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Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review (Reviewed in 2020)

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Best Easybreath Snorkeling Mask ReviewAn excellent full face snorkel mask needs to offer easy breathing and ensure there is no water leak or fogging while you’re snorkeling.

Those are some of the things you need from a full face mask, and that is why you need to make sure you buy the best easybreath snorkeling mask. Today you’ll come across different models that will confuse you when picking the best.

But since I believe you’re seeking help in finding the best and that’s why you’re reading this, all I can tell you is that you’re on the right track.

Here I have prepared a detailed review of the top best easybreath snorkeling mask review and a buying guide to help you purchase the best. Read it through, and before you even read the conclusion, you will have found a model that fits your all your needs.

Best Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review (Reviewed in 2020)

1. Easybreath Snorkel Mask for Kids and Adults Review

Easybreath Snorkel Mask for Kids and Adults ReviewThe full Face Easybreath Snorkel Mask is a high-quality snorkeling gear that comes with an exclusive anti-fog, anti-leak technology making it ideal for use with kids as well adults.

The exclusive anti-fog technology will provide with crystal clear underwater focus while swimming.

I was also impressed by the dry top water blocking system employed on this snorkeling mask which keep the water from entering the breathing tube during a dive or high wave.

As the name suggests, this mask comes with a scenic full face design with 180-degree visibility guaranteeing you the best, professional snorkel experience. Furthermore, this equipment comes with a long-wearing comfort that is provided by the high-quality silicone, adjustable straps.

It’s designed to create a watertight seal while adding comfort and safety needed when snorkeling is making it ideal for use with kids, youth and adults.

Features & Pros:

  • Panoramic full face view design
  • Comfortable, easy breath
  • Adjustable face fit straps
  • Dry top technology
  • Anti-fog design
  • 1-year quality guarantee


  • The plastic lens can be easily scratched

2. TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH for Adults And Kids Review

TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH for Adults And Kids ReviewThe TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH Full-Face Mask which is the latest version from Tribord is Oxylane Innovation Award Winner. It has been made to offer the best snorkeling experience.

The mask features anti-fog technology which guarantees fog-free snorkeling.

Additionally, the full face 180-degree scenic design provides an improved underwater view.

Additionally, this snorkeling mask features a dry-top snorkel system which ensures there is no leak while providing you with enhanced air channels for a natural experience.

It also comes with a hypoallergenic silicone skirt which seals the mask on your face while giving you long-wearing comfort. One more thing, this mask comes with a camera mount which is ideally positioned for easy camera mounting.

Features & Pros:

  • Ideally Positioned Camera Mount
  • 180° Panoramic Experience
  • Enhanced air channels
  • Dry-Top Snorkel System
  • GoPro Camera Mount
  • Guaranteed Fog-Free


  • Not ideal for free diving
  • The plastic lens is sensitive

3. SUBEA Tribord Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

SUBEA Tribord Full Face Snorkeling Mask ReviewSUBEA Tribord EasyBreath Full Face snorkel mask is an improved version that includes a secure sizing system, dry-top snorkel, and a replacement O-rings.

It has been redesigned and optimized to work efficiently for all divers and over time.

The mask comes with a hypoallergenic, silicone skirt which provides comfortability and seals easily around the users face.

While it does not fog up and it offers a panoramic view, the materials used to make its lens isn’t as sharp as it should be. You need to be careful while packing or else you will crack it. The interior of this snorkeling mask is an O-ring which helps in keeping water out.

The ring is rated to last for six years of use, and the snorkel mask comes with a replacement. Lastly, this snorkeling mask is securely locked to the central part with a reliable locking system and can be removed when storing the snorkel mask.

Features & Pros:

  • Clear, undistorted panoramic view
  • Easy to breathe on resurface
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Includes mesh drying bag
  • Doesn’t often fog up
  • Action camera mount


  • Occasionally fogs up
  • The cheap lens which is prone to scratches

4. Full Face Easybreath Snorkel Mask Review

Full Face Easybreath Snorkel Mask with Camera Mount ReviewThe Full Face EasyBreath Snorkel Mask comes with a foldable integrated breath tube and an adjustable, removable camera mount.

The ultra-wide uninterrupted vision with no distortion scenery thus providing you with 180 degrees full and continuous underwater visual field while the flat lens show optimal legible and reality scenery.

Another feature of this mask is the top dry system and anti-fog technology.

The top dry system uses a floating ball waterproof valve of the mask’s top which automatically locked to keep salt water from entering your mouth or nose.

The dual anti-fog system uses separate inhaling and exhaling channels which effectively prevent fogging. Also, the anti-fog coating is employed on the lenses enhancing the anti-fog effect.

The camera mount on this equipment is adjustable to the right height when plugging a camera so that you can excellently capture the unforgettable underwater swimming.

Features & Pros:

  • Earplugs & Portable Bag provided
  • Foldable Anti-UV Ear Equalizer
  • Ideal for Adult Youth Kids
  • 180 Panoramic Seaview
  • Anti-Leak & Anti-Fog
  • Adjustable Camera Mount


  • Not ideal for diving
  • Flimsy lenses

5. Luke Full Easy Breath Foldable Snorkel Review

Luke Full Easy Breath Foldable Snorkel ReviewIf you’re searching for a natural breath full face snorkel mask with an anti-fog and anti-leak, the Luke Full Face EasyBreath Snorkel mask is an ideal choice for you.

Its front is constructed with a mirror view window which is shatterproof and transparent.

The design allows it to provide a light transmission rate of 100%.

The mask is also equipped with a soft liquid food-grade silicone that provides sealing function preventing outside water from entering your snorkel mask while offering you an extremely comfortable feeling.

The different air and air out channels employed on this mask allow you to snorkel like a whale and preventing you from feeling nervous about your breath.

Features & Pros:

  • Separate Inhaling and exhaling channels
  • 180° panoramic view design
  • Comes with a Mesh Carry-Bag
  • Waterproof camera mount
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak
  • Flexible fabric headband
  • Full face respirator


  • Not used for deep diving

Best EasyBreath Snorkel Mask Buying Guide

Best easybreath snorkeling mask Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know the best easybreath snorkeling masks available today, it’s time you get to go through the features that will make your selection a much easier process. The following are points to consider to make sure the model you pick meets all your needs.

Ventilation System

A full face comfortable breath snorkel mask allows you to breathe into it, and that is why it needs an efficient ventilation system. Most of the high-quality snorkel masks come with a dual channel air-flow vent system which makes sure you breathe fresh air, and there is no fogging.


An ideal snorkel mask is that that keeps your face dry all through your snorkeling. You have to ensure that you choose the best easybreath snorkeling mask with an inbuilt dry-top snorkel. These type of snorkels have a top sealing mechanism so that when you submerge the snorkel underwater, you don’t end up choking on water.

Viewing Capabilities

Most people that wear a snorkel mask love to explore the beautiful plants and animals in lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. For that reason, they need a full view of the surrounding area when snorkeling.

A good easybreath snorkel mask should offer a full 180-degree view which is the entire line of vision from the front and sides. You also have to make sure the snorkel mask does not fog. Make sure the lens is made from anti-fogging materials like the tempered lens.

The Fit and Airtightness

The last thing that you need to consider is the fit of your mask. Typically, you need a snorkel mask with an adjustable strap in the back. If thick, then it’ll secure better to your hair.

If you’re having some trouble defending it, ensure that there are no hair strands that are impeding the mask’s skirt.

The mask materials which come into contact with your face needs to be made from soft, chemical-free materials like food-grade silicone. The materials will ensure that the mask is airtight while giving you all the comfort your face requires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are EasyBreath full face snorkel masks ideal for children?

Under proper adult supervision, yes. They’re ideally suited for kids because it’s so easy for them to learn how to swim. A child can breathe normally through his/her nose or mouth.

Can I use my EasyBreath snorkel mask with facial hair?

Yes! The soft silicone skirt that’s around the mask keeps it sealed and prevent water from entering the snorkel mask. You may need to have it tightened more to ensure you get a good seal.

Can I breathe underwater with EasyBreath snorkel mask?

No! You cannot breathe underwater with EasyBreath snorkel mask because its primary design is to keep water out. The instant you dip it underwater the snorkel valve closes thus keeping the water out, but also means you cannot breathe through the water either.

With the best easybreath snorkeling mask review and the buyer’s guide above, I believe you have found a snorkel mask model that meets all your needs best. Getting the best model will ensure that you enjoy your next snorkel event. So, it’s your time now to head to the market and get that model that you believe will give you the best results. Good luck!

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