unbeatable field of vision, which allows you to fully enjoy your vacation. The adjustable straps on the mask lets both seasoned veterans, new users and everyone of all face shapes and sizes to enjoy the full benefits of a full face mask. This mask features:

KUSKY Full Face Snorkel Mask Features

  • Fold-able tube design; resolved the difficulties associated with installation, damage, misplace and choking
  • check
    Eco-friendly design: Only premium high-quality silicone is made, keeping the water out and the environment safe
  • check
    Easy Breath technology; Don't fear when diving or swimming, you will breathe exactly as you do on land!
  • check
    180-degree panoramic view; fully equipped with a go-pro mount, see more of the ocean and take it home with you
  • check
    No more fog; the sleek build and detailed design ensures that airflow is away from the mask 
  • I don't recommend it for those who have long beards, as the mask does not stay well.
KUSKY Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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15. EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Review (Upgraded)

The EasyDoo full face snorkel mask gets bold and brash, building on its previous model to work out most of the difficulties, and include what customers have reviewed. EasyDoo has dropped the snorkel and included breathing chamber technology, which lets you breathe calmly from either mouth or nose as you would on land.

The adjustable nylon straps ensure that the mask has the perfect fit for both adult and child. This full face mask beats its more traditional competitors on the market, with a guarantee that there is more to see, the face will fogless, and it will always keep you dry and safe from hazards. The mask has the following key points:

EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Features:

  • Panoramic view lets you see more of the ocean as compared to traditional goggles
  • check
    Dry top snorkel; prevents salt water from entering the tube and ingesting
  • check
    Anti-fog technology; built-in breathing chambers direct breath away from the mask
  • check
    Simple to use; the adjustable straps let anyone wear the mask, guaranteeing the perfect fit
  • The design is not tight, so sometimes can leak
  • Info Circle
    Difficult to adjust
  • Info Circle
    Users have complained of pressure build up on face and ears
EasyDoo Full Face Snorkel Mask Review (Upgraded)

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How To Select The Best Full Face Snorkel Mask – Buying Guide

Full face snorkel masks are an entirely new product in this snorkeling industry, and the knowledge is quite less about them. While they provide you a pleasant snorkeling experience, you have to know how to select the best snorkeling mask for fun snorkeling.

If your mask is a mess, your whole snorkeling experience will be a mess too. So choosing the best mask is very important. Now I will tell you how to select the best snorkeling mask. You have to consider the following things before buying a full face mask. 

Mask Fitting 

Just like a regular snorkeling mask, your mask will have a rubber seal which will allow your skin to contact with the mask and avoid leaking your full face mask. It doesn't fit very well, it will cause your trouble, and you have to clear your water again and again.

That is too boring while snorkeling. It won't only leak water. It will also become foggy again and again. Because of water, your breath will make it foggy very soon. It will harm your visibility when underwater as well as make your experience far much less enjoyable. Measuring your face is an excellent way to start in ensuring that you get a perfectly suitable mask.

So you have to confirm that your mask correctly fits with your face and the seal is appropriately working to protect the water. Before buying a mask, we recommend everyone trying the mask once and make that it is the proper fitting mask for you.

You have to wear the mask properly and take an inhaled breathe, if the air can enter into the mask, then water must can. If you feel tight because of air pressure, that means it is okay, and you can decide to buy this masl. It is how you can examine the mask fitting.

You can also look at the mirror after wearing the mask, and you will understand how looking it is with your face. If the skirt lies in the proper place, it is okay. If your eyes are not cutting, you can go for it. Perfect fitting is the priority while buying a full face snorkel mask.


Snorkeling is intended to be a fun experience. Having a pleasantly suitable snorkel mask is the best way to ensure that you get the most from your time under the water. To ensure your mask holds conveniently, make sure to examine that the skirt fits comfortably around your full face.

 You probably do not wish to have your eyes cut off from the skirt to limit your views and reduce your watertight seal.

Frequently, check your face mask that it is not too loosely or tight when wearing it because the comfortability depends on that. Many individuals think a dripping mask can be fixed by just tightening your belts. Sometimes losing your snorkel mask will fix your problem for sure but not in every case.

You have to make sure that you can easily breathe with the mask under the water. If someone is not familiar with the mask before, he may find breathing inside a mask is weird. So It is best practice to check the comfortability before going to snorkeling.

Lens Quality

Lens quality is not very important, but it can help you to select the best choice for you. Almost all of the manufacturers use good quality lenses, and they give different names.

 Though they are nearly the same, you can check the other things before buying a snorkel mask. Anti Fog technology, Anti-scratch technology, and thinning, coloring is essential to check. Let me explain them to you. 

Anti Fog Technology 

Some lenses come with build in anti-fog technology and most of the manufacturers provides such types of technology. An anti-fog snorkel mask will help you to protect your mask from being foggy. Though it is not 100% correct, it may fog a little bit, but you can expect it better than regular lenses.

It is recommended to use an anti-fog cream if you have any fog inside the mask. Though anti-fog technology prevents fog very well, it is safe to keep an anti-fog cream before going to snorkeling.

Another thing is Anti Screath technology. It is so important because if your lens becomes foggy very fast, you may not be able to have fun snorkeling. So it is so important to check the anti-scratch technology and choose the best mask. It will keep you tension free while snorkeling.

Thickness and colors are also, and you can take them into your consideration. You have to know the thickness and how suitable the thickness is with your mask. You can choose the best one according to your needs.

Colores is also essential because you may have different types of preferred color. Some companies offer some color technology which helps you to see more colorful under the water.


The fitting of a skart is also essential. That is why you should take it into your consideration. A good mask has very flexible skirt without leaking possibility.
Less costly masks are usually made from plastics or rubbers.

This skirt material has many faults consisting of a brief lifespan. It is due to the material being less long lasting as well as coming to be breakable as well as splitting with time.

A good choice of a skirt type is a silicone skirt. Silicone skirts are the best skirt because they are flexible and it helps you protect you from leaking water. Many of them consist of materials that offer security from UV rays which will significantly enhance its life-span.

Premium quality snorkel masks are now being made with a secondary skirt. This double layer systems reinforces the seal and also more avoids the opportunity of your mask leaking. When your face moves, the 2nd layer does a much better task of relocating with your skin. It's a backup seal.

Pro Tip: You might intend to cut your beard the day before your snorkel experience to assist supply the most effective seal. A nasty cut will often lead to your mask leaking.

Frame and Structure

Concentrating on the frame system when considering a snorkel mask is generally a vital step. According to the two frame structure either frameless of with a frame, it is essential to think what you like.

 Frequently this will undoubtedly depend on your style and also the choice. Frameless masks usually are smoother as well as less costly. Framed masks have hard structures that work to hold the whole mask with each other.

It is not a factor to consider when purchasing a snorkel mask as this kind of mask is just offered in the framed option. While the design is a great area to concentrate on, much better fit and also efficiency are essential to consider while buying a snorkel set.

Straps and Buckles

The bands of your mask should be large. It will undoubtedly support to make the mask far more comfy to put on as well as will likewise make it last much longer. It is especially crucial for those with long hair as you will certainly not encounter the dreadful mess of your hair getting tangled in your bands.

The stretch and also adaptability of your buckle need not be ignored. Broader bands often tend to hold their form much better meaning they won't extend and even end up lasting you much longer.

This need to be very easy to adjust and also not slide when putting on. You must also have lots of space on either side to make it tighter and looser. This feature commonly compares cheap and top quality full face snorkel masks.

Masks that are of a better usually feature an incredibly preferable push release to make taking the mask off even more comfortable.

Buying a snorkel mask vs. Renting a snorkel mask - Which is better? 

Important Reasons Why You Should Buy a Snorkel Mask Instead of Renting

Better quality 

A full face snorkel mask gives you 180-degree full clear visibility where you don't have to worry about choking and swallowing water. If you think about renting a mask, you won't probably get all the benefits. So it is better to buy the latest full-face snorkel mask instead of renting.


You can get 24/7 service if you own a snorkeling mask. But if you consider renting, you won't get it instantly. You have to rent it at first, and you may have some trouble with the pre-booking. It is better to stay safe.


You never know who has used it before. So it is always the best solution if you buy and use personally. You don't have to worry about the cleansing system and so on. You know better how hygienic your snorkel mask is.

Better Fit  

Though you can also get a better fitting mask by renting it, it is always good to have a better fitting mask in your store, and you don't have to check again and again. Just buy once, and you can then wear it without having any trouble.

Cost Savings 

If you plan to go to snorkeling several times, it is cost saving to get a mask rather than renting it. From the second day, it will cost you more and getting a personal mask is the best idea in that case.

More Familiar

When you own a mask, you know how your mask is, and you can start using it without any doubt. As it is familiar, it will keep you stress-free.

Use It Anytime

I love to use a full face snorkel mask in the pool. I love doing laps the pool. It gave me a weird look, but I love swimming now with a mask. 

Best Full Face Snorkel Masak Review: Frequently Asked Questions:

How to defog your snorkel mask?

When you are in the middle of snorkeling, there is nothing worse than fogging up the mask. If it fogged up in the middle sea while snorkeling, you might lose some beautiful scenery of the ocean. The best to way to get rid of fogging is to check why it is causing. If you can find the exact problem, it is easier for you to fix the problem.

The cause of the fog is straightforward. The water vapor in the air, it meets the cold water and the humidity increase, and it causes fogging. You can get rid of this problem by using anti fogging cream and either toothpaste. If you are out of the water, you can also use your spit to get rid of fogging your snorkel mask.

How to Prepare The Mask Before First Time Use?

After buying your best full face snorkel mask, you have to prepare the cover for the first use. If you can not adjust the mask very well in the first use, you may have some issue of being fogging up your mask very quickly.

Preparing your mask at the first use is not so hard. A simple cleaning is required. The manufacturers use lubricants to add some color option so that the mask looks nice. Soapy water could be a trick. If you find that the mask is fogging up even after using soapy water, you can alternatively try toothpaste. I hope it will help you to get rid of fogs.

If you are unable to clean the mask using the methods above, I would personally recommend you this full face snorkel mask for you. Alternatively, you can try mild abrasive cleaners, but this can cause scratching.

How to take care of a snorkel mask?

Whichever mask you select, it is essential to take care of this mask very carefully. Full face snorkel mask doesn't need high maintenance. A little support will help you to use a single mask for a long, long time. You have to clean your mask after every use and once in a single day.

If you continuously use a single mask, you can consider doing a deep cleaning when you plan to store the mask for an extended period. That will help you to save your money from buying a mask after a few days. A wetsuit requires more maintenance.

If you use sunscreen, it is essential to take care of your mask very carefully because the chemical doesn't have a good impact on silicone which can cause damage to your mask's skirt.

Generally, the masks are fragile, and you should clean them properly to avoid scratching of the mask. You can consider using a special cloth which is specially designed only for lenses. It would be the best investment to protect your lenses from scratching up.

If you plan a long trip, you should concentrate on the packaging system. You can not carry a full face snorkel mask in general bag because there is a possibility to scratch. A full face snorkel mask should be moved carefully with a special bag where you have no opportunity to destroy the lens by scratches.

You can get even through your mask in a pillowcase for better movement. You will get a bad included when you buy. You can use this bag too. But you should use the default bag if you don't have any other way. 

Are full face snorkel masks appropriate for children?

Yes. With proper supervision, a full face snorkel mask is ideal for kids. They are suitable for children because it is easy for them to use a full face mask. Children can generally breathe after wearing a snorkel mask.

As the traditional masks are not designed for kids, you have to look for the small and extra small size for a smaller face.

Are full face snorkel masks safe?

According to some reports, new full-face snorkel masks have some risks involved. But I didn't have any issues so far with a snorkel mask. Just make sure that you got the best one and you have used the mask properly.

 As you will be using a mask under the water, you should be careful always while using a snorkeling mask. Full face snorkel mask dangers are not usual. 

Is it worth buying a full face snorkel mask?

Of course! Full face snorkel mask is more comfortable to use than a traditional snorkel mask. The new designs are much more fun because now you can concentrate on enjoying the underwater beauty.

You don't have to think about leaking and fogging up. It is worth buying a full face snorkel mask.
The significant advantage is that you have no longer need to bite the snorkel to keep it in your mouth.

Can I use a full face snorkel mask with my facial hair?

Yes! You can. The soft silicone skirt around the mask will seal and prevent water from coming in. If you need, you can tighten your mask a bit to avoid the water coming into your mask.

Can you breathe underwater with a full face snorkel mask?

No! You can’t breathe underwater with one. The primary design of this mask won't allow you to breathe under the water. When you dip under the water, the snorkel valves closes that means you can not breathe. Water won't enter into the mask, but you can not even breathe.

You have to come above the water level to get access to natural breathing again. If you are interested in staying underwater, you may consider scuba diving. Snorkeling is not going under the water deeply. 

How does the snorkel prevent water from coming in?

A full face snorkel mask uses something called "Dry Top Snorkel System." It includes a floating ball which closes when you goes under the water. It automatically creates a seal and keep your mask out of the water, and it prevents gagging.

Which full face snorkel mask is the best?

It is a hard question to answer. The best snorkel mask can be selected with our preference. A snorkel mask which is best for me cannot be the best for you. It depends on your choice. I would suggest you check the top 5 masks in my list. They are the highest selling quality products.

What is a full face diving mask?

Full face snorkeling mask is a special kind of mask which is designed with the latest technology. It helps you to breathe well while snorkeling. You can enjoy an excellent snorkeling experience with a full face snorkeling mask as it doesn't give you the extra stress of leaking.

What do snorkels do?

A snorkel helps you to breathe while you explore the ocean from above the water surface. If your face is under the water, you can still breathe with a snorkel. It helps you to explore the sea without any interruption of breathing. You can continue your breathing without getting up the water surface. The main task of a snorkel is to continue your breathing from the underwater.

How do you breathe through a snorkel?

You have to bite your snorkel from the underwater, and another side of your snorkel will stay above the water. You can keep breathing with a snorkel by this way naturally. It is like a pipe which helps you to keep breathing. You have to use your mouth for breathing with a snorkel.

What is the best brand of snorkel mask?

It is hard to answer which is the best brand of snorkel mask. But I can give you the most popular brands name. There are three most popular brands on snorkel mask. Wildhorn, Tribord, Greatever are the most popular brand of snorkel mask.

What is a dry snorkel?

Dry snorkel is a special kind of snorkel which uses dry top technology. It includes a floating ball which prevents from water coming into the snorkel. With a dry snorkel, you can go under the water, and the water will not get into your snorkel. You can not breathe too. You have to come above the water surface, and you can breathe again with a dry snorkel.

What affects water visibility?

While snorkeling, the main obstacles of water visibility are fog. If your snorkel is foggy, you can not see anything. So it is best to clean your lens and keep your mask fog free. There are other things which are responsible for low visibility. They are underwater weather, water movement, and suspended particles.

Can you breathe underwater with a snorkel mask?

Of course, you can. This is why a snorkel mask is used. You can breathe underwater with a snorkel mask. But you can not go more in-depth. If you wish to go deeper, you can consider scuba diving instead of snorkeling. In snorkeling, you can explore the sea beauty keeping your body at the surface of the water.

How do you breathe through a snorkel?

You can breathe naturally how you breathe. There is no difference. But you can not breathe with your nose through a snorkel. You have to use your mouth. If you use a full face snorkel mask, you can use your nose for breathing. So in that case, a snorkel mask is beneficial for breathing.

How do you stop a snorkel mask from leaking?

You can stop a snorkel mask from leaking by using a good quality mask which has a good seal. The silicone-based seal will help your mask from leaking water. On the other hand, you can put on your mask tightly so that the seal doesn't allow water to come inside.

Why do you spit in a diving mask?

If you have no other way to defog your snorkel mask, you can use your spit to remove the fog. If you are out of the water, it helps you to defog your mask. Spit is an alternative to anti-fogging gel.

How do I stop my mask from fogging up?

You can apply the anti fogging cream, use your spit and follow some proper guidelines to stop your mask from fogging up. As the updated snorkel masks are containing anti-fogging technology, you don't have to be worried about fogging up. They help you do snorkeling without the pain of fogging.

What is the anti-fog solution?

The anti-fog solution means a particular build in technology which comes with integrated anti-fog gel. These types of masks are beneficial to protect your lens from the fog. The popular brands use this awesome technology to prevent fogging. You will find the anti-fog technology information on the products page.

How do you clean mold off a snorkel?

You can use soft cloth and water to clean mold of a snorkel. But the best selection for you to select a special soft cloth which is only designed to clean mold. Whatever you use, you should be careful so that the lens doesn't scratch. A scratching lens is always boring in snorkeling.

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